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Lawyers' Secular Society Needs to Seriously Rethink Who It Shares Platforms With

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Lawyers' Secular Society Needs to Seriously Rethink Who It Shares Platforms With
The Lawyers' Secular Society has stated that it will send a speaker to the 'Muhammad Cartoon' exhibition in September where far right activist, Paul Weston and Geert Wilders will be speaking

Much has been written about Anne Marie-Waters, as this recent Mirror expose showed in April. Having left the Labour Party, Anne Marie-Waters now supports Ukip and is one of the key organisers of the 'Muhammad Cartoons' exhibition on Friday the 18th of September. This is being held with Vive Charlie, an on-line web-site that was founded by @JihadistJoe. Some of the tweets from @JihadistJoe which also include wide ranging references to Muslims as a whole can be found through this blog that was put together by John Sergeant, a progressive blogger who is active in the secular movement. 

However, what is particularly of concern has been the position that the Lawyers' Secular Society has taken and whose Secretary is one Charlie Klendjian. Once again, John Sergeant posted an insightful expose on the position that the Lawyers' Secular Society has taken in sharing a platform with speakers which involve Dutch politician Geert Wilders and Paul Weston of the far right group, Liberty GB. In fact Liberty GB has been pro-actively promoting the 'exhibition' on its Facebook page. Furthermore, here is Anne Marie-Waters being interviewed by far right activist and leader of Liberty GB, Paul Weston.

Support by the Lawyers' Secular Society

On the 2nd of August 2015, the following statement appeared on the web-site for the Society. 

"Charlie Klendjian cancels speaking engagement at Mohammed Exhibition

LSS Secretary Charlie Klendjian has unfortunately had to cancel his forthcoming speaking engagement at the Sharia Watch UK / Vive Charlie Mohammed cartoon exhibition on Friday 18 September, for personal reasons.

The LSS membership recently voted for the LSS to be represented at the event. The decision to pull out of speaking is a purely personal decision of Klendjian’s.

The LSS is still happy to fully support the event and to be publicly associated with it. In fact, the LSS is currently making every effort to send a replacement speaker."

So who is the LSS willing to share a platform with? Geert Wilders is due to be prosecuted over allegations that he incited racial hatred against Moroccans. The charges stem over a speech Wilders gave in March 2014 when he is alleged to have led an anti-Moroccan chant which led to over 6,400 complaints being lodged by members of the public against Wilders. He is also alleged to have referred to "Moroccan scum" in a later TV interview, according to the news agency Reuters. 

The other individual, Paul Weston, has been written about on numerous occasions by TELL MAMA. We have previously highlighted comments made by their supporters and we have also written on how Liberty GB's Facebook page shows why far right groups are open to being parodied. In fact, one of the policies of Liberty GB is to ban Muslims from holding public office. This is whom the Lawyers' Secular Society is willing to share a platform with and begs the question as to why they want to share a platform with someone from Liberty GB whose policy is to ban all Muslims from standing for public office.

Well, we have transcripted just 2 of the You-Tube Videos of Weston and they speak for themselves. In particular, we have highlighted areas that are deeply worrying and which seem to frame and caricature Muslims in a general sense. If anything, these comments and the sharing of platforms with far right anti-Muslim groups like the English Defence League and Pegida, should be a red light for any group looking to share a platform for Weston. Sadly, if the LSS decides to continue to share a platform with Weston, they will be sharing a platform with someone who espouses these views:

Paul Weston at a Pegida Far Right Rally in Newcastle on the 28th of February 2015

"Islam is not a religion of peace, it is an ideology and a political organisation which provokes violence and political warfare, terror and submission before Allah. Now we need to wake up in this country about the situation that we are in. You look at the news over the last few days and we have had the 3 girls going over to Syria and apparently everybody is really concerned about this, our whole intelligence services are trying to get them back. Well listen, we don’t want them back….get away….get out….(shouts and whistles from the Pegida crowd in agreement).

And when you look at the amount of trouble that they have gone to for these 3 girls and when you compare it to the absolute ignoring of the situation with the 1,400 girls in Rotherham and girls all round this country, what on earth is going on with our media and our political class to put us as second class citizens in our country and to put these other people, these alien colonizers, before us. It is just astonishing.

And the other story in the week was the one third of Muslims in this country to kill journalists, thank you for that, to kill journalists who are exposing the sort of truth about the sort of person Muhammad was. One third. There are 3-4 million Muslims in this country…one third are a million people who have no objection to killing us if we insult the Prophet Muhammad. Well, who is the Prophet Muhammad? Look at this guy today, (background Pegida shouts of “Muhammad is a paedophile” – as Weston smiles).

Look at this guy Jihadi John. It turns out of course that his name is actually Mohammad – now there is a surprise. And what is he doing out there in Libya or Syria? He is doing nothing that the Prophet Muhammad did not personally do himself. Did the Prophet Muhammad behead people? Yes he did. Did he take girls as sex slaves? Yes, he did. Did he wage Jihad? Yes he did. And now we have our own Prophet Muhammad doing exactly the same thing and all of the media and political class in this country are saying, ‘”What happened to him? What on earth led to this nice well educated young man from Westminster University to go over there and start chopping off English people’s heads?" Well, it’s quite simple and he has not been radicalised by some peculiar imaginary ideology. He has taken the words of the Qur’an at their literal value.

When Muhammad said, “I have been commanded to wage war against all mankind until they testify that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger", that is what Jihadi John is doing in Libya. It’s literal…and when Muhammad says, “I will instil terror into the hearts of the disbelievers, strike at their necks", that is what Jihadi John is doing in Libya. It has nothing to do with some perverted ideology that he has taken, it is the literal words of the Qur’an and it is about time that everyone in this country understood that this is a book of hatred, terror and submission.

Now I have been talking to the media during the week, some of the BBC people, and they said what are you going to be talking about when you are with the Pegida rally and I said I am going to be talking about the truth. The truth because you are not hearing the truth. And they said to me, “Are you an Islamic scholar, do you know anything about the Qur’an” and I said no I am not an Islamic scholar but I know what it says in the Qur’an and they say, “Well tell me one thing it says in there which is a bad verse?” Anyone of them really, but the most important one is ‘I have been ordered to fight your men until blah blah blah….that is a call to war.’

When I say this to them, they don’t say “Is that really true?” They just gloss over it and they say “You are just inciting hatred.” We are not here today to incite hatred, we are here today to get the truth about this disgusting, backward, savage, barbarian, supremacist ideology, masquerading as a religion called Islam. Pure unadulterated Islam, it is a problem. (Shouts in the background of ‘evil.)

And the other story in the week was the numbers that are growing. Apparently, amongst the young, it was 5% a decade ago, it is now 10%, in 10 years-time it will be 20% and in 20 years-time 40%. At that point, this is an Islamic country. And if anybody thinks that we are going to co-exist peacefully, because we live in a multi-cultural nirvana, Islam is mono-cultural. Islam does not like you, you are unclean, infidel Kuffar.They have no love of you, they have no love of democracy, they have no love of our traditions, our history, our heritage and they are ordered to take us over and that is exactly what they will do, if we quietly do nothing.(Claps and chants of support in the background).

We have to fight back and what we have is the truth on our side and this is why they say ‘no platform for the right’, this is why Russel Brand and George Galloway ….(shouts of ‘scum’ in the background as Weston smiles)…..let’s hear it for George Galloway, a traitor to this country; an absolute traitor to his country and most disgusting man you have ever hoped to see in your life and Russell Brand – who is Russell Brand?

Russell Brand is this guy who wants to see a revolution in this country. Well he will have his revolution. If he lets things go the way they will go, there will be a revolution from the Islamic side of it and the first person they will string up from a lamp post is Russell Brand. (Crowd claps).

So maybe it’s not such a bad thing if they take over, at least he will be gone."

Paul Weston at the EDL rally in Dudley on the 7th of February 2015

Key statements in this speech include:

0.24 mins: "Week in and week out of this country, more of you out on the streets and showing those traitors in our Government and showing those traitors in the BBC and those traitors in our schools, that we are not going to lie down and be subsumed by the most barbaric, disgusting, savage, backward religion, that has ever, ever in the history of mankind, committed so much damage all around the world." (Shouts of E…E… EDL in the background).

1.22mins: "But this is what they come out with all of the time, and they have to because they know when enough of us get together and we start doing what needs to be done, they are going to be overwhelmed by the tsunami of righteous fury from the people who are oppressed. How dare they say that we the British, the English, the Christians are oppressors. They are oppressing us, Islam is oppressing us and we need our voices to be heard." (Applause in the background).

2:27 mins "Well, tell you what…..I am an Islamophobic,"(sic) (crowd applauds to chants of E..E…EDL as Weston nods)

3:00 mins: "These people who are telling us that Islam is a religion of peace are liars. Every single one is a liar and our children at schools are being forced into mosques to be shown what wonderful people these are. This is a betrayal of our children. It is a betrayal of our culture. It is a betrayal of our country."

5:18 mins "Islam is Nazism incarnate. (Applause in the background) And we are going to fight the modern day Nazi party of this country and here is the thing. If anybody tried to start a new political party today and they said what are we going to do is first of all, is have a go at the Jews, the homosexuals and the Christians, would that party be allowed to stand? It would be closed down the very minute that it put its manifesto out, but Islam is allowed to do what it does all around this country and everyone says, that is fine because it is not a political party and it is a religion and apparently, it is a religion of peace."

Well *ollocks to that. (Applause and chants of E…E…EDL).

6:20 mins: Last week we saw up in Newcastle and Halifax, another, God knows how many – 40/50 Muslims arrested for doing what they do so well to our children and our grandchildren in this country, which is raping them. They rape our children, and we turn a blind eye. 

The ball is in the court of the LSS. Does the LSS want to affect how some people view it by sharing a platform with someone who espouses these views? Only the future will tell.

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