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US Court claims State of Israel is the father of my children

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US Court claims State of Israel is the father of my children
Israeli mother appeals against US Court decision which claims she and Israel are in a domestic family custody dispute.

Israelis fighting the system are accustomed to their appeals being rejected, and for a variety of reasons most people can't even contemplate.

The latest knock back for Marigold Collins brought a smile to her face.  The Court in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she filed a lawsuit for child trafficking, denied her claim on the grounds they don't believe in coming between a husband and wife!

"I have no recollection of marrying the State of Israel, and nor of consumating any such relationship which could have resulted in Israel fathering my children." Marigold comments.

Of Course the main defendant Lyn Shusterman lives in Oklahoma, and will probably be on first name terms with every resident, including the judges.  A letter was sent immediately to request the case continued on the federal route, but to be moved to Denver Colarado. 

Here is the response from the US court

Marigold has responded with her own letter:

Three years of fighting for the return of her daughters will continue.  She is able to see her girls unsupervised at home - over the summer in blocks of two weeks.  Yet the court has still decided in Israel they want to keep the children for 'another year' as they are now 3 years behind at school.  Coincidentally the same amount of time they have been in a closed institution.

Many Israelis fighting the system will smile today on reading this rejection.  It will probably be quoted as one of the most spurious reasons to ignore justice.  It would also mean every mother or father who has lost children need to consider the other parent - THE STATE OF ISRAEL!

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