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Shockwaves in legal community as 3 Israeli Human rights activists indicted

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Shockwaves in legal community as 3 Israeli Human rights activists indicted
After almost 40 days held in prison, today behind closed doors, police press charges on 3 human rights defenders

Unprecedented - claimed the prosecutors today in the indictment of 3 human rights defenders, one of whom is a lawyer.

Unprecedented - claimed one of the defense lawyers, who stated the activists had worked for free, tirelessly helping families who had suffered from judicial and welfare corruption.

The legal community are shocked.  Supporters and victims are reeling with the news that two bloggers and one human rights lawyer where indicted on 91 charges and remanded further in custody.

Charges of cyber terrorism; naming and shaming of public officials in the judiciary, welfare and law enforcement were made in Israel in a process which is regarded the first in Israel's history on it's own people. 

Today, 6th April, in the District Court in Tel Aviv, a massive 91 charges were lodged against 3 citizens.  Lory Shem Tov - a prolific blogger, and a mother who lost her own children, despite evidence she was a competent mother; Moti Leybel - an activist who performed in many protests, within a legal framework allowed for protestors, and Zvi Zer (Adv), whose name was lifted from a gag order today.

They are charged with breaking a number of laws: - Prevention of Sexual Harassment Law, the Protection of Privacy Law, the Youth Law, the Defamation Law, the Computers Law and the Courts Law.

The 91 charges filed today are formulated. First the charge is stated, then against how many of the detainees. It can be one, two or all three peopole. In 46 instances, Zvi Zer (advocate) was named but not alone.   In some charges, only Lory Shem Tov was named. 

Although a decree of Prohibition of Pubication was issued, it didn't prevent State owned press from publishing details today.  Information has been 'leaked' to the press since the day of arrests (26th February), and even one programme was aired on Israel TV Channel 2 in the early stages, and edited recordings were aired implying a gross blackmail operation, which was both innacurate and had been addressed in the civil court.

In what was described as an 18 month undercover operation, with the enlisting of Homeland Security in the USA, the detainees have been interrogated daily for nearly 40 days.  Another comment by police was Ms. Shem Tov had been under investigation since 2009.

In Israeli press today, findings were presented of investigations going back to 1986-2008 claiming she had committed various acts of fraud.

The claim is blogs were written of an offensive and sexually harrassing nature, offending and hurting 'victims', who are public officials, allegedly trying to pervert the course of justice.  It is also written that publications of minors who were suffering from welfare practices; comments about fathers committing suicide - were preventing 'at risk' people from getting their justice or interfering with the welfare who were trying to protect children.

Leybel was accused and charged with garnering sympathy with other activists by allegedly slandering public officials outside their homes with bad language, designed to put fear into them.

Now, the true alternative news.

The evidence posted on FB was from hundreds, if not thousands of families, unable to fight in the judicial processes.  Men are almost 100% refused in a family court case to submit their evidence.  They are branded violent, or peodophiles from the moment of marital separation.  Taken from their homes, and ordered to pay between 80 and 300% of their salaries in child support.  It is unbelievable that courts force fathers to pay well over their incomes, but it happens every day.

This brings 1 in 72 divorcing fathers to commit suicide - a charge which was made today for the blogger posting this.  Yet even the Israeli delegation conceded this fact in 2011 in Geneva when pressed.

The No Exit Order, preventing travel is liberally issued, to men, women and children.  Children of families overseas are not allowed to keep the connection , contravening the rules of the UNCRC, the right of the child - which incidentally has still not produced an independent ombudsman for children, the current incumbent is Attorney General Mandleblitt - who has now faced over 5 months of weekly protests over allegations of his corruption.

Children who it is claimed are at risk - at least 50%  of them are taken unneccessarily and for profit, claims ex CEO Yosi Silman who left his position for only achieving 80% of the quota to fill 10,000 private institution beds.  This scandal was exposed on Israel TV Channel 10, yet is banned from worldwide sharing.

Another charge against Shem Tov and Leybel is alleged extortion and blackmail of lawyer Hava Klein, who State Press claim withdrew a valid claim of hundreds and thousands of shekels due to intimidation.   The amount in question was over half a million shekels. The truth is, the case was resolved in the civil court, as Ms. Klein had illegally served suppinas, and in fact Leybel made a public apology to her as requested by the court.  The matter was closed months ago.  She herself received dozens of complaints from clients, which had prompted her actions to be published over a year ago.  Although not named, the complaint was published in the national press, and as the only complainant who sued for such a large sum, it is clearly her.

The head of the Committee for Children and Juvenile Courts in Israel is Hava Klein.

She has been the subject of pressure from activists in Israel who fight for the welfare of children. Recently, she filed a case against two of them for libel resulting in a compensation award of nearly 1 million NIS between them. Sadly for her, she had not processed the lawsuit legally, and despite many tears on national tv, The reason for the fight of Israel fight against welfare is not picking up is because the welfare managed to place double agents at all the important junctions of criticism and dissent.

For example, WIZO, one of the nations leading feminist organisations is actually the number one destination for kidnapped children by the welfare, as it is the operator of the largest amount of children’s outplacement facilities. It is also the licencee, training all government social workers at the only school for state paid social workers. Another junction which purports to assist parents and lobby at the knesset for change to draconian laws is the Israel Bar. Unfortunately, there the Israel bar’s committee for children and juvenile courts is actually held by one Ms. Hava Klein...a woman who herself is the legal advisor of quite a few outplacement facilities, and also foster parent placement outlets (private)….including a newly incorporated Institution for the Welfare of the child, which is actually operating from her own law office.

Hava Klein emerged into the public setting, with little known about her own past other than the fact that she was an orthodox religious woman who turned secular. Klein contacted activists such as Lory Shem Tov for example, asking for referrals of severe cases of child kidnapping. She promised to take the most severe ones pro bono and lobby in the knesset for legal reform. Quickly, these promises were not delivered and word passed around that she was charging the most impoverished mothers tens of thousands of shekels, dropping clients in weeks, not showing up at court hearings or welfare committee appointments. In addition sources revealed that her intimate association with the Israel Bar Association Chairman Efi Naveh landed her a desired position and title of Chairwoman of Children  committee of the Israel Bar. She has the privelege of inviting sitting judges of famiy and juvenile courts to symposiums and conferences organised under auspices of the Bar and moderated by her. The first she organised was to announce her own private Institution for the welfare of the child, attended by no less than 10 judges. Normally such an event, when judges appear, for private businesses, they must acquire clearance from the conflicts committee judicial of the israeli supreme court, but in this case, despite several enquiries, no such clearances were presented to the public.

Immediately following conference, all 10 judges started to refer parental evaluations and therapeutic evaluations out of their courtroom to the hava klein institution, even in cases where she herself was representing one of the sides. Needless to say, the address of the Institution is inside her own law office, and the pscyhologists and psychiatrists associated with it are not listed anywhere. Their names are unknown to all but a few. Lawyers are shocked to see judges referrals are under gag orders not to reveal the names of these freelance so called experts.

When Klein announced that she aspires for a judicial position, in order to create headlines and pr for the institution she decided to file some cases and leak them to the press. In one notorious case, she filed a lawsuit against the children’s tv network on behalf of the institution, claiming that certain tv shows for kids under 12 are lewd and pornographic and not suitable for children, and she sought an injunction against the channel. Indeed the injunction was granted ex parte by Judge Iris Ibudilushi, which was immediately leaked to the press as if the instituion is representing the iinterests of the kids offended by such shows. 24 hours later, a hearing to confirm the injunction was held, where the judge saw the intended broadcasts and was convinced there was nothing pornographic about them and vacated the injunction...but it was too late for the public who were only exposed to the headlines Klein obtained, - the initial ex parte injunction. At this point, the journalists who she approached to centre her cases were shocked at her prudish and hypocritical behaviour, playing with the press, and pretending to be the voice of the children to obtain headlines. At this point the bloggers exposed her as a ruthless ambitious climber through beds of the Bar Chairman. An article said that a woman who sleeps with men to obtain promotion is playing with fire when she goes to the court and gets injunctions against childrens tv shows, based on false allegations of improper sexual content. The article did not name the official but Klein herself quickly did name him when filing lawsuit against journalists and leaked to press the same day herself naming the official she slept with as effi naveh. On that day, she made a tour of at least 3 news outlets claiming to be a victim of shaming, and denied she took money from clients without court appearances. She claimed no idea why the journalists were pickng on her. 20 days later, she obtained an ex parte judgment against the two journalists who did not even know the complaint was filed against them because she sent a processs server to take the complainants to the doors at false addresses and falsely certified to the court the defendents were correctly served. Again the journalists were shocked to learn via the news that a judgment was obtained for 500k against one, and 300k against the other, and once again Klein made a tour of at least 3 tv shows celebrating her victory, telling the public she’d won and managed to convince the judge to give her the biggest compensation award ever in Israel as a victim of shaming.

The legal community was shocked, as such figures were unheard of in the range of libel and defamation awards. No one knew that this was basically an ex parte default judgment obtained by deceipt of the court. It took approx 2 months for the journalists to vacate the judgement, indeed same judge who awarded her 800k nis was as quick to vacate the judgment when he discovered that the journalists don’t live at the addresses Klein certified the papers were served. These kinds of tricks have become the signature of HK who presents herself as a victim of shaming, yet the pubic knows nothing about her history. All these headlines cause victims of Klein to emerge and eg...a father whose kids were taken away to a child institution said that she convinced the children (due to his illness), to fabricate allegations of physical abuse by the father, and filed a complaint on behalf of them against the father. This, in order to clean him out of his assets once again the complaint served at wrong address and Klein obtained a default judgment by trickery. The father is in the process of attempting to vacate the judgment. HK, who is supposed to be voice of parents and children suffering from the strangulation of the Revaha, is in fact appearing to be a double agent looking to profit from the suffering of the children by suing parents.

Facebook was filled with crying parents and children, some shocking videos and horror stories.  All could be verified by protocols, as people turned to alternative media due to press censorship.  This is similar to any country in the world where citizens are turning away from fake news.

Judges who themselves were under investigation were exposed, and on one occasion a judge recused himself from a case. 

Mainstream press will not cover this shocking news today with any fairness, as they are constantly under gag orders regarding publishing the reality of corruption in the judiciary and welfare in particular.

It may be so, that offensive language was used.  On Google search, linking the word Nazi to a social worker practice results in over 300,00 hits worldwide.  This is another charge.  Perhaps it is considered insensitive for Jews to use this word, yet given the worldwide practice of stealing children, and the exposure with public officials theselves blowing the whistle, why would Jews be forced into silence? Many secular Jews in Israel consider themselves human first, and fight for those rights exclusively.

Other silencing of activists are Barak Cohen - former lawyer who campaigns against the huge bank corruption; and Rafi Rotem; a UN recognised whistleblower continuing his 13 year campaign of the billions of shekels stolen from the citizens every year.

Every Israeli citizen is fully aware of the corruption, maybe not in details.  But with one in 3 in poverty and a million children starving; almost if not more than a million people who are prevented from leaving - the news today that the bloggers are indicted and going to trial is a shock. 

What is certain is that it will be the system on trial during the defense of this case.

Whether one approves of using explicit language or not, the horror and abuses witnessed by the defendants are cases very few people could stomach. Pictures of abused children, injuries; reporting countless suicides can create an anger and a sense of disempowerment.

If the 91 charges go back to many years previously, the question must be asked as to why a charge was not made sooner to prevent the alleged distress of those who were written about.  It seems ludicrous to wait for 133 victims.  Yet, it mirrors the opposite side - how many famiies are going to suffer or die to prevent an inquiry?

The most dangerous countries quoted on the internet for bloggers are: Saudi Arabia, China, Egypt, Vietnam, Iran, Lebanon. Cuba, Burma.....

And Israel.   Today Israel joined the list of countries where citizens will be silenced.

Below are some links regarding welfare practices worldwide:

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