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Eurovision Exposes Racist Magistrate

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Zelo StreetCrewe, Cheshire - 15 May 2017
Eurovision Exposes Racist Magistrate
Tory ranks once again yield up an unreconstructed racist.

Most of those watching the drama of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest unfold took the twists and turns of the buildup, the performances, and the voting in good spirits. One should never take Eurovision too seriously. But the eternal politics of the vote got to one viewer, and in doing so, exposed his political party as still being home to racist bigots all those decades after the impression was given their act had been cleaned up.

We have heard a lot recently about how the Labour Party allegedly became suddenly anti-Semitic in the months between the 2015 General Election, and Jeremy Corbyn winning the leadership. Many right-leaning sources have been particularly righteous on the subject. But nothing about Tory racism, which was always there under the surface, and burst into the open after the Irish jury failed to award the United Kingdom any points.

Nick Harrington, a Councillor on Warwick Distrct Council, took to Twitter to rant “thanks Ireland. You can keep your f***ing gypsies! Hard border coming folks!” His account was later deleted, and he has since been suspended by the Council. But here two problems enter: one, his status does not merely extend to sitting as a Councillor, and two, this is not the first, and certainly not the worst, racist outburst from him.

Harrington’s vicious racism was picked up on by former world and Olympic 400 metre champion Christine Ohuruogu, who has also been on the receiving end of this particular Tory’s version of humour. Yesterday afternoon, she Tweeted “Someone just sent me this posted by Tory Councillor Nick Harrington who was sacked last night following racist comments. #nothisfirsttime”. What did the accompanying photos show?

Harrington had, it seems, been involved in making what he called a “scarecrow”. Except it was a scarecrow with a not at all subtle black face, clothed to look like an athlete. The upstanding Tory Councillor declared that this was “The Harrington-Stanton Scarecrow Competition entry!” And, after one respondent had suggested the figure might not be “politically correct”, he added “I said it looked like Christine Ohuruogu!

At least he spelled her name correctly. But a Councillor, whatever their political stripe - it’s highly doubtful even the Kippers would come out with something like this - has a responsibility to his or her community to represent them without fear or favour - or any form of bigotry. The Tories on Warwick District Council should not merely suspend Harrington, he should be expelled from the party. Especially given his status.

Nick Harrington also sits as a magistrate. Have a think about that. Imagine anyone who is not white, does not have English as their first language, or does not hold a British passport, coming up before the likes of him. Right now, lawyers around the West Midlands will be looking up old cases where Harrington was involved in the dispensing of justice. And the most screamingly obvious question will keep on being asked.

How on earth did he get to be a magistrate? And how on earth has the Tory Party not done anything about him already (the Christine Ohuruogu Tweets were from September last year)? Elective office and upholding the law should not even go near people like that.

The Tory Party is once again exposed as The Nasty Party. No surprise there, then.

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