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Something to Consider: Unconventional Politics

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Erik Fogg
Something to Consider: Unconventional Politics
Thought-provoking questions about politics to stimulate curiosity and start your next great political conversation.

Political dialogue in the United States is broken. Polarization is the new norm, reinforced by media and politicans because sensationalism and rage win viewers and votes. The hard core of each party has grown more extreme in its views and more hateful of its opposition, and the political middle-ground has become disengaged.

We're out to fix it.

Something to Consider offers thought-provoking articles twice per week that challenge the conventional left- and right-wing narratives on some of the most interesting and important issues that Americans face. Rather than simply providing a third viewpoint, StC undermines the common oversimplification of highly nuanced political issues, giving the reader the questions and tools to be able to form their own perspective.

Something to Consider also publishes articles that help readers to better understand their own assumptions and biases in politics, and the psychological factors that are holding them back from maximizing their full understanding of political issues and having rewarding political conversations that build mutual understanding.

StC's articles help readers to be more thoughtful and considerate citizens, helping them achieve more nuanced understanding of political issues and have more productive political conversations that expand their own political awareness and teach others around them.

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