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Is Israel becoming Anti semitic?

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Is Israel becoming Anti semitic?
Jewish Lobbies worldwide are bullying any different point of view by smear campaigns against fellow Jews.

Once it was considered to be anti semitic to hate a Jew just for being Jewish.  Now, it has reached the stage where to criticise any Policy in Israel is an act of antisemitism.  Jews who disagree are classed as self hating.

So has it reached a point in history where it has become more important to be Jewish than to be a human being?  The smear campaigns uncovered in a recent undercover investigation into Jewish Lobby groups in the UK would suggest so.

In one section, a Labour MP decided to report a member of the party for Anti Semitism, intimidation and 'frightening' the people running the stand Labour Friends of Israel.  Despite video evidence to the contrary, words were added and made up and an investigation was held.

I know all about this methodology.  There are a number of ways to smear a person who is seemingly asking too many questions:

1.  They will use words such as 'demonising' Israel.  You will be allegedly trying to destroy a country singlehandedly.

2.  They will assume you mix with Israel haters, using FB as a source of who your 'friends' are, and exaggerate such friendships as if you actually know everyone personally.

3.  They will delete or twist any comments you make, and select words out of context to imply you are a hater of Jews or of Israel.

4.  You will be mocked or derided for your views.  But you will never get a real dialogue from them, no matter how hard you try.

5.  They will put you on target lists, and actually be demonised yourself!  Such as the 'Jewish Shit List' in which any Jew who has an opinion contrary to Israel policy is described in the worst possible ways.

6.  The hate spewed at you will be way out of proportion; as if being a Jew who doesn't agree with them is the worst crime in the world.

In the investigation there were conversations of 'taking down' MP's in the UK, and a number of meetings and dinners in which the activists were proud of their achievements in meddling and interfering with government policies, yet if a person asks questions about Israel, they are clearly told 'go back to your own country and stop interfering'.

Clearly, the lobbying has taken a sinister new turn.  What is ironic is that in Israel itself, activists are fighting hard for their own civil and human rights.  The internal abuses of Israelis are buried in the smokescreen of international policy.

Only this week, more arrests were made on citizens in their weekly protest calling for a thorough investigation of Prime Minister Netanyahu and corruption.

The hypocrisy is clear to see.  With extraordinary censorship of internal affairs, very few Jews in the Disapora nor many inside Israel itself are aware of the abuses of civil and human rights. 

Yet lawyers speak out regularly.  The biggest irony of all is that in family laws in particular, being a Jewish man is cause for persecution.  So to challenge anti semitic laws in Israel - is that being anti semitic too?  How will the pro Israel lobbies deal with Jews in Israel who are protesting and suing Israel?  Should they be 'taken down'?  It appears they are.  Arrests, investigations, intimidation and a blocking of free speech on these issues are occurring daily.

Being Jewish in Israel; being Jewish outside - does it mean any dissent is anti semitic?  Ethiopian Jews are hounded and arrested.  Yemenite Jews were robbed of their children.  Russian Jews are building class action legal cases for appalling housing and illnesses due to this.  Thousands of new immigrants face difficulties in integration, receiving little help.  And of course up to a million Israelis are unable to leave the country, hounded by the Bailiff department and held for as little as $50.

The American travel page warns citizens to be careful of travelling to Israel if they have any domestic issues.  Those who did not heed the warning - some have been trapped for years, one up to 17 years without any international or domestic assistance.

The outcome of this article?  I will of course be villified for it.  I will have words taken out of context, associated with various public figures and an assumption made that I am an antisemitic Israel hater, determined to demonise and destroy the country.  I will be derided, smeared and it will be assumed that I have a political agenda; am funded by terrorist organisations and am a liar.

However, the increasing number of videos coming out on social media, despite constant attempts to block them is building and a lid cannot be kept on the secrets of Israel for much longer. There is common agreement between left and right wing that things have to change, and soon.

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