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Radical Feminism out of control in Israel?

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Marianne AziziIsrael
Radical Feminism out of control in Israel?
It is not a 'man's world' in Israel, far from it. Feminists continue with dismantling men and families at an alarming rate as MK Merav Michaeli calls for strangers nominated by the government to share in the role of raising the State's children.

Ask most men in Israel what they think of Israeli women.  A huge percentage would tell you they are actually afraid of them.  Sounds ridiculous?  They have good reason to be afraid.

Radical feminism is rampant in the country.  Family laws are dominated by the rights of just women.  Men can be destroyed in a heartbeat by a woman who plans revenge on a man.

False claims - where women have impunity, haven't moved on, even though a law was adapted nearly 2 years ago.  Perhaps if women went to prison or feared punishment for lying, things would change.  The culture is now entrenched into believing women over men almost 100% of the time.

This video, made by RT television highlights the problem exactly.  It is not the exception, it is the rule.  An extraordinary part in the video shows a woman screaming and slapping herself as she called the police, then acting as if she was terrified the moment the police arrived.  

False accusations, no proof required, no punishments has led Israel into a country of primadonnas in tens of thousands of cases.  If a man raises his hand to protect himself from a violent woman, it will be he who goes to prison.

As pressure grows on the Knesset with committees fighting the laws, last month MK Mirev Michaeli declared on Australian TV that children were not a private issue, and should have an extra 'parent' - a stranger selected by the government.  Shockwaves ran around the country.  But not from the men.  The agenda has been clear for them for two decades, and the confidence with which she spoke, tells them that they are the absolute last parent to be considered when raising children.

Across social media, women were expressing shame for their gender, and today a discussion was held in the Knesset for the public to attend and express opinions regarding parental alienation and the 'right of the child'.

Men have been rendered useless by the radical feminist movement, not fit to be a parent nor even fit to visit their children after relationship breakdown.  This year, a father recorded a judge telling him that the system was not equipped to deal with fathers, and did not have the tools to manage all the court appeals.  He then gave the father only a minute to give his defense - reasons why he considered himself safe enough to see his 3 year old son out of a child contact centre, where he has visited him for nearly all his young life.

The father published this revelation, and the judge was forced to recuse himself, an extremely rare moment in family court wrangling.  Since then a couple of judges have made a fair decision and given men permission to pubic closed doors protocols.  

Dismantling the family agendas start with the men.  Once they become too afraid to get involved with women, the women start to suffer too.  Also the children.  With added stresses of travel bans, bank account freezing, driving licence revocation and ultimately prison - there seems an easy way out for women.  Simply make a false claim.  Nothing will happen; no consequences, and men's  lives can be destroyed immeasurably.

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