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New campaign starts to prosecute Israeli Judges

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Marianne AziziIsrael
New campaign starts to prosecute Israeli Judges
Inexplicable rulings which violate procedures have reached boiling point. A new citizens campaign has been launched to sue Judges.

Judges in Israel make extraordinary decisions.  The countless complaints against them through the local ombudsmsan bear no fruit.  Even when a complaint is upheld of an illegal judgment, the judge in question may get a rap on the knuckles, but the judgment stands.

Few,if any people outside Israel can understand how the system works.  It may be written on websites and guidelines, but nothing can prepare a person for the reality of court behaviour.

In the family courts in particular, in the main the judges are biased towards women. Even when there is evidence to prove a false claim, in 9/10 cases the judge will not allow the evidence, witnessses or a hearing.

The presumption is guilty before being proven innocent.  Cross examination in a family court is almost unheard of.  Appeals cost a lot of money.  Most fall at this hurdle, unable to find the thousands of dollars for each appeal; which can cost more than a year's salary.

To complain about a judge is risky.  Social media use of Facebook in Israel is one of the highest in the world.  It brings a price for social and civil activists.  Countless times when a post is made to bring people together, the poster will get a 'call' from the police for investigation. 

Closed doors in the Israeli courts means that no one can talk about injustice. In the past few months several judges have been named in suicide notes as the person who has 'finished' the life of the defendant, who was never guilty.

The people in certain groups have decided 'enough is enough'.  The protests outside the Supreme Court were monitored and many put on watch lists.  It is a democratic right to protest, yet with infiltrators on Facebook, people are less and less able to say anything.

Previously, many years ago - Operation Bamba - was a campaign against corruption in the judiciary.  It is to be revived, and carried out within the legal boundaries.  The police themselves cross the line, so the rules have been published so people know their rights.

The main campaigners are surely to be the men, who lose their children on false claims; their livelihood, freedom of movement and are reduced to living like rats.  Then there will be men and women who have fallen prey to false allegations by the Welfare, unable to present their proof as judges 'rubber stamp' decision.

The full article and targets for justice are in the Hebrew article

It is likely that Elia Nuss will be a host for a protest outside her home (legally permitted in Israel), due to several recent decisions where she has allowed a female abuser of children to prosecute an innocent man - disallowing the video evidence and witnesses.

One thing each judge will learn, is that they will be visited and then sued in the High Court of Justice by teams of lawyers who are working to bring the judges themselves to justice.

This is called democracy, so there should be no reason to arrest peaceful protestors - should there?

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