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Westminster Abby

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Abby Tomlinson
Westminster Abby
A youthful look at the politics of today featuring interviews with politicians, activists and public figures and an honest discussion of issues

At a time when young people are constantly criticised for their assumed lack of knowledge and involvement in politics, this column hopes not only to engage more young people but also to demonstrate that a lot of young people actually are engaged! 

By interviewing prominent politicians, this column can help breach the gap that exists between politicians and young people, and enable each to develop a better understanding of the other. The aim is to look at politics differently - from outside the self-contained Westminster elite - and hopefully will make the world of politics seem that bit more accessible.

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Nick Jackson

4 years ago

'Westminster Abby' - perfect.

I was hoping you'd become more actively involved after your obvious disappointment at the election. You now have five years to keep chipping away before the next one, and you can make good use of that time.
Nick (Sky Lark - twitter)

George Orwell

4 years ago

Great title, Abby! Looking forward to watching your "Westminster Abby" vlog:)