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Israeli Journalist thrown into jail

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Israeli Journalist thrown into jail
Lory Shem Tov was raided by police and all her equipment seized, as she is held in custody to reveal her sources. Freedom of speech in peril in Israel

She had been warned.  Only a few days before.  The authorities have their eyes on Lory Shem Tov - a prolific blogger and independent journalist.  Lory had received a call from Jerusalem police 'inviting' her for an investigation.  No reasons were given.  She had replied by saying she was a journalist working on an explosive story.

Anyone with experience of the system will know that was the 'wrong' answer for the authorities.  It would only be a matter of time.  It came soon enough.  Police were waiting for her outside her home, which she shares with a partner.  They took her keys and raided her house, seizing all electronic equipment indiscriminately with no discernment of what was hers or her partners.  She was taken to Jerusalem and held 6 hours BEFORE the investigation began.  In Israel, once investigations begin, after 3 hours the police then have to put a person into custody or release them.  At nearly midnight Lory was put into custody for a hearing today.  Lawyers were sent the SOS through FB and went to her aid. 

Lory had exposed a major story in which a woman who had cried out that her husband was violent was in fact the perpetrator of the violence on her child.  The father had won the right to take his daughter and had quickly departed with her somewhere in the country.  Police demanded to know where the father was, and for Lory to reveal her sources. 

She is already facing a huge financial fine for exposing dubious practices of a lawyer - which has reached national TV.  In another case, she shared information regarding the ex CEO of Welfare - Yosi Silman - and his private bank accounts overseas, which was linked to the profits made by Welfare in trafficking children to private institutions.  This topic was also featured in a Channel 10 documentary.  I shared the information in another article, but the video was removed.  It is in the process of being protected to share in English again.

Lory is a champion of the truth.  She breaks gag orders without fear, informing and educating the public regarding the corruption of judges; social workers and malpractice in processes which are damaging families.  She is on the national council of journalists - who themselves are prevented from publishing names.  She does.

Last week she wrote an article regarding Palestinian journalists being imprisoned, saying it was the tip of the iceberg, and wouldn't be long before Israel imposed the same punishment on their own truthseekers.  It was a prediction which came true all too fast.

Lory Shem Tov had her own experience with the courts.  She lost the right to see her own children, as her ex husband had 'connections'.  She fought long and hard for her rights all the way to the Supreme Court.  She passed psychiatric examinations; and jumped through every hoop she could to regain contact with her children.  Those who helped were punished, professionals lost their jobs, and she suffered enormous heartbreak.  Lory decided to continue by writing and exposing - to help other families be more aware of the twists and turns in courts.  Finally the authorities have her in prison.

Today the decision to retain her in prison was as follows in the decision by Judge Karen Miller

"Lory Shem Tov was arrested for obstructing justice, illegal publications and publishing about a minor. 24 hours are requested.  This is from a published story in May 2016.  Authorities spending effort to locate the minor.

Lory  is a blogger who uploaded movies related to minor, therefore was arrested. Fear of obstruction of justice in context of kidnapping and warning the father who escaped the authorities. Arrest is not about publications but because of the fear of obstruction. Reasonable cause for suspicion appears in file  exhibit 41 lines 197, 198 and line 227.

She is not just a blogger who expresses opinion about kidnapping, there is a reasonable fear she is more involved."

The police informed the judge they had a 'secret file'.  This meant her lawyer could not be allowed to access information.  Another blogger was removed from the court, due to 'secret information.'  She is therefore held in prison on the basis of a fear of obstruction.  What she published was evidence and proof which the mainstream press were not allowed to - and that was the beating and violence of the mother against the husband and the child.

If when reading this you think a child was kidnapped and she abetted, it is important to know Lory Shem Tov published that the father had legal rights to his child given to him by the rabbinate with an order to investigate the mother.  The woman was indeed  violent

Here is another video which showed the aggression against her son.  The Centre tried to stop publication after launching a campaign for the mother who ''wanted her child back alive''  In the interest of the child?  It was in the interest of the feminist organisation. 

A letter is being prepared to the UN for emergency intervention as the journalist may or may not be released after the further 24 hours.  The campaign had been a lie, and to imprison the journalist is a violation of freedom of speech and human rights.

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