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UN Committee act on Human rights concerns of Israelis

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UN Committee act on Human rights concerns of Israelis
Commitee for Economic Social and Cultural Rights write list of concerns to The State of Israel, highlighting the unfairness in family courts and abuse of civil rights of Israelis following report by civil society.

Following another visit to Geneva and the UNHRC by Ccf (Coalition for Children & Families Israel), the Committee for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights - CESCR - listened to the presenters Marianne Azizi and Attorney Meir Mickey Givati and took on board the latest report.

This month, the committee sent their list of concerns and issues to the State Party, requesting answers ahead of the meeting in September of this year.  Amongst the 8 pages, there were over a dozen references regarding domestic laws:

1. Please provide information on the steps taken by the State party to incorporate the rights enshrined in the Covenant in the domestic legal order and to ensure that provisions of the Covenant can be invoked by citizens before, and be directly enforced by, the courts, other tribunals or administrative authorities. 

This all encompassing request is to ensure that the citizens have their basic rights incorporated during all legal process domestically.  Ccf have highlighted to lack of judicial fairness and equality.  The State will be required to explain exactly how they intend to monitor violations in the judicial system, welfare and police.

2.   Please provide information on the steps taken to establish a national human rights institution, or to strengthen the existing human rights institutions, with a clear mandate to deal with economic, social and cultural rights, in accordance with the principles relating to the status of national institutions for the promotion and protection of human rights (the Paris Principles). 

Ccf have repeatedly asked for the State to set up a proper independent institution, with the State Party continually saying that the Basic Law of Human Dignity, liberty and Freedom is a better option.

3.  Please provide information on the engagement of civil society, including non-governmental organizations, in the preparation of the fifth periodic report of the State party to the Committee.

Ccf have tried with no success to be engaged in all preparations to the UN Committees, with no success and have recently learned that organisations in Israel reputedly set up to help citizens do nothing and reject all appeals if related to corruption.  In fact, the opposite is true as this report shows.

4.  Please provide information on the evolution, over the past 10 years, of:

(a) The proportion of persons below the poverty line, and the levels of inequality, defined as the ratio between the total income accruing to the richest decile of the population and the total income of the poorest 40 per cent of the population;

Ccf have highlighted the poverty in relation to family breakdown and the abject failure of the welfare ministry to help families in need, rather resorting to taking children away from those families.

5.  Please provide information on the legislative and institutional framework to combat corruption and to enhance transparency and accountability in the conduct of public affairs. Please also provide information on the cases filed with anti-corruption bodies, particularly those brought against high-level officials, including the number of cases filed, investigated and prosecuted and the sentences passed on those involved in corruption.  

Ccf have revealed many cases brought against high level officials, with NO investigations, rather the whistleblowers themselves being targeted and persecuted.  We wait with interest the answer to this request, as almost 100% of complaints are either ignored by anti corruption bodies, or files are closed directly.  

6.  Please provide information on the measures taken or envisaged to explicitly guarantee the principle of equality and the prohibition of non-discrimination in Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty and to review legislation with a view to removing the discriminatory provisions.

Given the rampant radical feminism in Israel, with laws protecting women in favour of destroying families, it is unlikely that the State Party will be able to answer favourably to this request.  Divorcing men have the highest suicide rate in the population; NO EXIT orders are regularly placed on men by women, and restraining orders are given ex parte every single day in courts.

7. Please provide information on the equality bodies of the State party, in particular on their mandate and power, and on cases brought before them, including the main grounds of discrimination and the main contexts in which discrimination has occurred in the enjoyment of the Covenant rights, and examples of recommendations or decisions made by these bodies to address chronic or structural discrimination.

Ccf are not aware of any official organisations set up for gender equality as the pendulum has swung totally to women, leaving men as the lower class in society.

8. Protection of the family and children (art. 10)

22. Please provide information on:

(a) The progress made in repealing the “tender years” presumption provided in section 25 of the Capacity and Guardianship Law;

(b) The implementation of the 2012 amendment to the Rabbinical Courts Law (Implementation of Divorce Judgments) 5755-1955 as well as of the Guideline issued by the State Attorney’s Office in 2016;

(c) The situation of children who have been taken away from parental care to institutional or family-type arrangements, including their numbers and the reasons for them being placed in such arrangements; and the monitoring mechanisms put in place to oversee these institutions and to deal with complaints about them;

(d) The measures taken to address the concerns raised and recommendations made by the Committee in its previous concluding observations in relation to child support awards (E/C.12/ISR/CO/3, para. 22), and the number of no exit orders issued annually during the reporting period;

Ccf have campaigned relentlessly for the repeal and reform of the issues in this request.  Despite recommendations and lobbies, the feminist lobbies have maintained the status quo regarding child custody.  Whilst the Supreme Court did say that child support should be made more equitable, it has not filtered through to family courts.  The Court Administration do not ensure that judges carry out law changes.  One official did say 'you know how hard it is when a judge is set in his ways, perhaps we should consider training them'.  The idea that judges are not held accountable in any way is a reason why confidence in the judicial system is at an all time low.

9.  Please provide information on the steps taken to ensure that the activities of the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish National Fund and the Jewish Agency for Israel are regulated and monitored by the State party to ensure that the Covenant rights are properly protected.

Ccf are fully aware and have reported on large funders, including the New Israel Fund, which have not provided any help at ground level, rather funding fat cat salaries of ngos.

10.  The measures to address the reportedly increased rate of suicide in recent years in the State party;

Ccf are aware of the massaging of statistics, despite the almost daily occurence of male suicides, the issue of numbers is secondary to the symptomatic causes of state targeting and humiliation of fathers.  

Overall, many of the concerns have been raised, with the exception of false claims, and false numbers on domestic violence, which is a fundamental cause of the dismantling of the family unit in Israel.

It is hoped that these issues, integrated into 8 pages of concerns by the committee will be addressed without further attack on the citizens, and accountability and apologies by the State Party for the lack of human rights to their own people.

Those campaigning for improvement in transparency are not against the State of Israel, rather are passionate about the land and the people, who deserve more than just the basic right to exist.

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