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Woman admits NO violence yet takes advantage of battered women's shelter benefits

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Woman admits NO violence yet takes advantage of battered women's shelter benefits
Woman plans to enter a battered women's shelter ONE year before entering it.

One would hope the battered women's shelters in Israel would be taking care of genuine cases of violence.  If not, it would be a huge disservice to those women who need a bed in safety.

Today, in the ongoing fight of one Israeli father, another case was heard in the family court.  The first one was judged by a district court on appeal to have been unfair, so this was the second attempt for a fair hearing.

Ariel Formanovski, father of Avraham (3), has been battling against gender discrimination and lack of procedures in Israel for a number of years.  Particularly in the last 100 days, since his son was snatched from his equal custody.

Today, in the hearing, a major surprise - his ex had been allegedly going to violence prevention sessions over a year ago with their son, and no one had notified the father.  The couple have not been together for 3 years, and she admitted for the third time in court that no violence had taken place against her or the child.

Yet, she is harboured by Woman to Woman Shelter in Jerusalem, with all the benefits of free housing and childcare.  Until recently she also availed herself of free legal aid, which was taken away from her due to voracious complaints by the father as she earns triple the minimum to qualify.  Conversely the father is not working now, and with no income has still not been able to qualify for legal aid of his own.

Odelia Evgy (mother) also claimed that whilst going to these sessions, it was only decided approximately 6 months ago that it was a good step to go to a shelter.  She claimed the father had stalked her with calls, yet in her lawyer's summation, it was recorded that she had assailed the father with calls, texts, sms's etc with no replies from him.  When asked who was stalking whom, there was no reply other than she had forgotten, it was so long ago.

A police woman attended as a witness to confirm that the father had behaved civilly and politely when trying to deliver a court judgment to the shelter, and that the mother had shown no surprise nor fear at the time of the event.

The judge who had upheld the joint custody until July 2016, had suddenly reversed her decision without any hearing, due to the mother being in a battered women's shelter.  Those appeals are ongoing.

Ariel and his advocate were given more than the 5 minutes previously awarded for questions, but were still cut off and limited, whilst the advocate for the mother was allowed to question uninterrupted.

The case again highlights the lack of equality for men and fathers in the judicial system in Israel.

How can it be possible for a court today to still deny the father's witnesses and proof, yet acknowlege the woman premeditated the move for free housing, whilst admitting there was no violence whatsoever?  So many questions were prevented from being asked.  Such as why did this mother move to a settlement claiming lack of interest of the father; then claim stalking; then only move when she was located?

Why does the court in Israel allow no documentation to be provided by the Shelter, nor their procedures for admitting a woman to their care? 

Due to the holidays, a decision will be sent by mail.  But the father still has a restraining order; was criminalised and imprisoned, all on false claims and lies.

In questions addressed to the manager of the shelter regarding the legally required procedures to remove a child from his parent, they admitted they hadn't informed the court, and tried to blame a local social worker for this lax behaviour.  When asked who had authorised the removal of the child from the father, the response was that it had all been done verbally on the phone. There was no evidence to back up her comments.

Ariel Formanovski will refuse to see his son in the notorious child contact centre, and the feminist lobbies will have a fight on their hands as dozens of files, appeals and requests are still to be addressed in the battle to be a real father.

"My child was kidnapped, and I will not rest until he is returned.  I will leave no stone unturned to bring his mother to justice for this theft and abuse of my innocent  little boy." said Formanovski after the hearing. "It will be a long road, but we will win."

Odelia booked her place in the shelter in a manner of someone who was planning a holiday abroad next summer, an outrageous abuse of a centre, funding, and maximising the feminist agenda in the judicial system of Israel.  Hutzpah!

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