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Cult Leader Daniel Ambash loses appeal to reduce 26 year prison sentence

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Cult Leader Daniel Ambash loses appeal to reduce 26 year prison sentence
Judge Uri Shoham introduces guidelines to the offense of 'involuntary servitude', claiming his many wives were suffering from signs of deprivation of liberties.

The 4 remaining wives of Daniel Ambash, convicted for sadistic abuse of his family members requested conjugal visits either separately or all together in April of this year.  

But the Jerusalem sadistic cult of Daniel Ambash was dealt a heavy blow this Sunday May 27th, 2018, when the Supreme Court of Israel denied Mr. Ambash's appeal from his 26 year sentence for holding 6 women and 17 children as slaves, forcing them to engage in brutal scenes of rape, torture of each other and the children, and during the day sending them to beg in the streets of Jerusalem.

His close friend and 'right arm' Asa Mirash, whose role was to carry out punishments, also lost his appeal and his 6 year sentence was affirmed.  By so ruling, Judge Uri Shoham has introduced guidelines to the offense of involuntary servitude in Israel.

What was difficult in the case was the fact that four of the six women, even 7 years after the raid on the cult's compound; and even having spent 6 months in women's shelters and a year in prison, have maintained that everything that happened in the house was voluntary and done willingly.

They have spent Mr. Ambash's inheritance on hiring public relations experts, writing a book of memoirs relishing the days in the cult, and even hiring Attorney Susie Ozsinay Aranya, the wife of a practicing judge, to join the defense team, perhaps in the hope his name would lend credibility to the Ambash.

The have uploaded countless sarcastic videos on You Tube, poisonously attacking all their former family members, and also public officials.  

They believed they would be able to convince three Supreme Court Judges they are strong independent women; they could have left at any given moment and the enlarged household with 6 women sharing a man was no more than a polyamorous commune.

Judge Uri Shoham shattered their illusion.  The lawyers also in the hearing contributed to the legal flop.  Four years ago, the District Court of Jerusalem issued a scathing verdict describing what really happened behind the Ambash curtains.  It was a combination of orgies, lesbianism and sexual punishments - all in the name of salvation, redemption and some prophesy from rabbis who usually visit Uman in the Ukraine.  If only they had kept their sadomasochist games to themselves, perhaps the cult would have escaped the police eye.  But the corporal punishments, rape and electrocutions were also inflicted on children.

The 2013 verdict described Daniel Ambash as a man with somewhat psychic abilities to draw fragile and lost souls, capturing them with sweet talk, mental games and abusive punishments.  He made the 6 women compete for his attention by forcing them to take upon themselves punshments, such as starvation, application of electric shocks, public anal rape.

The verdict continued by stating from witnesses that on many nights a wetness and feces ceremony was performed.  With the assistance of Mr. Mirash, the women had to fantasize and the most excited woman would be allowed to spend the night with Daniel.

In a filmed confession with the police,  Aderet Ambash conceded that feces was rubbed on their faces as a form of religious sacrifice for redemption.   On occasions, the women were sent naked into caves dug into the ground to "absorb the sensation of of death"

Mr. Mirash was a homosexual previously married to the 3rd wife Aderet Ambash, aka Dorit Biran.  In the verdict, it was written he lent his body parts, literally, for the Ambash sex ceremonies.  

 The 17 children were part of different games completely.  Over half of them were the biological children of Daniel Ambash, also sent to beg in the streets, living in a brutal regime of error, with punishments inflicted at whim.  On occasion Ambash pretended to be a judge, wearing actual Judge robes stolen from one of the trials in a real court (and subsequently used by the women in many parodies and vicious videos). The children's court, headed by Daniel Ambash was called the "din" and he was dispensing "dinim" for the naughty children.  Dinim could have included bread and water for a week; lock up in the shack for a week next to the electric generator (with or without clothes), hair pulling, flogging, crotch slapping and other bizarre conduct.  The most notorious punishment recorded in the verdict was of Azamra Ambash, who performed fellatio on a 10 year old child for stealing a sponge cake.  This was in fact one of the reasons the women were held in arrest for a year, as the other women had held the child down by the arms and legs.  They were indicted for sodomy of the children. After one year in jail, the prosecution dropped the case and they were sentenced for only obstruction of justice.  This strategy was to ensure the women were indeed victims of a cult and ensured the conviction of Daniel Ambash.

The Ambash had a good precedent which could have swayed the appeal in their favour.  The District court of Tel Aviv acquitted Goel Ratzon, the guru of a similar polyamorous cult of involuntary servitude and held that the theory of mental captivity is with professional concensus.  Judge Shoham in his judgment simply said that if he was the judge in the Ratzon case, he would have convicted also.  He said that in order to justify his conviction, the question as to whether Daniel Ambash could have exercised mental domination over the women is unnecessary.  It is enough to look for signs of deprivation of liberties, and was enough for a conviction of involuntary servitude.

It appears that the Ambash women's lawyer, Susie Ozsinay Aranya, made a critical error on the argument day on August 11, 2016.  When Judge Shoham told her that the policy of the Supreme Court is not to renew de novo the facts, but only to look for legal mistakes, she quickly agreed to waive all claims that the factual background of the lower court was based on fantasies of family members turned State witnesses, who in return manufactured uncorroborated fiction.  For example, one wife claimed she had snakes and mice inserted into her vagina and forced into sexual behaviour with a horse.  As soon as Attorney Aranya dropped objections to the legal findings, what remains is a set of  uncontested horredous crimes of rape and torture, performed by the women themselves, who vehemently to this day claim it was all consensual.

If indeed it was all consensual, it means they willingly, and not obediently, raped their own 11 minor children.  But the biggest legal mistake of the cult leader and his attorneys was a claim, introduced at the last minute, that if the women were freed of the criminal responsibility, so should Daniel Ambash himself, because he only gave the Dinim, but never checked any private organs for wetness, nor electrocuted his children, or inserted objects into their private organs.  The claim of selective prosecution was quickly thrown out by Judge Shoham, who said the women by their nature are more susceptible of becoming victims of mental  torture, without even grasping their victim-hood.  Just as ridiculous was Asa Mirash's same claim of selective prosecution.  He argued that the women were more cruel than him, and that he only passively allowed hem to use his anus for consensual fecal pleasures.  He claimed he was not involved with abusing the children as the women did.  Judge Shoham reminded Mr. Mirash that the lawyer who wrote his appeal was the same Susie Ozsinay Aranya, who started as his lawyer, and then switched sides and was hired by Daniel Ambash himself.  This indicated to Judge Shoham that Asa's heart was with Mr. Ambash, and he could not possible be classified as a passive victim.

This foolishness in choosing lawyers, has cost Mr. Ambash the rest of his life in jail.  His four remaining loyal women are feasting on his $2.5 million inheritance from his deceased mother Nina.  

Sadly, Judge Shoham did not address the real question.  Were the cult members psychotic, or was Judge Shoham correct in seeing a domineering man and six foolish women entangled in a cult orgy gone wild?  It was mooted that the Ambash ladies could be suffering from a mental disorder, called in French 'follie a plusier' (the madness of many).  Daniel Ambash was a French immigrant to Israel.  His psychosis landed him for life in an Israeli jail.  His 'ladies' are now looking for lawyers to file re'argument.  They may believe a panel of 9 judges will be convened for the case 'because of its novelty' It looks unlikely.

The women now find themselves in a true Catch 22.  They claim to be independent single minded women.  Their own lawyer waived any objection to the fact of the case, which she could have done.  This leaves the women marked by the uncontested facts that they committed sexual acts upon their own children by their own free will.

Judge Shoham showed some mercy in leaving them as 'victims'.  This may explain why their request was for a conjugal visit as a group was rejected in April, as the 'victims' still desire group sex with their one man.  

The verdict is in the public domain, and the 99 pages are available on request.

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