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Rampant discrimination against men and fathers rears its ugly head in the family court - with no right of appeal. The welfare of the child not discussed

However admirable it may be to increase women's rights, in Israel those rights have been implemented to the point of being totally out of contol.  The rights are so powerful, that women can lie; not be expected to prove anything, and even with proof from the man in a court case - it is ignored and the man will be condemned, punished and criminalised.

Today, a case in question - of a woman who claimed violence against her. The woman works every day until 2pm in the Supreme Court, now in full charge of a boy who should be spending 50% of the time with his father whilst simultaenously claiming she no longer works at all.

Despite all efforts of the lawyer today, he was only allowed 5 minutes of cross examination - hardly enough time to start an investigation.  The judge barked and threatened to financially penalise the lawyer;  the female was allowed her own witness but the man was not allowed his own witnesses.  Due to a snappy lawyer, her witness was removed.   When the plaintiff was shown pictures of celebrities (wearing make up of abuse) advertising battered wome's shelters,  she became aggressive and defensive.

The outcome of appealing about a conviction for delivering a court order to an address in Jerusalem?  The man was given a restraining order from the WHOLE of Jerusalem for one month!  His social life, or even the police investigations he is expected to attend for delivering a letter are now off limits.  Apparently all due to the fact he knows the address of the heavily guarded woman's centre.

Today outside the court cameras rolled as other men and fathers had come in support, bonded by a common enemy - the radical feminist courts, and the battered woman's shelter which has placed itself above the police and civil court judges. 

In the middle of this terror, is a young 3 year old who has absolutely no idea of the truth, and is more likely being fed a dish of stories about a violent father.

This mother is on record as saying she tried desperately to involve the father in her son's life to no avail and moved due to his indifference. 

The tragedy in Israel are these courts drive men to poverty, despair and suicide, especially when children are used as tools by mothers to get free legal aid, leaving a man in deficits of thousands of dollars until financially he is unable to fight.

The benefit?  It is lost on most normal people.  However, the fight has begun in earnest.  The head of Legal Aid Lydia Rabinovitch was delivered a lawsuit today; furhter lawsuits have been prepared, and it appears every feminist individual or organisation colluding in keeping a young child from his father will face legal wrath.  Or will they?  Defendants unjustly enriched themselves by representing a dishonest client and has been summoned to repay their spoils.  Amy Palmor,  is Head of the Ministry of Justice is also being sued for disregarding all the lawsuits placed, which negates her role. 

Where does the best interest of the child come into these futile legal battles?  It was not even on the table for discussion.  Countless children are entering a whole new world without their fathers.  Despite all efforts those children may grow up never knowing the truth.

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