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Israeli Juvenile lawyer goes public to appeal for rescue of child trapped in Institution

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Israeli Juvenile lawyer goes public to appeal for rescue of child trapped in Institution
Meir Mickey Givati, Israeli Children's Rights Lawyer has boldly gone public in attempt to bring attention to the plight of a child trapped in Israel.

The majority of lawyers in Israel are fully aware of the corruption in the judicial system, and there is none more cruel than in the juvenile and family courts.

One particular case has brought a lawyer to the public eye.  This week - in a public post on social media, he wrote the following: -

''The story behind this picture is painful.

The minor on the right, is a 13-Year-old minor new immigrant from the United States, who was taken at the age of only 10  by the ministry of welfare at the Ramat Eshkol branch, and was taken together with her brother from school by the team and head of the youth law enforcement. Shuli Garson (social worker), which followed several anonymous complaints by a mentally disturbed woman, who knew the father - a single parent with the custody of the daughter and his two other sons  after the birth mother abandoned them 8 years earlier in the United States.

The Minor, who does not speak the language and know the culture,  found herself alone in the world in emergency centers and tried to transfer her distress into developing eating disorders.

Welfare, which acts 'in the best interest of the child' actually is the last thing they really care about.  They made sure that the minor was forcibly hospitalised into psychiatric institutions whilst drowning her in psychiatric pills. When she behaved 'badly' she was locked in solitary confinement, tied up and stood on, beaten and apparently sexually assaulted.

The minor has been moved from place to place  and boarding school  to boarding school, but in spite of everything, she always tries with her meager powers to escape.

The underage girl has escaped over 100 times in endless attempts to return to her father.

On 10.12.17, in the morning, the minor escaped once again, for the umpteenth time, on two buses and a train and arrived near her father's house in Jerusalem.

A police investigator called the minor's brother in the evening and reported her missing from the morning and was declared missing.

Father and son, left all their activities and began to assist in the efforts to locate the minor.

The daughter was found by the father, frozen with cold, hungry, exhausted but happy that she reached her destination, after 3 years, 3 years since kidnapped, first saw her father again.

The father called me and asked me for instructions because there is a restraining order against him, (delusional and without basis)  and his fear of being arrested if he will be found near her.

I contacted the police, and updated her whereabouts, and I got the officer's permission to reach the minor where I live to go to boarding school together

Around 21:00, the father came to my house, we had pizza and gave her gifts, candy and warm clothes.

The Minor didn't want to leave and wanted to stay with dad.

But there's no alternative.  When the Welfare has decided to take a child, they will always back it up with legalities.

We drove around 00:00 directly to the police, and I even made sure to file a complaint against the boarding school for the shocking lack of responsibility worrying about her safety.

The girl cried and didn't want to go back, but there's no choice

The welfare team, boarding school and justice have been found in nakedness, and there are nothing like juicy lies and more psychiatric pills that are going to take more and more of the minor to cover their own shortcomings.

Over two days after the escape, a twisted, senseless report of the events that happened and actually even accused the father of her escape, after being held by three innocent years, claiming that his presence creates hope.

If it's not absurd I don't know what is..

I'm afraid it's not over. Yes, because in order for a corrupt system to function in the best way, both police and courts must align with the welfare officials, no matter how unrealistic the reports are.

The police waived the complaint.

The Court has confirmed the granting of more psychotropic pills and are very angry how it is possible for me to expose the lies of the social worker and that I am hurting the credibility of public servants.

In the court of appeal, I also received criticism  that I gave the underage girl back to boarding school and I didn't call to the police and have her handcuffed.

13-Year-old girl for God's sake, no compassion there is nothing in the best interest

 of the minor.

Shame on the state of Israel, shame on the ministry of welfare and minister of welfare, shame to the system of courts and shame on the police in the State of Israel.

In the underage photo and her father, after 3 years of not seeing each other, near my home before the return to the welfare 'jail'.''

This is the account of the lawyer who took the girl, fed her and sadly had to return her to the police, which went against every ethical bone his body.  But there was no option, not in Israel.

This public post has caused an outcry, particularly as the child is American.  I spoke with Adv. Givati and asked him if he was afraid now he had gone public.

He gave this statement:  "Of course it is a difficult position to publish about a child.  But this poor girl has been running for 3 years and cannot get to her family.  I fight for many kids, and something needs to be done about the system.  To fill a child with drugs instead of addressing the matters of her soul and well being is unimaginable.  I have children of my own and believe more should be done to keep children with their biological family."

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