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Brutal beating of Arab Man by 8 police in Tel Aviv

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Marianne AziziTel Aviv
Brutal beating of Arab Man by 8 police in Tel Aviv
As one young man was senselessly attacked outside store, Israelis protest against racism by police

The video shown in the Channel 2 news article of the beating of a 19 year old youth

It was shot today outside the branch Super Yuda in Central Tel Aviv, near Rabin Square, beating a young man just because he was an Arab.  This has raised a storm in Israel.  A spontaneous demonstration was made by Israelis claiming this was not accidental, but incitement and racism.  Signs said "racism begins in the Government", "police racism does not condemn ME", "Solidarity against Racism"

Two police approached the man and asked him for his ID, followed quickly by 6 others who started to beat him up.  Cameras show the event.  A horrified crowd of onlookers watched with one elderly lady shouting at them to stop.  Kobi Cohen, the employer said it was unbelievable, they didn't leave him for a minute.

The uncle of the youth in an interview with Channel 2 said "The police are supposed to enforce the law and protect civilians, but they are criminals.  They are destroying the social fabric of society built here for 68 years, our partnership and coexistence and will destroy us all.  This man is 19, he went to Tel Aviv to work and save money so next year he can go to school.  We do not know the severity of his injury and the trauma and how this will effect his future.  The police should give us confidence and this is what they are doing?"


Following the incident, MK Dov Henin from the Minister of Public Security - "we will ask for answers about what seems, on the face of it, a lynching in broad daylight, an attack of an innocent citizen by police just because he's an Arab." Henin added: "The problem is  much more widespread.   There is an evil wind of racism blowing through ministers and MKs of power, translated into an unbearable reality of violence. "

Israeli police responded,  "The suspect refused to identify himself while cursing and attacking police officers and biting one of them, so they had to use force. Two of them were evacuated for medical treatment. In accordance with procedures, the material is sent to examine the PID".

At the end of a discussion that lasted into the night, Judge at the Tel Aviv Magistrate's Court  decided there was no need to keep him in custody, and he could be released to house arrest at his parents Hura, provided they do not contact any of the parties involved in a fight. The young man was taken to hospital for investigation at the end discharged.

It is well known in Israel the police are brutal.  It is also non discriminatory.  Last week hundreds of protestors chanted 'corruption, corruption' against the State for the fase imprisonment of Roman Zadorov.  Moshe Feiglin, ex Knesset member said in his speech that half of the Knesset were afraid to speak out.  Other items on Channel 2 showed senseless brutal acts by police against citizens, Jew or Arab in a country increasingly becoming a Police State.  One Jewish man who wants to be anonymous told me he'd been arrested and beaten several times because his skin was dark.  Despite showing his ID, he was accused of stealing it and suffered horrendous brutality. 

Tonight on the news it was announced that Mr. Netanyahu himself would be the subject of police investigation into allegations of false accounting on expenses.  The word on the street is the corruption is so deep in the police and prosecution it will be a waste of public money, and most agree he and his wife Sarah are widely known to have stolen enough public money already for ice cream, candles, furniture, water and travel.

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Jahn McCallister

3 years ago

Thank you for keeping those of us in the West informed of the institutional racism and ongoing violence in Israel. You're doing important work.