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Avigdor Liberman returns to coalition with Netanyahu

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Marianne AziziIsrael
Avigdor Liberman returns to coalition with Netanyahu
Liberman's time on the sidelines ends as he moves back into the corridors of power.

As Prime Minister Netanyahu scrambles to increase his one seat majority in the Israeli Government, Liberman who has 6 seats in his party Yisrael Beytenu has agreed to join forces in the coalition.

It is reported he will be defence minister, and other sources say he will also handle two other ministries one being Ministry of Economy. The shake up of the cabinet also means Naftali Bennet will move from Education to the foreign ministry; Ayalet Shaked the current Minister of Justice moves over to Education. This leaves space for a new Justice Minister – reported to be Yariv Levin – who sources say is not entirely pro the rampantly feminist agenda and moves from Tourism.

What new decisions are coming which make it all the more important for Bibi to have a breathing space of one more than one vote in the Knesset?

There are so many ministries in Israel, at one time a Ministry of Outer Space, currently a Ministry for Strategic Matters, Ministry for Pubic Diplomacy, Ministry for Senior Citizens...the bizarre list goes on.

It is unclear if all the sources and rumours will actually result in this shake up being confirmed, but as it currently stands, it is all change in Israel.

Justice Minister Ayalet Shaked may be relieved to move on after recent sex scandals involving Judges, most recently Shamai Becker who has been investigated for charges of abusing his own 14 year old daughter. She also faces constant pressure to reform the point of law 2.5 which has allowed women to make a false claim with impunity, resulting in thousands of men being criminalised in the family courts.

Time will tell as to the impact of the reshuffle.

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