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My views on Exaro,the Middle East and Jeremy Corbyn before MPs resigned en masse from his Shadow Cabinet

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David HenckeLondon
An interview with Arab News Network earlier this year where I explain my views on Exaro, the Middle East and Jeremy Corbyn before the revolt of 180 Labour Mps against his leadership.

This interview with the Lebanon based Arab News Network was about to be put up on the Exaro News website just before it abruptly closed. Arranged through Tim Pendry. then a director of Exaro, it puts the case for Exaro's investigative journalism. It also discusses events in the Middle East and why Jeremy Corbyn became popular with the rank and file membership of the Labour Party. It took some time from the date of the original interview which took place at the end of March before it was put up on YouTube in June. It is rather long so I don't expect you to listen to the lot.

Expect a sequel to this as I am planning to do an interview with Fabrice Bardsley on The Bunker Show for Dark City Radio on what happened since for both Exaro and Jeremy Corbyn and my hopes for the future. The broadcast is scheduled to go out on August 10. The video is here.  Watch is you want

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