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Wave of arrests in crackdown on Free Speech in Israel

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Wave of arrests in crackdown on Free Speech in Israel
Newspapers claim to have captured a ring in a cyber attack on Israel - Fake news

There is news, and as Donald Trump would say - there is 'fake news'.  Today, Ynet in Israel announced the culmination of an 18 month investigation, resulting in the arrest of 6 people, including a lawyer.  At the time of writing, no one is aware of more than 3 arrests.

Social media groups are reeling with this information, which bears no resemblance to the truth of what is going on.

At 16.30 Israel Time, all tv channels, newspapers are crammed into the court in Tel Aviv to try and get details of this alleged crime.

I can name the people in the court - Moti Leybel, Lory Shem Tov, and a highly respected lawyer, who has representation as named in the Ynet article.

The two activists/bloggers have been hounded, harrassed and arrested continuously, and a lawyers office was raided this morning, but the lawyer concerned was not in the country.

NGO's and human rights groups have been writing to international bodies for help.

The allegations of blackmail and corruption are those lodged against the government, via judiciary, police and welfare.  Now those accusations are being lodged against human and civil rights activists to silence them.

Every week, for 15 weeks, there have been peaceful protests against corruption , yet people have been arrested for singing, dancing, and legal use of a megaphone.

Last night, Moti Leybel was arrested.  A judge was woken up and gave an order for his release.  When Ms. Shem Tov and an attorney went to deliver the order, she was then arrested, for 'insulting a public official'.

There was no charge or mention of what is in the national news article today.

There are no connections between these events and arresting a human rights lawyer.,7340,L-4928070,00.html

More updates to follow.

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