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Israeli anti corruption Protests bring 100,000 to the streeet

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Israeli anti corruption Protests bring 100,000 to the streeet
Mainstream media play down the number of protestors across multiple cities for a year. Israelis fighting against inherent corruption and repression of citizens.

July 2016 - the first protest against Attorney General Mandleblitt's home in the city of Petach Tikvah.  It was the hope that he as the new successor, would have more courage to begin indictments on various public officials, in particular former District Attorney Ruth David, whose own charges were dropped following her scandalous arrest.  It was claimed she only went crooked after leaving her office.

For weeks, a small group of protesters gathered in the City, prevented from demonstrating outside Mandleblitt's home.  Then with the involvement of former assistant Manny Naftali and former attorney/political spindoctor Eldad Yaniv - who claims to have changed his former 'wicked ways', the protest burst into new life, with thousands more people coming every Saturday.

This unlikely pairing were also arrested on the way to a protest in August.

This weekend, an estimated 100,000 people filled the streets in Tel Aviv.


Mainstream press published there were only a few thousand people, according to the Jerusalem Post

The LA Times wrote that approximately 5000 people gathered in Rothschild Boulevard and a few hundred in Jerusalem.

On 2nd December RT reported 20,000 people protested and again this week, their story quoted figures from Haaretz as the total across the country reaching 10,000

There were extreme signs held up, supporters of BDS, or extreme Left Wing as many would say.  However, the speakers consistently stressed that the root of the protests lies in neither the left or the right.  It is a cry to address the deep rooted corruption.

Mainstream also reported a few hundred in Jerusalem attended, yet this live video (in Hebrew) shows the many thousands that were actually there.

Protesters calling for the resignation or indictment of Netanyahu may not see the deep rooted corruption lies in the bureaucracy and judiciary - and the international audience will not understand how deep the corruption goes.

It is said the deeper the corruption, the more compliant the press are in publishing  the gross understatement of the numbers attending in the mainstream. The disappointment expressed on social media was strong as comments flooded pages reiterating that whilst Netanyahu had become a target; the main objective was to bring the public officials to justice who continue their corruption irrespective of which government is in power.

It is hoped by core activists to achieve a million on the streets within the next few weeks.  Where will the mainstream be?  Will they have the courage to get to the real issues of the Israeli people?  Only time will tell.

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