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'No Exit' Orders trap fathers, Bailiff stops exit for as little as $100. Life for some in Israel is unbearable.

  "I am worse than a dog" - one Israeli man tells me.  I have seen dogs with much better lives than some of the people here.  To restrict a person's freedom of movement is to destroy their soul.  It's mainly the men in divorce; the children of divorce and just sometimes the mothers who have their ability to be free taken from them.

No Exit orders are not to difficult to do.  If a woman fears the father of her children might not pay, she restricts him.  If he was a businessman travelling all over the world, his income is stopped short and his career over.  From one day being a loving father, he has become a 'monster'.  No matter that he has always provided and been a decent citizen.  He is immediately considered a risk.  He might never come back to Israel, even from a week's holiday.  He is immediately 'deadbeat', a loser - even if he is a professional or famous and never put a foot wrong.  He has not only lost his previous existence, but has little chance of building a new life.  His dignity, liberty and freedom is taken which is against Basic Law 6 in Israel: -  Here it is in detail:

Section 1: The purpose of this Basic Law is to protect human dignity and liberty, in order to establish in a Basic Law the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.

Section 2: There shall be no violation of the life, body or dignity of any person as such.    - violations of fathers occurs daily.  Men are beaten in prison on false arrests.  Their dignity is shattered as they are shackled and after the cases are proven false, left with no dignity and violated.

Section 3: There shall be no violation of the property of a person.   This doesn't have any protection for men.. once a false claim is made, property is removed, houses and cars are ransacked with no search warrants or reason.

Section 4: All persons are entitled to protection of their life, body and dignity.    From who?  The State?  Inside Israel there is no protection.

Section 5: There shall be no deprivation or restriction of the liberty of a person by imprisonment, arrest, extradition or otherwise    The men have violations on this every single day.  Fathers are imprisoned without an investigation of all sides.  The police don't ask questions, nor even allow lawyers to arrive to protect their clients before throwing them in prison - on the word of a woman, protected by law.

Section 6: All persons are free to leave Israel.....Except for when?  A domestic argument and some lies deprive a man immediately of his rights to leave.  Even if his work is international, no considerations are considered. 

Section 7: All persons have the right to privacy and to intimacy.   - this is violated by spying on phones; social media and arresting or investigation of people who are speaking against the systems which have destroyed them.

There shall be no entry into the private premises of a person who has not consented thereto.   - unless on the word of a woman, the police just break in despite no warrant.

No search shall be conducted on the private premises of a person, nor in the body or personal effects   - not true.  One father was tasered as he opened his front door and let the police inside his home.  Just on the word of a woman

There shall be no violation of the confidentiality of conversation, or of the writings or records of a person - this is in constant violation as conversations, writings and records are seized and investigated - on the word of a woman.

However, several cardinal human rights are missing from this document, such as the Right for Equality, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Protest, and others. These rights were given to the residents of Israel by general principles which existed before this Basic Law. Although these rights were not included in the law, some jurists, such as former President of The Supreme Court of Israel Aharon Barak, see these rights are directly derived from the "right to dignity".

The right to equality in family law is non existent, freedom of speech, and protest is denied against core subject issues such as judges, social workers and police - the three pillars for a community. 

There is an endless list of men who have been destroyed; others in the cemetery from the violation of this Basic Law, the foundation of the country, yet abused every single hour of the day.  The fear this has instilled in people means no protests against 3 core pillars (without permission - never granted), no freedom of speech (censored) and no travel.  Add in no driving licences - even for those whose careers depend upon it, no bank accounts - so impossible to manage, and finally no children, whose rights are also denied as per the UNCRC requirements of a government.

A woman creates a family with a man, yet has all the tools available to destroy the family, courtesy of the State systems - which are all in a woman's favour.  It is creating gender wars of unparallelled proportions; lobbying in the Knesset to preserve their rights to abuse men, and in all of this who suffers most?  The children, who are denied two parents at worst, and at best have a shadow of a man for a one hour visit every two weeks.  A man who was strong; provided for his family is reduced to feeling 'like a dog'.  Feminists should not celebrate, they are setting up a whole lost generation.  Women are legally allowed to lie with impunity, which also includes female social workers and even female judges.  This is lethal to the dignity of the country as men crumble and families broken.  No excuses of national security, it's just a big billion dollar industry which results in children never knowing a normal life.

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