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Religion and Politics are more important than saving children and families?

Worldwide, concerns are growing about family law and welfare practices.  In the UK, over 10,000 children are taken from parents, Germany, Norway, Finland, Australia, New Zealand and USA....the list goes on.

Israel is NO exception - thousands of children are unable to be with even one parent.  25% of children in divorce are forced into child contact centres as a first, not a last resort.  Children are being fostered and adopted without the biological parents having a voice.  The charter for the rights of the child are ignored as children are also refused a voice or an opinion.  Lawyers are putting supreme court appeals regularly for changes in the law - without success.  So they are turning outside, naively believing the Jewish community will rescue them.

Families are decimated and starting to call for international help.  But, there is silence. 

Why?  Because it appears that a Jew who needs help who lives in Israel has suddenly becoming a Self Hating Jew.  His/her needs and problems are relegated.  A child is not a child in Israel, a child is first a Jew, not a person.

In the constant stream of accusations, mainly from Jews in the Diaspora, Israelis are labelled self hating, for daring to criticise their government or systems.  It is a betrayal they are told.  A betrayal of a land set up for Jews.  FB pages are full in Hebrew of despair and battle to fight for justice, but outside the only messages are 'Love Israel' and ignore the social issues.

Most of those who criticise the Israelis are Zionists who have little knowledge of what's going on under the surface nor any desire to learn. 

They have created a scenario in which Israelis are isolated.  They are living under a burden of propaganda.  The only democracy in the Middle East does not air the social issues as countries do in Europe.  News is hard to come by in the mainstream. 

Israelis are different from the Jews who do not live in Israel.  They have to live every day with systematic abuse of welfare, corrupt judicial systems, police brutality and poverty.  The moment they speak out internationally - they are labelled self hating.

This would mean that all people worldwide who fight for social rights and especially for the current child snatching practices of welfare are to also be labelled Self hating?

Israelis are people - fathers, mothers, children.  They have as much right to stand up and be counted as any other people.  They don't want to talk politics, they see the enemy as being within.

Last month a little girl who was snatched by authorities, escaped.  She had been raised for 8 years by a single dad who moved to Israel from the USA.  Within weeks, the authorities had stolen her.  She doesn't like being forcefed medication, nor living behind bars, so she ran to find her dad - like any other child would.

But, after being captured, she was put into a mental hospital - to ''straighten out her thinking''.  Separated from her brother, she sits behind bars, screaming out to anyone who can hear - ''save me, they are hurting me''.

But the dad who speaks out, the dad who fights for her, has suddenly realised that there is no help in Israel, as he's in the same boat as tens of thousands with no remedies, and worse still, when he speaks out in English, he is not a dad anymore, he is a self hating Jew.

Parents worldwide who are suffering from this ruthless abuse of their children by authorities are speaking out, managing to get mainstream media to help (censored in Israel), and are getting the messsages out.  Israel?  Remains silent.  More and more profiles are showing the yellow star, and a major protest is planned outside the Supreme Court of Israel soon - providing police permission is given.

It is a shame on the Zionist diaspora that the people of Israel are paying the price of their zeal.  They love their land; they help each other out, and they are not their government.  They know the difference.

Let's hope the denial outside won't continue as people are dying inside Israel for the propaganda.  When Jews turn their backs on desperate children, what hope is left for the Israeli parents who need the support?

Please support this page, to enable more israelis to get the truth to the world.  It can save lives.

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Agnes Milne

3 years ago

The social services in Israel has to be severely reformed as it does in other countries, but you are using the situation to blacken Israel in the eyes of the world. Why I can't be sure, but after reading your book I think I can guess. You're out for revenge on Israel because you acted very stupidly over an Israeli man and lost all your financial security. I don't believe for a minute that all these so-called victims are turning to you. And why would lawyers work with you? You aren't an accredited journalist or a lawyer. You publish unverified stories without revealing the whole truth so it looks as if some innocent person is being abused by the wicked State of Israel. Your Facebook page attracts virulent anti-Semites and people who aren't mentally well. You also promote David Icke, a Holocaust denier. You shouldn't be allowed in Israel.

Marianne Azizi

3 years ago

Incidentally Agnes, when I do travel from Israel, it will be to promote the new documentary which is being made by a European film company, visit UN, and work on fundraising for the families struggling to afford lawyers to fight the welfare and corrupt judges. After the Israelis have completed their amateur film asking YOU and the world for help, that will be used to. No stopping the truth. :) It's an idea to be part of the solution, and try to save lives, yes?

Marianne Azizi

3 years ago

Thank you for your comments Agnes. I would like to address them as you wrote them. If you want stories verified then contact me for all the legal proof - in most cases thousands of documents, but I'm happy to provide them. I have a very good relationship with my ex husband, and 'guessing' isn't always a good method to assume things! The article by David Icke which I shared was a page of social services around the world, if you read it, which as you mentioned is a worldwide issue, and the stories were there to show it. At the moment FB is filling with profiles of yellow stars and tens of thousands of people using terms like holocaust and facism. Incidentally innocent people are being abused by the systems..and innocent children. come and see for yourself! What you believe or not is entirely your perogative - I don't need to change your views, I am providing written testimonies for those that ask. Why would lawyers work with me? :) Because after 30 years in and out of Israel, and 80% of the work not published, you will never know. My life moves on, and helping families and children is a crime? Not in my view. My FB is open and those who write on it are 90% Jews and Israelis!! I think I can be allowed into Israel - as anyone else. I urge you to come and see and if you want to disprove me, I am open to the challenge. But only when you have the evidence and not the opinions..All recent articles have the evidence, but in Hebrew.
Again, thank you for your wonderful feedback, and I look forward to assuring the Israeli families that people outside DO want to help them after all.