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New Democratic Party for Israel?

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Marianne AziziIsrael
New Democratic Party for Israel?
Foundations being formulated for a new democratic political party by the people - for the people

Tonight, working groups continued their plans to formulate a new political party.

In downtown Tel Aviv, over a hundred people worked together for over 5 hours until after midnight to crystalise ideas and mandates for their new party.

Based on other European models, the group hope to be in a position to put up a viable alternative to the existing parties in Israel.

In small groups, each individual was asked why they were there, and what they hoped for.  One by one each said they had a vision of a country where social problems were addressed; investment was made in growth and development.

Security may be the number one issue on the table, yet many of the young people there felt it was not as real a threat as often presented.  Some even went as far as to say many of the incidents could be false flags. 

The united sense of purpose, was in building a country which was fair to all.  The current system means the same people run the country - no matter who is elected said others.

It comes at an apt moment, as Thursday marks the anniversary of the huge protest on the streets of Israel in 2011.  Over 400,000 people went outside to make a social protest

It was clear from the working group this evening that many of the issues which brought about the protests over 5 years ago have not been addressed. Many believed things had deteriorated even further.

There is a feeling in the air, many told me, that something must change, and very soon.  Groups and individuals around the country are pushing for change.  Maybe a party will be officially declared before the next elections, or maybe current events will lead to another protest on the streets.  It depends who you ask.

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