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Father defending himself in court is told to explain how he writes his applications

Judge Elia Nuss in the city of Petach Tikva in Israel is legendary.  It is said she has buried more men than any other judge in the country.  The numbers of suicides as a result of her court decisions are very high.  No matter how much evidence is provided, men are refused the right to speak or answer to any accusations against them in the family court.

The ongoing story of Ariel Formanovski is turning out to be a test case to endeavour to achieve gender equality in hearings.

On 1st July, his son (3) was taken from his shared custody, and has vanished.  Following several requests for habeas corpus - which is a writ to ask to see his child and have him presented, he received an order from the judge as to how he is able to write such eloquent and intelligent requests.

The child is allegedly being housed in a battered woman's shelter, though the mother has declared 3 times to the court that no violence against her or the child ever occurred, and the partner and her had not been together for years.

It was even conceded in a court hearing last week, that she had considered the option a year before, and to all intents and purposes had 'booked' her place months before.  This is a space in a shelter which could be used by a genuinely battered woman.

Rather than answering to Mr. Formanovski's requests, he has been branded a criminal; falsely arrested and imprisoned; and has a restraining order against him.  He was not allowed his own witnesses or evidence into court, despite winning a District Court appeal to have a fair hearing.

A reply was sent to the Judge - which is also translated into English:


1. The decision dated 16.10.2016 the court requires the applicant to comply with a previous decision where the second part requires additional the Judge Nuss to know whether the applicant writes his own applications. Below is the answer.

2. Applicant is very thankful to Judge Elia Nuss for being his mentor and practical teacher for the secrets of writing legal applications. Perhaps the court dehumanises the applicant and considers him a male baboon who is not capable of anything, but this Court should remember, if this Court did not employ the applicant for two and a half years with non stop legal proceedings, the applicant would have been a Doctor in Physics and electronics and engineering from Bar Ilan University. The applicant had to stop his academic progress in his profession, as this Court thought that the agreement that this Court confirmed on 19 Nov 2013 is not worth the paper it is written on, and this Court forced the applicant against his will to devote two years and a half to legal defenses against what the Court had already approved on 19. Nov 2013.

3. As noted, if the applicant had not spent two and half years in this court, just to satisfy the respondent Ms. Evgy, the applicant would not have learned the secrets of legal writing himself. Let us share the recipe - take a template ready made, give a title and tell a story. This is how a request is made. No need to be a genius for it, and there is no reason for the Court to underestimate the academic and educational abilities of the applicant.

4. As stated thanks to this court, the applicant has learned how to write applications, which obviously after two and half years of litigation, and 30 false complaints of the respondent, and the understanding that this court is using the tool of sanctions in order to shut the mouth of the applicant and bend him to dance according to the tune of respondent , it does not really matter if the lawyer writes requests or the applicant himself. In any case the opinion of this court is so hostile to gender, so it is pointless to harass lawyers to write applications for him, and more money to pay which doesn’t exist.

5. Beyond that, the applicant really wants to know why this court is so curious to know who writes the applicant requests, and where is the authority to request this kind of information, while at the same time the Court doesn’t give a damn where the Minor disappeared to, and what is he doing in a shelter for battered women, and why the ruling of the court from 07/20/2016 is not being complied with.

6. As a matter of goodwill, the applicant hereby states that he is writing his own applications, the applicant has a legal Intranet card, and he opens the proceedings himself from his own home and his own computer, and gain many thanks to court for two and half years of teaching and mentoring.

7. Now the applicant has complied with the provisions of the latter part of the decision, and explained to the court how he learned to write legal requests, and how he puts the card software system, types in the password and submits requests, whether the applicant will receive his day in court and will have a fair hearing and interrogation of the respondent and the social worker? ??? Of course not.

Fathers worldwide will identify with this as the ultra feminist agenda has seeped into family courts and destroyed their lives, taking them into directions they couldn't have imagined.  Sometimes it is satisfying for a father to respond and thank a judge for their education!

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