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Orr Shalom Foster homes - a haven for pedophilia?

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Orr Shalom Foster homes - a haven for pedophilia?
The story of two girls still recovering from severe sexual abuse two years after being in the care of Orr Shalom

As with all organisations who advertise the benefits of helping women and children affected by violence, what is never advertised are the real live victims of these shell companies.

When a child is taken in by Orr Shalom, they receive a booklet which will map out their journey to 'wholesome' living.

In the diary, it is mentioned that a young female volunteer of around 17 years old, would shower and bath the child and stay naked with her in the bath and caress her, and how wonderful that the child would lie on this naked girl, and how they encouraged this.  The girl was only 4.5 years old at this point.  and the teenage volunteer writes how she loved to caress her hair and hands, and how the child then asked for more and wanted to lie down next to her and be stroked. 'Yet still you insist on taking a shower alone', she writes with disappointment

The introduction to the booklet starts by describing the emotional condition of the girl, and their need to understand her moods.  Yet, in the very next paragraph, it continues by saying they showered her with 'eyes closed' as the child didn't want to be seen naked.

Sometimes she took a shower in the daytime, sometimes evening.  But she wanted to wash alone, they write.  'When you arrived, you were upset and didn't allow us to touch you. Or let us see you without clothes'.

In the second booklet for the 2.5 year old, a picture of her naked in the bath, and comments of how happy they were that she let them shower her.

The children spent 9 months in a unit in Kiryat Milachi,  In the beginnning, the children were removed from kindergarten without the mother knowing.  They collected the girls at 2.30pm without any court order.  Three social workers and one police officer collected the girls, one who was sleeping and woke up terrified. The eldest remembers clearly that she was told absolutely nothing.  The mother, at home and breastfeeding her newborn, received a call from the police at 4pm.  They told her don't worry, your children are fine, and you are invited to a police investigation at 5pm.  There, she was told that despite being a great mother, the social workers had to take her daughters on the grounds of rumours of violence in the home.  She was held for over 6 hours and questioned. After a tormented night, with no knowledge of her children, social workers called the following morning and told her to pack clothes for the girls and bring them to the office.  There, they took a photo, telling her to smile.  This was later used to try and show the mother didn't care, and still refused to tell her the whereabouts of her children.

She was not informed of the court hearing where she could fight.  The social workers gave her a few minutes notice; but she failed to arrive in time, and the judge gave a one sided decision to keep her children from her, with no known whereabouts.  She was almost suicidal, but relentlessly searched for her girls, whilst raising her newborn. Two months later, she met the girls in a small office of Orr Shalom, the first time she learned where they were.  The girls were confused when they saw her, clearly having been told they had been abandoned.  She was forced into a room where she was told they would monitor the 'relationship'.  After an hour, the children were taken, screaming, crying and beating at the taxi window.  Terrified, they were being taken all over again.  The eldest learned who the real enemy was.  The mother got one more visit a month later, to be informed that the welfare had planned to send them for adoption.  They kept the mother away so the children would forget her, and was bad for them to want to come home. Nine months they were held in a special family unit.  and then sent to a foster family. Despite promising the mother they could come home.

For three long years, the mother fought for her children and finally had them returned home.  This is the moment, she began to learn of the sexual abuse they had endured.

Having been groomed to learn nakedness, the girls then were placed in a family selected by Orr Shalom.  Whilst the pain and suffering of the mother is clear, it is now clear the children really paid a high price.

Three years after they returned, the ripples spread.  The girls, through therapy talked about how they were expected to kiss the stomach of their foster father in the shower; taught to masturbate by the foster mother who openly did this in front of other family members.  The mother did see a picture on the first week of their return of her daughter in the shower with the foster father, which he had taken on the child's phone but was warned by the welfare to stay quiet.  The girls have given graphic descriptions of the foster mother's private parts, and started to show unexpected sexual behaviours at school and home.  The foster father showered them whilst he was naked, and caressed their bottoms.  

As more evidence is revealed through therapy, the mother intends to launch a huge lawsuit against Orr Shalom, who neglected to investigate, despite the mother's concerns before they returned home finally. 

Foster parents are led to believe children are abandoned, and these girls were put into an emergency baby unit with no court order or papers provided to the mother. The idea it took almost two months to establish their whereabouts and be told a plan to adopt them already in place is a horror many parents face in Israel.

Other parents have also suffered at the hands of children being fed into foster outplacement through Orr Shalom, and it is a certainty more will come to light.

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