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Israeli lawyer threatens father in closed courtroom

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Israeli lawyer threatens father in closed courtroom
Father fighting for the return of son, and defending his innocence is given a death threat by prosecution lawyer

In July 2016, when Ariel Formanovski was falsely arrested and imprisoned, he has been fighting to prove his innocence to this day.  His ex had taken their son without notice or permission and moved city.  In his search for his son Avraham, he was arrested for trespassing on a public street - later proven to be false.

He has videos and witnesses which prove his case, yet has been repeatedly denied a fair hearing.  He has suffered persecution from his judge; been financially penalised over and over and above all he wants his little 3 year old son.

His son Avraham is in a battered woman's shelter - which also faces a legal challenge for harbouring a woman with no violence against her; who is earning a high salary as a supreme court employee, with connections to judges and courts.

Over the past 9 months, with dozens of appeals made by Ariel; Odelia Evgy, the mother, admitted more than 3 times that no violence had ever occured.  Not only did she admit this, but so did her lawyer.  Here in this recording, it can be heard that there was no violence, but also that Ariel did not 'know who he was dealing with', accompanied by her words of how eager she (the lawyer) was to kill him.

He found himself in a catch 22.  Proceedings are held behind closed doors, and often bear no resemblance to decisions and protocols.  Therefore he would be expected to accept this behaviour and the pressure against him with no ability to prove or defend it.  Needing to prove that procedures are violated and human rights abused, he publishes this evidence internationally as part of an international lawsuit.  His son is his only priority.

A few weeks after this threat, in January 2017 there were a number of child murders.  Two mothers killed 7 children between them, and one man killed his wife, children and neighbour's child.

A letter was sent to the court by Ms. Oz, in which she said:

"The court is keenly aware of the public; and well aware of the sad and tragic cases published in the media on a daily basis in which one parent chooses to take revenge on another parent in a way which harms their children with injury which could be disastrous.   This father's militant behaviour, while he voluntarily gives up any contact with the child, raises a real concern that his desire for revenge will overcome his rationality and logic, both of which remains is doubtful."

This paragraph in her document is a gross misrepresentation.  There are no daily murders.  The three in January shocked the country.  The inference that Ariel gave up his son and was capable of similar murderous acts was a heinous libel.  Especially after repeatedly acknowledging he is not a violent man.

WhenAriel arrived for his hearing, he was faced with an accusation that he voluntarily gave up his son when he was hidden in a shelter,  despite all the admissions by the mother that there was no legal or moral reason for her to even be there, and clearly using the space of a real needy woman.

Most divorced fathers both in Israel and worldwide will be accustomed to false claims and radical feminist lawyers exacerbating the situation.  This is how simple it is to break a man in closed courts.

Ariel refuses to give up.  On the contrary, he is going to take this to the end, not by the allegations of violence or madness, but by proving without doubt that the procedures in family courts are violating human rights, and are radically feminist; have biased judges; (who can never be replaced), are blatantly against men; refuse to give financial aid for appeals and alienate the children from two parents.  Many fathers have named judges in suicide notes in Israel.

Today, 28th February 2017, Ariel went again to yet another  hearing - this time without legal help or advice, as lawyers who have given him support and strength have been arrested and one is in prison.  His phones and cash were taken in July when he was falsely arrested and they were never returned.  In the hearing the Police tried to submit the usual 'secret file' which they use in every hearing.    Ariel countered by asking for his evidence to be submitted too, including all videos and witnesses showing a false arrest and the abuse resulting in him illegally losing access to his own son.  His request was granted.

As Israeli journalists languish in prison, other bloggers are surrendering in fear.  The challenge of speaking out against corruption is becoming more difficult.

Why is Israel so brutal in silencing these claims?  The evidence is overwhelming of injustice.  Protests are growing weekly, also with illegal arrests.  No appeals can be made, no legal remedies.  Ariels case would have already incurred over 1 million shekels of legal costs if he had paid the minimum for a lawyer.  Yet still he hasn't had a hearing from the original event!  It is proof of thousands of others who cannot begin to get justice.

If Israel wants to continue its proud claim of democracy, then rather than creating a desperate sector of society who are forced into protests and outcries, they should listen to the evidence presented by lobbies; the Israeli Bar Association; the statistics of suicides, and also their own ex CEO of the Welfare who admitted on national TV that 50% of children do not need to endure parental alienation.

The problem is that radical feminist organisations such as Wizo, Naamat, Rackcman, etc are running the show.  Even to the point of hurting non feminist women.

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