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Radical Feminism receives a blow as Israeli Knesset discuss libel claims against men

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Radical Feminism receives a blow as Israeli Knesset discuss libel claims against men
Radical Feminist organisations boycott Committee meeting on Libel claims against men after trying to prevent it taking place

This week a Committee meeting took place in the Knesset, to discuss libel claims against men in Israel.

Dead beat dads, losers, violent and rapists - this is how men are viewed by the radical feminists in Israel.  But it's not just a view - as false claims against men are reaching epidemic levels.  Each year there are at least 20,000 false claims made against men.  After decades of activism and protests, the issue is finally on the Knesset agenda.

Womens Groups celebrated the sabotage of the original date, and boycotted the committee when a vote was passed in the Knesset to ensure it took place.

With a full attendance, lawyers (both male and female) expressed their views and concerns about the current gender inequality, which has resulted in thousands of men committing suicide and leaving tens of thousands of children fatherless.

It appeared the police spokesman struggled to find the data to support the evidence, and caused some laughter in the hall when he said they didn't have the manpower to even analyse 180 claims.  Yet it was noted that womens organisations have no problem to acquire data which can be used for propaganda.

The directive 2.5 in family law enabled women to lie with impunity until 2016, but the amendment in the law has still not filtered down into society, and fears that it will not be enforced were expressed.

Meanwhile, it was noted that of the hundreds and thousands of false testimonies across all the courts, only 9 women were convicted of lying, and NONE of those were related to alleged family violence.

Last year an article was published when a judge was quoted as saying that women lie 99% of the time in court proceedings and polygraphs.

My ex cried rape.  She failed 3 polygraph tests and I passed them all.  It made no difference.  I wasn't prosecuted, but received house arrest, a restraining order and lost my children.

This isn't a joke in Israel.  Men face discrimination in family courts from the first moment of separation.  On one word of a woman, he can lose his driving licence bank account, right to self employment, a No Exit Order preventing travel, and be ordered to have to pay 100% of salary, and sometimes up to 4 times his salary.  Child support falls squarely on the man, at a minimum of $600 per child per month, in a country with the one of the lowest incomes in the OECD.

Often men are punished on the grounds that they might NOT pay in the future.  No Exit Orders have reached unofficial figures of 1 million people in Israel.

I wasn't allowed to prove she lied.  The judge refused my evidence or witnesses.  It was a done deal.  I lost my home, my job, my children and my freedom.  Why?  Because she can.  It's that simple.  The system supports her.

The hall was filled with lawyers, one of them being Moran Samun who has campaigned against false claims for years.

She also had a presentation in the Committee.  This topic has finally been aired on TV news channels.

One day I am a father, the next I'm too 'dangerous' to see them.  I can marry another woman and raise her children, but not touch my own.  I was consider ok to carry a gun in the army and fight for my country, yet am now destroyed by a system which decrees me worse than a terrorist.

The only deadbeat father most people can hear, is the dead beat of his heart, until he can no longer live with the false claims and criminal tag he wears.

Radical feminism has no place in society, if the demonisation of men and stripping them of fatherhood continues to dismantle the family.

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