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29.05.2019Exclusive: How Margaret Thatcher's legacy can undo the damage she did to 50s born women pensioners10.05.2019The surreal 2019 local election results 06.05.2019How Singapore shames London’s record on disabled mobility08.01.2019Exclusive:Date set for Judicial Review of state pensions for 50s born women03.01.2019Novichoc: From Russia with Love29.12.2018Theresa May's mental health act reform: Warm words but scant action19.12.2018Britain's nuclear future: Doomed by its own contractors and skill shortages01.12.2018Permission granted: 50s Women win historic case to judicial review on pension rights24.11.2018Last of the Summer Time: The next new EU row for Theresa May22.11.2018Exclusive: Amber Rudd faces new challenge over maladministration of the raising of pension age from 50s Women20.11.2018Trial date set for " Nick " the man accused of perverting the course of justice over the Westminster paedophile investigation13.11.2018Establishment won't destabilise a Corbyn government says author of "A Very British Coup"07.11.2018Can the Independent Child Sex Abuse Inquiry really properly investigate Elm Guest House?23.10.2018MPs slam complacent equality watchdog and the government over "rife " ageist discrimination16.10.2018Exclusive: Case for Judicial Review for BackTo60 challenge to government on pensions set for November 3016.10.2018Danger on the Line: Damning safety findings that put passengers and train drivers at risk11.10.2018The day the women fighting for their pensions brought Westminster to a standstill03.10.2018Conservatives v Corbyn: How the Tory party's policy vacuum has left them floundering among the under 45s24.09.2018Boycott this mean Treasury National Savings ISA account that is slashing interest rates for pensioners and the poor18.09.2018Exposed: The worldwide hypocritical stance by successive UK ministers on women's rights and their pensions12.09.2018IMPRESS dismisses complaint of intimidation, malice and invasion of privacy from child sex abuse survivor10.09.2018Suspicious deaths of the elderly in hospital: An appeal for people to contact me29.08.2018Fifty Shades of Child Abuse: How a brave survivor is pioneering a fight back in Cumbria24.08.2018Why these liars, cheats and fraudsters should be prosecuted for ripping off taxpayers and cheating London's firefighters18.08.2018Premier Bin: Is the minimum wage hotel chain run by Whitbread millionaires and promoted by Lenny Henry going to the dump?08.08.2018A No Deal Brexit could leave nearly 500,000 expatriate Brits with frozen pensions like those living in Canada and Australia31.07.2018Judicial Review of government's handling of 50s women pension changes lodged at High Court28.07.2018Bishop Peter Ball:Time for the Church of England to take a lead on stamping out child sex abuse26.07.2018Brexit Bombshell: All Northern Ireland people would be better off in a new united Ireland says new report20.07.2018Why there should be no Cliff's Law following the chilling judgement by Mr Justice Mann19.07.2018Revealed: The £271 billion "rape" of the National Insurance Fund that deprived 50s women of their state pension10.07.2018Race equality groups seek big changes to the mental health act to end stereotyping and overmedication06.07.2018Nick and allegations of the Westminster paedophile ring : The perversion of justice charge sheet03.07.2018Whitehall's shameful database of women's pathetic state pensions28.06.2018Revealed: The next bill for the over 40s: Your social care tax15.06.2018 Revealed: The £200,000 food bank warehouse in Amber Rudd's Hastings constituency caused by the Universal Credit debacle10.06.2018 Official figures reveal a disturbing rise in right wing extremism among UK youth05.06.2018The Downing Street state pension robbery30.05.2018Theresa May's risky gamble with reforming an " institutionally racist" mental health act27.05.2018Fight to save the iconic Gay Hussar24.05.2018Celia Brackenridge: An outstanding sportswoman and a pioneering campaigner against sexual abuse in sport18.05.2018Esther Baker case: How the child sex abuse inquiry itself abused survivors' trust and privacy 15.05.2018Taking the 50s women protest to the doors of the Department of Work and Pensions10.05.2018Take time to smell the roses: Bulgarians love bomb London to counter British hate media09.05.2018Government narrowly defeat plan for second Leveson inquiry after a deal with the DUP06.05.2018Feted in Mayfair but flouted by Nuneaton: The extraordinary Labour local election performance 04.05.2018Local Elections 2018: Reality triumphs over expectation 03.05.2018Revealed: Dishonest Eurostar's disabled unfriendly direct service to Amsterdam22.04.2018Britain: Sleep walking into the valley of death17.04.2018The Crime Live event - "Real Life" Silent Witness but no time for sexual liaisons15.04.2018Rochdale child sex abuse: A 30 year scandal that the authorities failed to stop12.04.2018Postponed by Brexit: Vital investigations into the effectiveness of Britain's border controls06.04.2018Shambolic Stansted: How you can grab duty free booze without leaving the country unchecked by short staffed customs and immigration03.04.2018Voldemort Grayling: The transport secretary and his fantasy Hogwarts Express train service29.03.2018Department for Work and Pensions postpones new nasty for poverty stricken pensioners until 201925.03.2018 Vote Leave and Cambridge Analytica: A stench enveloping Downing Street and the Cabinet's hard Brexiteers18.03.2018Are Britain's Green guardians clueless on future investments for this country post Brexit? 15.03.2018Tories to implement new nasties for next generation of poverty stricken pensioners12.03.2018A former top Unison official slammed by a judge selected to be a new Labour councillor for one of London's deprived wards07.03.2018Phone Hacking: The Guardian should hang its head in shame over its stance on a second Leveson inquiry01.03.2018Janner's family - and his accusers - denied core participation status in Westminster child sexual abuse inquiry26.02.2018A psychiatrist's damning indictment of 500 years of racism - now revived by Trump and 9/1116.02.201850s pensioners: Time for you to put the boot into your local councillor at May's elections14.02.2018Gove takes the lead in a Whitehall Brexit spending spree to bypass Parliament10.02.2018Revealed:The over budget safeguarding system that doesn't know if your kids are safe from sexual predators07.02.201850s Women:"Nobody will see their pension entitlement changed by more than 18 months" - Theresa May's crass error03.02.2018IMPRESS reject arbitration and compensation claim from ex MP over Esther Baker investigation story31.01.2018Elm Guest House: Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry to probe whether there was a conspiracy or cover up29.01.2018How angry 50s women deprived of a pension can boot their MP out of a job24.01.2018Why the shabbily treated 50's women pensioners must go on the offensive and win back their money23.01.2018Designer label Dudes: Beware of a new police " street strip and search " plan for Rotterdam19.01.2018Does the demise of UKIP offer a lifeline to embattled Tories?12.01.2018The Great £300m Probation Bail Out: You Pay, They Prey09.01.2018Peter Preston: An appreciation03.01.2018 Time to bin Keep Britain Tidy 31.12.2017Blog in 2017: The Grenfell tragedy has resurrected the madness of fire privatisation27.12.2017Have the Tories already sold our future green investments down the dump?18.12.2017The top Tory power grab that turns their party members into mere pawns09.12.2017Child sex abuse:How Lady Macur exonerated the Waterhouse inquiry over convicted paedophile Gordon Anglesea06.12.2017Paul Settle: a tragic case of a traumatised former senior Met police officer who is lashing out at politicians and child abuse survivors03.12.2017Are you a terrorist if you have a copy of the Vietnam protesters' Anarchists Cookbook ( published 1971)?01.12.2017Unreported by MSM: How some bosses can help if you are one of 2 million people enduring domestic abuse22.11.2017Hypocrisy and double standards: How a Tory flagship council denies the " just about managing " their new homes17.11.2017Exclusive: Are whistleblowers now too frit to reveal when NHS patients and care home residents are in danger?12.11.2017Exclusive: How newly found "destroyed" papers revive the mystery of the notorious gay and paedophile Elm Guest House05.11.2017Exclusive: Supreme Court ruling opens way for legal action against Michael Gove and Liz Truss for racial discrimination and victimisation02.11.2017Hillsborough Families:Patronised to death by the disdain of the powerful02.11.2017Hillsborough Families:Patronised to death by the disdain of the powerful26.10.2017Nuclear decommissioning: How Whitehall turned toxic waste into a dirty mess19.10.2017How you will soon be paying for Trident on your electricity bill13.10.2017Time for MPs to take back control of Parliament08.10.2017Footballer Justin Fashanu and the Westminster "back to basics" sex scandals05.10.2017Sir Edward Heath: Paedophile or No Paedophile?04.10.2017Theresa May's wasted £11.2 billion of taxpayers money on initiatives Tory youth doesn't want29.09.2017Exclusive: Tories face "oblivion" says party campaigner as membership plummets to 100,00027.09.2017Hidden in plain sight: Labour trains a new generation of political activists22.09.2017How Jeremy Corbyn (with a little help from Tim Farron) brought political activism back from the living dead19.09.2017Why Francis Maude and Amyas Morse are right to ginger up complacent Whitehall14.09.2017London Midland admits it got it wrong over its passenger assistance service12.09.2017Can't rely on London Midland:How staff cuts and technical failures dump on disabled and vulnerable rail passengers06.09.2017Esther Baker child sex abuse case: "Insufficent evidence"to prosecute as accused ex MP outs himself "21.08.2017The £20,000 benefit bonus rewards for the metropolitan elite at the Department of Work and Pensions20.08.2017Edintfest: 70 years of challenge and innovation10.08.2017The train driver who averted a major disaster on a London commuter line in nine seconds06.08.2017The collapse of the local press: A disaster facing local democracy31.07.2017The £5 billion pay out to people who shouldn't have received it29.07.2017Uncork the Gauke: Could the Tories go for another grey man to lead the party - like John Major21.07.2017Revealed: The man who sacked a woman on maternity leave is now head campaigner for women's equality in Scotland17.07.2017Exclusive: How the Boundary Commission could smash the Tory DUP love in14.07.2017You are paying £2.5m to keep this tram train in a depot05.07.2017Gag, cover up and secret privatisation: What is the real story behind the NHS clinical correspondence scandal02.07.2017Revealed: The bucolic wine buff accountant who let privatisation spivs fiddle London fire brigade29.06.2017Equal Pay,Unequal Misery: Unison and the Durham Teacher Assistants' Dispute23.06.2017An Establishment cover up: The sordid and sad saga of sex abuser Bishop Peter Ball21.06.2017Will May's terrorism clampdown restrict freedom of speech?17.06.2017Revealed: Thousands of Britain's top bankers become Euro millionaires while workers pay clipped to 1 per cent15.06.2017Towering Inferno: Grenfell Tower Fire09.06.2017Jeremy Corbyn's biggest victory: Revitalising democracy07.06.2017Pollsters to lose tomorrow's General Election06.06.2017My billet-doux from Theresa: Push Brexit from the comfort of your own home and register your vote plan at Tory Central Office04.06.2017Unison's Special Chocolate Biscuits Scandal: An insight into murky behaviour at the top of Britain's biggest public sector union30.05.2017Revealed: Faked bills and dodgy deals How Assetco conned auditors and ripped off London and Lincoln's firefighters 28.05.2017Election 2017: Prim Headmistress v Cool Grandad27.05.2017Fined £3.5m for professional misconduct: Grant Thornton approved dishonest accounts for London and Lincolnshire's privatised fire engines23.05.2017Police drop cases of men arrested on suspicion of stalking a child sexual abuse survivor 19.05.2017Why the Tory plan to axe pensioners fuel benefits is as flawed as Labour's Ed Balls up16.05.2017Equality Commission facing waves of strikes from disgruntled staff14.05.2017The Treasury: Destroying Britain's world leadership in green technology11.05.2017A damning indictment on the dangerous failure of privatisation in the criminal justice system by a former Tory MP09.05.2017Why Theresa May must ensure transparency between top politicians and big business during Brexit negotiations08.05.2017The arrogance of Daniel Janner over the future of the Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry07.05.2017Must a stellar Tory performance lead to Labour oblivion?03.05.2017Tony Blair's top donor goes Bercow01.05.2017Exclusive:Cabinet Office responds to allegations of Prime Minister's Brexit " conflict of interest " 27.04.2017How a Roman Catholic paedophile priest who mixed with celebs nearly escaped justice24.04.2017A Whitehall management disaster that could wreck Britain's trade deals after Brexit21.04.2017Jeremy Corbyn: Can he break out from being caught between a rock and a hard place?17.04.2017How the Tories have fixed the road programme to maximise the motorist vote16.04.2017 Lake Como's little piece of paradise11.04.2017Independent Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry WILL investigate the late Greville Janner and whether there was a cover up02.04.2017An inquiry into an inquiry: Will it uncover what went wrong when Ben Emmerson quit the Child Sexual Abuse inquiry?30.03.2017Should this powerful man both bankroll press standards and an editor that brought them into disrepute?28.03.2017Journalists v Journalists: Daily Mail suing Byline25.03.2017Why does this man keep secret the pay and perks for people running David Cameron's taxpayer funded National Citizen Service scheme?22.03.2017Thames Water: Unfit to protect our environment20.03.2017Whitehall doesn't rule OK: How a canal trust tragically missed out on a £1 million payout from river polluters17.03.2017Is George Osborne's Northern Powerhouse about to hit the buffers?13.03.2017Why millions of passengers will face years of overcrowded trains because of a staggering electrification blunder10.03.2017Exposed: The Whitehall high flyer who stole ministry secrets to help Adam Smith International bid for overseas aid contracts08.03.2017Independent Police Complaints Commission largely drops investigation into Met Police handling of Operation Midland06.03.2017A British made overseas aid scandal that has ended in ruined reputations for the people who promoted it02.03.2017Britain: A nation of paedophile voyeurs28.02.2017Has Theresa May got it wrong over the Brexit negotiation plan?25.02.2017By-election horrors:Labour's dilemma and the faux fear of UKIP23.02.2017Rerun Dave Prentis election urge candidates at Unison malpractice hearing18.02.2017Home Office rewrites definition of child sexual exploitation12.02.2017Will David Cameron's National Citizen Service deliver results for poor disaffected " hard to reach " youth?09.02.2017Exclusive: How the equality watchdog sacked a disabled army veteran and IRA bomb survivor by email08.02.2017Hidden:The secret influencers bankrolling centre right think tanks to change your mind01.02.2017 Standards at the tax office: A damning indictment from professional people who should know28.01.2017Exclusive: Southern Railway contract to be investigated by National Audit Office26.01.2017How Romania's inhumane prison system led to the tragic death of a campaigning newspaper owner19.01.2017Coming soon: Chaos for your tax bill17.01.2017A Romanian scandal that threatens press freedom that the UK could stop in its tracks13.01.2017Brian Altman: The scuba diving prosecutor who "speared" Milly Dowler's killer11.01.2017Paedophile loses case to ban Facebook from publishing his criminal past06.01.2017The 60 year old shame of Home Office treatment of sexually and physically abused child migrants04.01.2017Police arrest man on suspicion of stalking a child sexual abuse survivor03.01.2017Unison: Former senior official says " anti democratic practices" used to elect Dave Prentis in three previous contests31.12.20162017: Year of the Death Star?21.12.2016Unison:A libel threat, a database and a " cut and paste" email - all to help Dave Prentis win?20.12.2016Unison election: Now Electoral Reform Services on trial15.12.2016Unison:Union Democracy on Trial11.12.2016Revealed: Boris's Imperialist dream: £3 billion for military adventures " East of Suez"09.12.2016Why Labour needs a simple message04.12.2016Exclusive: Disabled army veteran and IRA bomb survivor targeted for the sack by human rights watchdog02.12.2016The loss of Zac Goldsmith and the Lib Dem revival26.11.2016The day I shook the hand of Fidel Castro22.11.2016Bumped by Trump: How Whitehall used the US elections as cover for £1 billion military spending blunders18.11.2016Henriques: Help or Hindrance12.11.2016Why prosecuting "Nick" for perverting the course of justice may not stand up in court09.11.2016The arrogance of judge Dame Lowell Goddard07.11.2016Will the national body that prides itself on conciliation end up in a bitter dispute with itself?05.11.2016The Brexit court case: Much ado about nothing03.11.2016The not quite complete Exaro archive01.11.2016The Keith Vaz Westminster fan club: Why do they protect this man30.10.2016Are German State Railways exploiting train drivers in Britain to put lives at risk?26.10.2016The crisis at the heart of Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission23.10.2016Operation Pallial: Bringing too long awaited justice for some child sexual abuse survivors after nearly 30 years18.10.2016Job Half Done: Alexis Jay's statement on the future of the Child Sexual Abuse inquiry16.10.2016Why the children of Greville Janner believe he must be innocent of 33 child sex abuse allegations07.10.2016Will the BBC get all its cash from its new freedom to raise millions from video on iPlayer?05.10.2016Robert Halfon v Jeremy Corbyn: The battle for the working class vote29.09.2016Austerity Britain: How Unison has helped create Durham's new poor23.09.2016Join Byline Insider to crowdfund me and participate in key debate on child sex abuse23.09.2016Labour's best council by election result night since the General Election16.09.2016Call General Election now: What Ed would tell Theresa11.09.2016Abuse of Trust: A horrible reminder of a child sex scandal as the Jay inquiry prepares to examine Greville Janner09.09.2016An 11 plus failure speaks out:Theresa May wants conformity over opportunity06.09.2016Daniel Janner is wrong to say all allegations of child sex abuse against his father must be fabricated24.08.2016Why we need disability campaigners like Lord Rix now20.08.2016How government cuts led to blunders in complex criminal compensation awards12.08.2016Alexis Jay: A game changer appointment for the Child Sex Abuse Inquiry?10.08.2016A very legal coup:How Theresa May's triumph meant Lowell Goddard's demise08.08.2016Corbyn's Progress: How council by elections are now panning out05.08.2016Time for Dame Lowell Goddard to explain why she quit03.08.2016My views on Exaro,the Middle East and Jeremy Corbyn before MPs resigned en masse from his Shadow Cabinet30.07.2016On the way: Multi million pound fines for Brexiteer Andrea Leadsom24.07.2016Liberal Democrats: On the rise again in the shires?22.07.2016Exaro: What next?19.07.2016A disturbing child sex abuse case that raises awkward questions about insurers14.07.2016How the NHS wasted £16m of your money on a botched privatisation that collapsed within months10.07.2016Labour's UKIP fear factor: A ballot box illusion07.07.2016The mystery of the secret discovery of chemical WMD in Iraq which poses more questions than answers03.07.2016Chilcot and The Blair Rich Project01.07.2016Why treacherous Michael Gove can't be trusted with your money at Number Ten29.06.2016Stop these nasty attacks on people living here now26.06.2016The woes of the first 48 hours of Brexit21.06.2016Why I am going for Remain on Thursday18.06.2016Is social media fuelling hatred and contempt in Britain?13.06.2016How Gove is dumping one of Britain's worst courts on Labour's Greater Manchester11.06.2016Where's St Helena? It's off Jersey isn't it?10.06.2016Why all the UK should see this brilliant exhibition on the Calais Jungle05.06.2016Are expensive libel cases on the way out?30.05.2016Racist and Cruel: The nasty world of the Equality and Human Rights Commission24.05.20161000 miles of Russian Reflections:Why the Russians don't think Putin is an ogre19.05.2016Russian Reflections:How you can't spend a rouble in a Russian loo29.04.2016A tainted and improper appointment by Nicky Morgan25.04.2016" Darth Vader" mandarin's unstellar performance on crime mustn't pay20.04.2016How the government is allowing the Japanese to profit from captive London and Brummie commuters17.04.2016Seven Guys in a Boat: The Caen Hill challenge09.04.2016Should £1 bn of unclaimed pensions, shares and insurance policies be used to alleviate austerity?07.04.2016Top lawyer faces storm over " perceived conflict of interest" in government job03.04.2016Is Lowell Goddard moving towards a " show Trial " over the Westminster Paedophile Ring?02.04.2016Facebook to challenge paedophile's right to privacy and excessive damages in Northern Ireland test case30.03.2016Child Sex Abuse Justice: Premier League or Eton Mess?26.03.2016Heritage railways: Nearly a very nasty train crash19.03.2016Helping crime pay with Theresa May18.03.2016Goddard Inquiry: A very judicial view of child sex abuse11.03.2016Google bows to EU law and removes right to search for delisted posts07.03.2016A worrying indictment of how child sex abuse cases are handled today04.03.2016How EU law hobbled Parliament investigating worst mis-selling scandal in history26.02.2016Holding Tony Hall, BBC director general to account over Savile21.02.2016How the Legal Ombudsman's Office ripped off the taxpayer with a £1m irregular incentive scheme10.02.2016Westminster Paedophile Inquiry Row: A shrewd move by Scotland Yard08.02.2016A bloody nose for Keith Vaz: Met Police cleared in "Jane" rape case03.02.2016Why are we waiting for Lady Macur's Review into child sex abuse in North Wales?29.01.2016How Kenneth Clarke and Chris Grayling's failed commercial venture cost us the taxpayer over £1m27.01.2016Theresa May's new immigration official: the private landlord22.01.2016Leaked Savile Report: The BBC culture that failed to protect people from abuse20.01.2016Exaro Exclusive: Dame Janet Smith's criticism of the BBC over Savile15.01.2016Sneaky and Naive: The Department of Health's plan to raise care home inspection fees09.01.2016Fact and Fiction over Jeremy Corbyn's first by election defeat of the year05.01.2016Is a £1 million fine a drop in the ocean for Thames Water?30.12.2015Armchair Audit: Sir Philip Dilley, the dilatory flood maestro27.12.2015A rare accolade for " Lawrence of Arabia"20.12.2015Revealed:The ten job Tory who couldn't live on £110,000 a year11.12.2015Child sex abuse survivors: a dangerous precedent to withdraw funding06.12.2015Untrustworthy Truss: The dishonest cover up that left farmers owed hundreds of millions of pounds04.12.2015Oldham West: How Labour is defeating the UKIP challenge29.11.2015The "Jane" date rape case: A flawed report from MPs on the Home Affairs Committee25.11.2015Spending Review: Caveat Emptor18.11.2015Jimmy Savile: How the BBC have by passed Dame Janet Smith’s child sexual abuse review16.11.2015How Leon Brittan lost his job as home secretary - Charles Moore's fascinating account 30 years on11.11.2015How a Whitehall mandarin wanted to add insult to injury for redundant steel apprentices08.11.2015Is Corbyn's Labour already cutting the mustard with local voters?04.11.2015Stormin' Corbyn a hit in Korea (No Mail-on-Line not North Korea but the capitalist South)30.10.2015Closed today: The rehab hospital that should be at the cutting edge of NHS care26.10.2015Why let your good smear campaign be spoiled with the facts, David Aaronovitch13.10.2015Dropped: The vile Saudi Arabian contract that helped prop up a barbaric justice system11.10.2015 Justice for the Orgreave miners 30 years on: But from Theresa May?07.10.2015 The Panorama child sex abuse fall out: No one yet knows the truth28.09.2015So afraid of the Saudis: How the Brits daren't cancel a contract to bolster barbaric justice 25.09.2015Right On: A warning to the national press over Operation Midland - the murder and child sex abuse investigation 24.09.2015Child Sex Abuse: The Met Police's honest attempt to safeguard survivors and alleged abusers16.09.2015How the golden oldies and the disenchanted young combined to give Stormin' Corbyn victory11.09.2015Top mandarins revolt over ministers wasting taxpayers money20.08.2015Why Labour's patronising grandees have driven people to vote for Stormin' Corbyn10.08.2015Revealed: The Treasury mandarin who said losing £1bn for the taxpayer was "value for money"08.08.2015Labour leadership: Stormin’ Corbyn winning the new battle of Berkhamsted