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01.06.2017FBI Fingers Farage29.05.2017Dominic Raab - An Absolute Shower22.05.2017Tories Deploy IRA Dead Cat18.05.2017Theresa May’s Death Tax Deception15.05.2017Eurovision Exposes Racist Magistrate11.05.2017Labour Manifesto - How Bad Is It?08.05.2017Karl Marx And The Sun02.05.2017Tories Facing Money Scandals28.04.2017Garden Bridge IS DEAD25.04.2017Mirror Faces Hacking Music20.04.2017Hannan - Not Waving But Drowning18.04.2017Portugal Pitches For Brexit Business15.04.2017Kelvin McFilth - Why He’s Out13.04.2017Mail Melania Mistake NOTHING NEW10.04.2017Kavanagh Loyalty Hypocrisy06.04.2017Why The Mail Threatened Byline03.04.2017The Blue Passport Mirage30.03.2017Andy Coulson’s Payday REVEALED29.03.2017Natalie Rowe’s Standard Refusal26.03.2017Amber Rudd - You Don’t Know What You’re Doing22.03.2017Sun Martin McGuinness Hypocrisy20.03.2017Daily Mail Libel Reality16.03.2017Tory Expense Scandal - Screw Turns06.03.2017Don’t Menshn Wiretap Mistake05.03.2017Mail Editor In The Mire03.03.2017Mail Bosses In The Dock26.02.2017Brexit - The Dark Money Reality20.02.2017Murdoch Press Targets Muslim Woman AGAIN16.02.2017Murdoch Sky Bid FOXED14.02.2017Piers Morgan Celebrity Attack FAILS10.02.2017Michael Gove - Murdoch’s Dummy07.02.2017UKIP - Lies Have Consequences02.02.2017Theresa May’s Hillsborough Delusion29.01.2017Natalie Rowe’s Police Raid27.01.2017Private Eye And Daniel Morgan25.01.2017Sarah Vine Gina Miller Hypocrisy24.01.2017IDS Stupidity Problem EXPOSED20.01.2017Westmonster - Fascist Fake News16.01.2017Kelvin McFilth Mosley Smear BUSTED13.01.2017Sun’s Graham Taylor Non Apology11.01.2017Guardian Leveson Hypocrisy EXPOSED06.01.2017IPSO Validates Fake News04.01.2017Brexit - A Warning From 192902.01.2017Mick Hume - Murdoch’s Genocide Denier23.12.2016Mail Denounces Royal Compassion21.12.2016Copeland - Labour, You Have A Problem21.12.2016Copeland - Labour, You Have A Problem17.12.2016The Sun Soils Itself14.12.2016Hoddle, Whittingdale, And Press Hypocrisy12.12.2016Public Distrust Of Press REVEALED07.12.2016Gove's Brave New School World Isn't05.12.2016Italy - Press Over-Eggs Pudding30.11.2016Sun Officially A Political Campaign29.11.2016Ofcom - The Regulator For Murdoch23.11.2016Jo Cox Killing - THE REALITY21.11.2016Kavanagh Blair Hypocrisy16.11.2016Lauri Love - Amber Rudd Is A Disgrace15.11.2016Press Anti-Semitism Hypocrisy11.11.2016Lineker Voices Celeb Press Fears09.11.2016Donkey Erection On Awards Shortlist07.11.2016UKIP - A Truly Fascist Party04.11.2016Article 50 - Now Press Incitement02.11.2016Guido Fawkes, Uber Apologist31.10.2016Toby Young - Say Sorry28.10.2016Uber - End Of The Exploitation26.10.2016Impress Is Recognised24.10.2016Press Barons Bully Theresa May20.10.2016IPSO Wipes Bigot’s Backside18.10.2016Sun Incites Refugee Hatred14.10.2016Guido Fawked - EU Audit Lies Busted12.10.2016Brexit - Dacre Loses It10.10.2016Fake Sheikh - What The Jury Didn’t See07.10.2016Fake Sheikh - Murdoch Confidante05.10.2016Fake Sheikh - GUILTY03.10.2016Vision And Boundless Hope And Optimism30.09.2016Sun Savile Hypocrisy Exposed28.09.2016Corbyn’s Vision - But Who Will Listen?26.09.2016Liam Fox WTO Con Fools Press23.09.2016Sun Breaks Editors Code AGAIN20.09.2016Murdoch Revisits BT Breakup18.09.2016Rebekah Brooks - Not Guilty?18.09.2016Neil Wallis - You’re Nicked14.09.2016Murdoch Editor Lied To MPs - OFFICIAL12.09.2016Sun Grammar School Dishonesty08.09.2016Byline Smear Busted06.09.2016Sun Merseyside Ban Tightens Grip04.09.2016Vaz v Whittingdale - Spot The Difference01.09.201610 Ways To Say Up Yours To The Sun30.08.2016Andrew Gilligan Fails Upwards27.08.2016Rupert Murdoch And A Dirty Great Dossier24.08.2016Janan Ganesh - Say Sorry22.08.2016Channel 4 Complaint FAILS20.08.2016Sun Muslim Rail Hokum BUSTED17.08.2016Tory Bullying - Now The Whitewash15.08.2016City AM’s Uber Love-In BUSTED11.08.2016Rupert Murdoch Supports Hacked Off07.08.2016Murdoch Dirty Tricks Never Went Away05.08.2016Labour’s Chakrabarti Mess03.08.2016UKIP - Yes It’s War30.07.2016Channel 4’s Coulson Shame28.07.2016IPSO CEO Gets Teed Off25.07.2016Kelvin McFilth Ups The Stakes23.07.2016Fatima Manji Fights Back23.07.2016Murdoch Lawyer Dirty Tricks Exposed19.07.2016Bataclan Torture Story - THE END17.07.2016Carole Malone Goes Corbyn OTT14.07.2016Whittingdale Gets Dominated12.07.2016David Cameron - The Way Out11.07.2016Andrea Leadsom - THE END09.07.2016Andrea Leadsom Motherhood Own Goal06.07.2016Chilcot Is Served04.07.2016So Farewell Then Nigel Farage02.07.2016Michael Gove - The Knives Are Out30.06.2016Mr And Mrs Freeloading Gove27.06.2016Boris Admits Vote Leave Lied25.06.2016Sun Front Page Nazi Shame23.06.2016Vote Today - Vote Remain20.06.2016Tory Brexit Racist Links Exposed18.06.2016Jo Cox - What The Euro Papers Say17.06.2016Jo Cox Dead - Stop The Madness13.06.2016Vote Leave Bullies Marr Show07.06.2016Tory Expenses - Brecon Beacon06.06.2016EU Outers Scared Of Democracy03.06.2016Sun BBC Racism Repeat Busted01.06.2016Tory Bullying - After The Inquest29.05.2016Tory Bullying And Expenses Collide26.05.2016Tory Expenses - The Activist’s Tale22.05.2016Penny Mordaunt - Pants On Fire19.05.2016Harry Cole - Pants On Fire Again17.05.2016Tory Expenses - Chippenham Bus Busted15.05.2016Boris Hitler Hypocrisy12.05.2016Tories’ Suliman Gani Non Apology10.05.2016Letts Mock Stroke Victims07.05.2016Yes We Khan04.05.2016Monty Says Gissa Job Bozza02.05.2016Goldsmith’s BNP Bus Bomb Shame30.04.2016Labour - There IS A Plot26.04.2016Taxi For Kelvin MacKenzie23.04.2016Tory Election Expense Scandal Grows22.04.2016Byline - Telegraph In Trouble20.04.2016Whittingdale Too Close To Murdoch17.04.2016Andrew Gilligan - Pants On Fire16.04.2016The Sun Shafts Guido Fawkes14.04.2016David Aaronovitch Jumps The Shark12.04.2016Goldsmith’s REAL Extremism Problem10.04.2016Murdoch Panama Papers Spoiler Busted05.04.2016Toby Young’s Panama Piffle02.04.2016John Whittingdale And The Dominatrix31.03.2016Steel Crisis Is Self Inflicted29.03.2016Don’t Menshn Refugee Lies27.03.2016Boris Bashing - But Why The Delay?25.03.2016Danczuk Anti-Semitic Smear Busted22.03.2016Uber’s London Dirty Tricks Exposed20.03.2016IDS Knifes Dave And George18.03.2016Sun Demonises The Poor Again15.03.2016Tory Bullying - Three Misbehaving MPs13.03.2016Gilligan HS2 Scare Busted11.03.2016Sun Editor Royal Rant Busted09.03.2016Guido Fawked - Sadiq Khan Smear Busted07.03.2016IPSO Kavanagh Spin Unravels05.03.2016Tory Bullying - Spin Unravels27.02.2016Tory Bullying - Sick New Smear23.02.2016UKIP’s Welsh Meltdown22.02.2016Boris Johnson - Ocean Going Hypocrite10.02.2016Milly Dowler - Leveson 2 In One08.02.2016Leon Brittan - Met Cleared, Press Bust02.02.2016Murdoch And BT - The Real Story01.02.2016Guido Fawked - Sun Column Cancelled27.01.2016Tory Bullying - What Newsnight DIDN’T Say25.01.2016Corbyn Calais Smears Busted21.01.2016Mail Max Mosley Attack Busted19.01.2016Sun Corbyn Marr Show Smears Busted15.01.2016Danczuk Facing Expenses Probe14.01.2016Was The Sun Hacking Phones?11.01.2016Trevor Kavanagh - Unfit For IPSO10.01.2016Danczuk Corbyn Book Dishonesty08.01.2016Laura Kuenssberg - Not Good Enough07.01.2016Simon Danczuk - A Tory In Disguise06.01.2016Michael Dugher - Why He Went02.01.2016Sun Blames Danczuk Attack On Corbyn30.12.2015Letwin Racism Tarnishes Thatcher Legacy23.12.2015Cameron Capitulates To Murdoch20.12.2015Tory Resignations Are Just Bluster19.12.2015Natalie Rowe And The Independent15.12.2015Sun Exclusive Email Editing13.12.2015Tory Bullying Inquiry Is Finished09.12.2015Tory Bullying - Shapps Fantasy08.12.2015Dale-Blaney Not Frost-Nixon05.12.2015Tory Bullying - Guido Fawks Himself02.12.2015Simon Danczuk - Warmongering Hypocrite30.11.2015The Sun Misses Emma Pidding28.11.2015Tory Bullying - Behind The Spin26.11.2015Cameron ISIS Strategy Is Bust23.11.2015Sun Muslim Bigotry Busted20.11.2015Tory Bullying Goes Mainstream18.11.2015Don’t Menshn You’ve Been Busted18.11.2015Rob Halfon And Tory Bullying13.11.2015Sun Could Have Stopped Plane Bomb11.11.2015Sun Latest Corbyn Smear Busted09.11.2015Sun Respect For Dead Hypocrisy06.11.2015Kelvin McFilth Elveden Fail05.11.2015Simon Danczuk Banana Hypocrisy04.11.2015DLR Strike - Gilligan Busted03.11.2015So Farewell Then Tom Barry02.11.2015Don’t Menshn Refugees01.11.2015Simon Danczuk’s Corbyn Paranoia31.10.2015Sun MP Pay Rise Claim Busted30.10.2015Rebekah Brooks’ Sun Delusion28.10.2015Simon Danczuk And That Book - 127.10.2015Toby Young Tax Credit Spin Fail26.10.2015Sun’s Lee Rigby Shame Exposed25.10.2015Simon Danczuk - A Complete Shower24.10.2015Telegraph Portugal Claim Busted21.10.2015Toby Young - Suburban Snob19.10.2015Cameron To Rat Over Leveson18.10.2015Tory Bullying - Here Comes The Judge17.10.2015Kavanagh Sun Trial Spin Fails16.10.2015Littlejohn Tom Watson Attack Busted15.10.2015Jane Moore - Pants On Fire14.10.2015Tom Watson VINDICATED13.10.2015Fraser Nelson - “Innocent Face”12.10.2015Tory Bullying - Independent Inquiry Needed11.10.2015Latest Tom Watson Smear Busted10.10.2015Amanda Platell Bake-Off U-Turn09.10.2015Tom Watson - Not Saying Sorry08.10.2015Corbyn Privy Council Press Hypocrisy07.10.2015Theresa May’s Split Personality06.10.2015Piggate - What The Mail Left Out05.10.2015Mail Plastic Bag Hypocrisy02.10.2015Kelvin MacKenzie Disrespects The 9601.10.2015Simon Danczuk - Wasting Police Time30.09.2015Uber Protests Level Playing Field29.09.2015Dan Hodges’ Corbyn Paranoia27.09.2015Toby Young - Elitist Snob25.09.2015Simon Danczuk Terrorism Hypocrisy24.09.2015Tory Suicide - Three Suspended23.09.2015Simon Danczuk Purge Paranoia22.09.2015Simon Danczuk - More Dirty Tricks20.09.2015Simon Danczuk’s Values Hypocrisy19.09.2015Telegraph Glenda Talks Hard Sex17.09.2015The Sun Needs More Wanking16.09.2015Guido Fawked - Corbyn Non-Apology15.09.2015Flannelled Fool Royal Pants On Fire12.09.2015Danczuk Gravy Train Exposed11.09.2015Guido Fawked - Owen Jones Smear Busted10.09.2015Leveson - Press And Pals Powerless09.09.2015Piers Morgan Grovels For Britain07.09.2015Boris Refugee Rant Is Crap06.09.2015Hitchens Muslim Invasion Rant Busted05.09.2015Strictly Mail Hypocrisy04.09.2015Murdoch Man Spills The Beans03.09.2015Goodbye Aylan Kurdi02.09.2015Nicola Sturgeon’s Murdoch Meeting31.08.2015Flannelled Fool Corbyn Smear Busted30.08.2015Tony Blair’s Labour Problem29.08.2015Rebekah Brooks Enters A Perfect Storm28.08.2015Don’t Menshn Twitter Vigilantes27.08.2015Rod Liddle - You’re A Bigot26.08.2015Harvey Proctor Protests Too Much25.08.2015Sun Global Crisis Hypocrisy24.08.2015Dan Hodges - Guilty By Association23.08.2015Mail Corbyn Gestapo Scare Fail21.08.2015Katie Hopkins Can’t Do Sums20.08.2015Simon Danczuk £10K Payday Revealed19.08.2015Simon Danczuk’s Gravy Train18.08.2015Fake Sheikh Shoots The Murdoch Fox17.08.2015Songs Of Praise - Mail Pundit Shame16.08.2015Don’t Menshn Corbyn Whoppers14.08.2015Mail Smells Chilcot Paydirt13.08.2015Sun Owen Jones Smear Fail09.08.2015Burnham Rail Attack Fail08.08.2015Mail Corbyn Holocaust Smear Busted07.08.2015Murdoch Abandons Boris06.08.2015Katie Hopkins - IPSO Problem22.07.2015Newton Dunn - Still A Bully21.07.2015Welfare Bill - What Does Labour Stand For?20.07.2015Sun’s Picky MP Paedophile Claim19.07.2015Hillsborough - The Full Truth17.07.2015Byline Media - Now The Smears Start15.07.2015Liz Kendall - It’s Over14.07.2015Starmer Attack - Murdoch Stitch-Up