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Israeli woman enters battered women's shelter for not being able to eat lamb at home

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Israeli woman enters battered women's shelter for not being able to eat lamb at home
Battered women's shelters now add dietary violence to criteria for women to leave husbands

Radical feminist agendas in Israel have reached a new low. They have achieved such a blurring of interaction in relationships, that any abuse is now domestic violence.

The system, already set up with heavy bias against men is a proven fact. So much so, that the Zehut Political Party - campaigning in the elections - have included a mandate which promises to try keep the family unit safe from such cruel interventions by Welfare and Private Institutions all geared up just for women,

Having taken women in, who they call clients,  for complaining of lack of sex, or wanting more money for shopping, even a woman who attacked her own child with a knife, yet still entered the battered women shelter, now a story comes out of another form of violence,  Dietary Violence.

In an article published in Israel, highlighting domestic violence, one woman gives her story:

Talia, 34, mother of twins, 6, has been participating in a treatment group for last 2 years in the battered women's shelter of WIZO. It was only during the course she realized she suffered from nutritional violence, above the rest of violence. Dr. Barak, said, 'the meeting with Talia was one of the most powerful meetings I every experienced around nutritional violence. Since she was prevented lamb, a meat which represents for her all the freedom in her existence. We brought a lamb and cooked it together, she was sitting in front of the dish and just shaking, and the supporting group, she successfully ate whilst saying to herself and us 'how did I let him control me like this.' At that moment she understood and recognized all that had been taken from her.'

For most of us, whilst having some sympathy for the woman, cannot possibly see this as a reason to dismantle the family, and force the husband to only see his children in a contact centre.  WIZO will be receiving at least $10,000 per month for the two children in the shelter, making a profit of perhaps $240,000 over a two year period.   

The story continues:

'Talia came to us in a situation of a horrible post trauma. She felt that no one believed her and she all the time tried to convince us that she is not crazy. It took her some time to understand that even without physical violence, she still experienced violence. Talia knew her ex husband from age 25 - At the beginning, it was most romantic and beautiful. I loved him with a blind love, but after the marriage, my life turned upside down. There was emotional violence, financial and spiritual violence. Only in the shelter, I understand that there was also nutritional violence. I came from a family that loved barbecues and the lamb was our main dish. When I knew my husband, he decided that he is allergic to lamb, and therefore even I should not touch it. My family respected him and didn't make the lamb but he never agreed to come. It reached to a point that I felt that even if I eat lamb, something horrible would happen to me.

How did you get over it?

My group decided to cook a lamb for me, an I thought, how can I eat it, and what would happen if he knew I had eaten it. Everything came back to me, and I didn't sleep all night. When we entered the kitchen in the morning, I was stressed, the fear controlled my brain and I didn't manage to taste, but I knew that moment was my test, another door opened to me on my way to independence. I took courage, and took a bite, barely breathing, but I felt the release, the freedom. On that day I was supposed to meet my spouse in contact centre with the kids, and by intent I didn't shower, so I wanted him to smell the lamb. After that meeting, I told myself, I did it.

One has to feel sorry for a woman who is traumatised by a lack of lamb and childhood memories, but does this really qualify as Domestic Violence.  The article goes on with more examples:

 A Bat Melech 'client' says: after the trauma of living with a chef, she cites as wanting to constantly pamper her with his home cooked food and didn't like the way she cut carrots: 

 I called the counselloor and told her everything, and she said that in such a situation, that the children were in danger she had to report, and she asked me if I wanted to go to the shelter.  I was in 'Bat Melech' for seven months, and slowly things got better. I got an apartment.  

When I ran to the shelter, I was hysterical, believing my food is disgusting. Afraid from the day I needed to cook there, one day a friend from the shelter told me it is such fun that you are in the kitchen in Shabbat, the food will be tasty. I was shocked, until this day when people compliment my food, it's shard for me to believe. It took me a while to believe they were not fooling me. In the house, I needed permission to prepare a cake for shabbat, when I reached the shelter, the first thing I did was a cake, and it helped me so much, I started to bake constantly. But this is an expensive habit. Cakes are luxury and there was no budget. The issue of my baking came to a session and made a lot of arguments in meetings with the staff, until it was decided to call it cream therapy, and this has become a treatment expense. My baking prevented at home, became my victory.

CEO of Bat Melech , who agrees a Budget for Cream Therapy

Cream Therapy gained more money for Bat Melech - and as nutritional violence is now an acceptable reason, part of the radical feminist budget allocation of over a quarter of a billion shekels will be granted.

Whilst more and more women are convinced they are disempowered victims by such an agenda, the more important issue is the men and the children of such unions.

Men are battered themselves with false domestic violence claims; lose their children; face social worker assessments, and not for a moment did they realise they are tagged as violent men.

Surely these 'battered' women are eligible for some kind of confidence building or counselling - but battered?  The lobbies who promote the agenda of over 200,000 battered women in Israel are scraping the barrel if they add diet or insults to the quantity.  

Original article published in Ynet:,7340,L-5442507,00.html&prev=search

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