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The death of freedom of speech in Israel?

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The death of freedom of speech in Israel?
Arrests of protestors against corruption on the increase.

In a tragic start to 2017, 5 children were murdered by their (2) mothers, who subsequently committed suicide.  One was the mum of 4, and today a 5 year old perished at the hand of her own mum too.  There was little coverage if any of the 4 fathers who took their own lives over the past week or so.

Censored news ensures that the reasons why these tragedies take place are mainly hidden from the public.

On New Year's Eve, activists gathered for the 7th week running to protest in Petach Tikvah - the home of Attorney General Mandleblitt.  Whilst it is completely legal to demonstrate with a megaphone during certain hours, it hasn't stopped the police from arresting peaceful protestors.

Passive resistance had no effect as police grabbed megaphones and pushed protestors into police vans, holding one of them overnight.  The false arrests resulted in no prosecutions, but are designed to deter or cause fear in the public.  The video is subtitled in English:

The brave few are growing in number and have said they will ALL bring a megaphone to next week's protest.  They attend because they know what is happening in Unreported Israel, and are fighting for a better country.

Perhaps the biggest struggle is to educate the Jews both inside and outside Israel first.  Social media in Hebrew is full to bursting on key pages about the gagging of freedom of speech and constant harrassment.  But all agree that until exposed in English, it is unlikely the world will know.

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