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How social workers in Israel lie to keep the myth of Violence against women.

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How social workers in Israel lie to keep the myth of Violence against women.
Bat Melech battered women's shelter use all tools available to thwart lawsuit for illegally taking children

The first thing most women are taught in a bitter relationship breakup is to make a false complaint against their partner.  Over 20,000 complaints a year are filed,  with 83% being false or dismissed.  A judge once remarked that 99% of women filing restraining orders had lied.

In order to continue the promotion of the imaginary concept there are 200,000 battered women in Israel, a fake number created by WIZO in the '90s, social workers help women to turn their false claims into an alternative reality for innocent men.

One such social worker, Alon Dagan, recently filed a report in a divorce case the day AFTER the parties made an agreement with the Judge and settled to arrange the actual divorce.

With no qualifications for a psychiatric evaluation, he deemed the woman to appear to be battered and stated the marriage broke down in August when she sought shelter in the Bat Melech institution.

What he omitted in the report, is that in June 2018,  the man was thrown from his house, and faced with 15 false claims in one interrogation; a restraining order placed on him and also a No Exit order from the country, He fought to clear his name, resulting in the police file being closed for Not Guilty; and the civil court also giving a judgment that he was not in the least bit violent.   He continued to see his children.

In reality, humiliated and his professional career threatened, he filed for divorce 3 months later in August. . Despite no violence, his estranged wife checked into a battered women's shelter on the grounds of financial violence only, taking her children with her. Again, fighting to rescue his children, the mother was ordered to leave the shelter, and return the children to school. 

Despite the relief of finally settling agreements and the divorce itself, the social worker filed a report, filled with assertions of violent behaviour by the father. Every meeting had thankfully been recorded, highlighting the blatant lies in the report.  This has resulted in the court judgment being only temporary ahead of yet another hearing in two months.  

The problem  in Israel, is that social workers have the power in a report to overturn a judgement in court. It is irrelevant what is decided by a judge, a social worker has a more powerful position. 

Due to the woman having to maintain a false claim of violence, the social worker's report confirms her reality.  In this particular case, the woman has sent written confessions of stealing property, acts of violence herself, and is now facing a court case for making a false claim. In Israel, there was a directive called 2.5, in which it is stated that a woman may lie with no punishment or consequence. Although the law has changed, no man has yet won a lawsuit in court for damages or to clear his name.

The man publicly declared his intention to sue the woman, and also the infamous battered woman's shelter Bat Melech for snatching his children with no criteria and causing untold suffering to them during their 44 day incarceration. He has made no secret of his intention to sue CEO Noah Korman. Several men are willing to join the lawsuit, having had similar experiences with the same shelter.

With research and proof of the fake numbers quoted of battered women,  the attack on Israeli men; potential discussions of electronic tagging even before anything is proven, this father is fighting all the way to keep his name clear.

Despite the innocence he has already proven, the risk is clear and present that the social worker Alon Dagan, whose only job was to evaluate the health of the connection between the children and both parents, took it on himself to go further. He nagged the father about child support payments; nagged the father to pay one year rent ahead for the mother; criticised the work schedule of the man (only provider), stating he needs to take more responsibility for domestic duties, as the man was forced to only work half a week and provide two homes by court order. He has even recommended a city for the mother to move to.

It is a traumatic experience for a man to be falsely accused. Many men lose their ability to focus or work; are castrated and disempowered. But for a male social worker, hired by the State to protect institutions such as Bat Melech, to put new flames on an ebbing fire is criminal behaviour.

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