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Piers Morgan Celebrity Attack FAILS

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Zelo StreetCrewe, Cheshire - 14 February 2017
Piers Morgan Celebrity Attack FAILS
The revelations about former General Mike Flynn have effectively killed off Piers Morgan's lame attempts to shill for Combover Crybaby Donald Trump.

After the realisation hit home that his campaign to spread the message that Combover Crybaby Donald Trump was not such a bad chap to the panel and audience on Real Time With Bill Maher had progressed not necessarily to his advantage, former Screws and Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan decided not to enjoy a moment of quiet introspection, but to use the bully pulpit given him by Mail Online to get the rotters who made him look silly.

And so it came to pass thatMail Online ran “Foul-mouthed rape comics aren’t funny, JK has a magic for losing and Meryl’s lost her marbles so - as they might say - why don’t they all shut the F*** up?” So what was his problem? “I dared to suggest that liberals are losing their minds so hysterically over Donald Trump that they have lost all sense of proportion or even basic reason”. Use of “Liberals” as a term of condescension and abuse? Check!

But he wanted to tell us that his pal The Donald is cool: “he’s not the new Hitler … The Hitler analogy is not just inaccurate, it is also deeply, outrageously offensive … The German dictator ordered the murder of 12 million people, including the systematic extermination of six million Jews”. Yes Piers, but aren’t you being a little selective here?

His column keeps missing out the bits that are inconvenient to Morgan, such as Jim Jefferies, who he smears as a “rape comic”, reminding him that the Nazis did not murder anyone on Day One. Also missing is Jefferies’ telling conclusion that “You just like that you won The Apprentice and you have a famous friend, mate”.

Morgan’s take on the “Muslim Ban” is equally selective: “As for the so-called ‘Muslim ban’, President Trump’s controversial Executive Order proposes a very specific suspension of anyone coming into America from seven terror-ravaged countries”. Yeah, right.

One, none of the countries from which the 9/11 hijackers came has been put on that list. And two, none of the predominantly Muslim countries where the Trump empire does business are listed, either - this includes Egypt, which has not exactly been a bastion of stability and tolerance in recent times. More selective evidence, Piers.

Then Morgan’s rant becomes slightly more sinister: Jefferies, then Jo Rowling, then Chelsea Clinton and George Takei (sneeringly dismissed as “the guy who played Sulu in Star Trek”), then Meryl Streep, are all systematically dismissed as having backed the wrong side. Yah boo, look at all the Celebrity Losers!

This is then contrasted with Morgan as Mr Reasonable, giving us his usual schtick of “I wouldn’t have voted for Trump personally as I don’t agree with him over key issues like gun control and climate change … BUT”. Then it’s back to the censorship.

Those critics - “they can all just grow up a bit, put America’s interests before their incessant wailing and whining … As for JK ‘do as I say’ Rowling, Me-Me-Me-Meryl and the rest of the howling Trump-despising celebrities, to borrow the language of their beloved hero Jim Jefferies, why don’t you all just shut the **** up?

You want to know why not, Piers? Well, look no further than former General Mike Flynn. He was Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor. Until he resigned yesterday.

Flynn “is said to have misled officials about his call with Russia's ambassador before his own appointment”. While Barack Obama was still President, Flynn had been talking with the Russian Ambassador to the USA about the Russians delaying a response to new sanctions on Moscow. Had he been serving a victorious Democrat, he’d have been torn apart by the right-wing media and every Republican in Congress.

But Flynn got away with it - until now. He was only undone by great investigative reporting by the Washington Post - the GOP in Congress was silent (as was Fox News Channel).

Worse, Trump knew full well what Flynn was up to - he took to Twitter to celebrate the delay in replying to those sanctions by Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin. It is now alleged that the Russians delayed responding to Obama’s sanctions because Flynn, with Trump’s knowledge and approval, had told the Russian Ambassador that the new administration in the White House would ease those sanctions - which it has now tried to do.

When the Republican Party won’t do anything about their Rogue President, it is incumbent upon not only the free press, but also the citizenry, to fully exercise their First Amendment rights - to speak truth to power, to make their voices heard, to protest, and if that means the result is inconvenient to Piers Morgan, then TOUGH TITTY.

It is not merely stupid, but deeply worrying, that one of Donald Trump’s useful idiots is so keen on demonising dissent and trying to silence it. After Flynn, the first brick out of the Trump wall, was dislodged, it is yet more important that anyone and everyone with any kind of platform speaks up against this already tainted Presidency.

What is motivating Piers Morgan to act as he has been is not yet clear. But that his campaign to silence dissent has been stopped in its tracks by Flynn’s downfall most certainly is. So long, Piers. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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