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The deep rabbit hole of Israel Judicial Corruption

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The deep rabbit hole of Israel Judicial Corruption
Links between lawyers and judges in major trial, as judge overturns aquittal of rape claim for his friend.

There is little doubt in Israel of the question of judicial corruption.  Nor is there a doubt that many lawyers benefit.

This week, Advocate Yaara Reshef made a huge gain - 250,000 Shekels.  In a civil case adjudicated by Judge Rafi Aranya, a criminal aquittal of a rape claim several years ago was overturned, and the lawyer landed a small fortune in compensation.

Four years ago, the accused Felician, was on trial for raping Ms. Reshef.  He denied this vehemently.  His version of events is that the lawyer wanted to get the case to represent his brother who was on an attempted murder trial.  A very juicy case, which could leapfrog a lawyer into the spotlight.  He claimed they entered into a passionate encounter, which took place in various locations.  Shortly after informing the lawyer that she hadn't got the contract, a claim of him raping her was filed with the police.

He did a polygraph, and both police and prosecution accepted his innocence.  The rape claim was closed.

Hold this thought.  Meanwhile, Judge Aryana was revealed as the 'slapping judge' by blogger Lory Shem Tov, exposing the fact that he had been exposed for hitting his children.  The judge was given a year from work with pay until a decision made.

His new partner, Suzi Ozinai, then approached Ms. Shem Tov and offered legal services in her various civil lawsuits for libel in exchange for her removing the offending blog.  It appears Ms. Shem Tov did indeed remove it.  However, she felt the legal services were less than adequate.

Judge Aryana went back to work, and Ms. Shem Tov took the services of another lawyer.

Judge Aranya made yet another remarkable judgment.  A man arrested for suspected pornography, was sentenced to 5 years in prison, despite investigators being unable to open his computer files to get any real evidence.  The judge expressed pride in his decision, and his instinctive talents.

Unafraid to continue blogging judicial corruption, Ms. Shem Tov didn't hesitate, and out came a searing blog against the judge, which is currently on her indictment list as she is now in her 10th month in prison awaiting trial for scandalous blogs against public officials.  Her blog accused the judge himself of perhaps preferring a younger body, suggesting his partner might have done a 'Brazilian' on her own body to  keep looking young.

This clearly offended them.  The judge who worked with Aranya in the district court was none other than his friend Judge Avraham Haiman - who was the arresting judge for the last 9 months of the bloggers incarceration, refusing bail or house arrest like a guard dog protecting the State.  He also was the subject of one of her blogs, though it was a favourable one.  It is impossible to ignore the bias involved.

Meanwhile, Ms. Reshef approached another blogger, Moti Leybel in 2015, and began a passionate personal relationship with him.  Word got out that he was involved with a woman who had made and lost a false rape claim.  A major conference was approaching on men's rights, and much concern grew as it was revealed Ms. Reshef was to be a key speaker at the event primarily organised by Leybel.

The conference was boycotted by many fathers and guests from the Knesset, and fell far short of expectations, in fact rescued only the day before the event itself by a colleague.

The distraction used on the activist continued.  His style changed dramatically.  She is one of the lawyers who has filed charges herself in the bloggers scandal.  The following year, their relationship soured, and she became involved with his best friend, to the point of engagement and potential marriage, until it appears that relationship also ended.

She wanted to hurt the blogger and searched for many ways to do it.  Sources have written proof, and also evidence of this is in the blogger investigation materials.

Then an offensive blog about her appeared (authors unknown), another searing and salacious piece which upset her greatly.  Things were getting out of control by the end of 2016 as social media wars erupted, and sides were taken.  Leybel even released a blog claiming Ms. Reshef was using underworld contacts to put a hit on him.

Despite losing her rape claim, she pressed for a civil case.   Luckily for her she was given Judge Aryana, another witness in the bloggers case, he and his new wife, and Ms Reshef, all with a stake in having these bloggers convicted.

When the Israeli Press released the story, the first words from the judge were 'I didn't know', when it was disclosed both parties were witnesses in an upcoming trial.  She was named as someone who had had a personal relationship with one of the bloggers. 

Sources reveal that in her confrontation with Leybel during the investigation phase, she cried and said she thought he loved her.  His remarks back are unprintable.

Judge Avraham Heiman, when reading his final judgement denying house arrest to the bloggers, chose from over 100 charges, to read out the details of the blog against his close colleague Aranya.  He went into the salacious details in front of a 9 year old boy, son of Leybel.  Not only this, but his decision to reject was written 3 days before the defense presented evidence of suitability for house arrest of defendants.

Oh what a tangled web is weaved.  This behavior from honorable judges and lawyers, who are elected for justice, or represent clients in despair.  The lawyer also made efforts to get even more information from lawyers who knew the bloggers, and the writer herself.

As the pieces fall together of how the prosecution witnesses, be it judges or lawyers are sticking together, it reveals a very disheartening picture of the legal system.

Here is Israeli article on Compensation Judgment in Hebrew

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