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More background and revelations about the Dark Arts of Fleet Street, and the connection with the Daniel Morgan Murder and Leveson Two

As the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel promises to report sometime next year I'll be following the evidence in this, the darkest of all the stories related to Fleet Street, corrupt police officers and private detectives.

If you're following the work of Paddy French on this site, or Graham Johnson, you'll see that the uniquely ubiquitous surveillance and intrusion of the British Press almost invariably leads back to Southern Investigations, and the initial suspects in Daniel Morgan's Murder

A Senior Police officer described Southern Investigations to me as "the maternity ward where the Dark Arts were born."  The poison that began with the cover up of Daniel's murder - the most investigated murder in British history - can be seen to have spread to the highest echelons of the press, police force and Home Office. 

We're told we have the best press in the world, the most decent police and most transparent government. But the Daniel Morgan murder questions all that, and makes the need for Leveson II - the promised public inquiry into the relationships between police and the press - all the more urgent. 

Follow me in helping to unpick this dark strand of modern history which may unravel in surprising directions. 

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Arthur Hall

4 years ago

The coroner's Court only had the duty of finding out who ,where and why someone died. In this Murder it was obvious. But no satisfactory inquiry seems to have ensued . Just the "Not enough evidence line". You cannot mount cover -ups on this scale with out some heavyweight people being involved. Who ever was involved thought themselves above the law. And the brutality seems almost a warning to others. This undermine's trust in the police if the people at the top are so corrupted. Where can you go. Not the news papers that's for sure!