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Is Israel heading for a civil revolution?

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Marianne AziziPetach Tikvah
Is Israel heading for a civil revolution?
As more police brutality emerges tonight, activists are rallying for more protests against the State

One whistleblower - hero of Israel - imprisoned for telling the truth. about the Tax Authority corruption

Two bloggers - 3 months in prison with still no defense - for telling the truth, about the Welfare and Judicial corruption.

Disabled protestors stop traffic - undercover police arrest the organiser - for telling the truth, about the poverty and suffering of disabled.

One lawyer, stripped of his license - for telling the truth, about the bank corruption.

One human rights lawyer, 90 days in prison - for speaking up in English against corruption.

Tonight, in the weekly protests against Attorney General Mandleblitt, police forced Manny Naftali (who has been persecuted since he won a lawsuit against Sara Netanyahu) to the ground, breaking his arm in the process - for telling the truth, about the Attorney General's corruption and lack of investigation into government corruption.

9 other activists, average age over 50, were also arrested.   They are protesting legally 800 metres from the Attorney General's home.  Their weekly protests and civil rights were upheld in the courts.  It appears the police thought differently.  Some, armed with M16 rifles, decided to block the regular spot the protestors have occupied for the past 6 months and ruthlessly take people to the ground.

One very distressed woman (64) was released and visibly traumatised.  She talks of how she loves her country, and had been so upset to see the police violence.

Only last week a 59 year old woman was wrestled to the ground, needing medical treatment by a police officer half her age.

The mainstream media are quiet as usual.  They don't want to publish the disgraceful aggression happening across the country to regular people.

The protestors are not radical, they don't hate their country.  They want it to be better, cleaner and a place for their children to grow up in without fear.  Not of their neighbours as most observers overseas believe.  But against their true enemy.

The State, the system, the authorities and the ministries, all feasting at the tables of their illegal gains, whilst the citizens languish.  They want to fight for their land, the land which so many love, and the State - (the medina as they call it), which they despise - they want to start again.

For most Israelis do recognise the difference.  Unlike their compatriates overseas who may not understand.  The State of Israel is not a safe place for families and children; tens of thousands of children stolen annually, with even the leading authority figures having to admit that at least 50% should be returned home and the children for profit business eradicated.  The scandal of the Yemenite children was published last month (english language mainstream quiet again), showing the blood on which the State was built.

Netanyahu continues to avoid prosecution as many if not most Israelis see him and his wife milking the State.  It has become a Police State (medina mishtara in Hebrew), and it may not be much longer before a protest the size of the Ethiopian one 2 years ago becomes a reality.

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