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WIZO in Israel claim 800,000 women suffer from financial violence

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WIZO in Israel claim 800,000 women suffer from financial violence
Women suffering from economic violence now have the right to empty half of their partner's bank account and collect rent free homes, loans and payouts.

In The Times of Israel Hebrew version, WIZO claim up to 800,000 women in Israel are suffering from domestic and economic violence.  

The numbers have dramatically increased from the standard 200,000 beaten women - a number unchanged for over 25 years.  Only 14 domestic violence shelters operate in Israel, with an average of 600 -700 women entering in any year.  Requests for budgets are only centred on counselling and pilot schemes to grant women more and more powers.  Here is the newspaper quote:

According to estimates by WIZO and the World Health Organization, there are 800,000 women in Israel suffering from physical violence. ..... estimate that at least 90% of physical violence is accompanies by economic violence.  

How did WIZO stock figures jump by 4 times?  If they also assert that 90% of these women suffer from financial violence, it means that there must be almost 1 million men in Israel who are abusive on all levels - spiritual, verbal, physical, financial and even dietary.  How can this be ignored if it is true, which of course it is not.

These ludicrous figures would imply that half of the adult population are suffering from violence, or abusers.   Here are some excerpts from the article:

....She had nothing to do with the bank account, because everything went through her husband, he decided what to buy and supervised all the expenses, but she knew that the account was shared, also registered with her name and money, and we immediately referred her to her bank representative, At 4:00 PM and to withdraw half of the sum. "She would never have thought of doing such a thing, but suddenly she had NIS 90,000 to open a new life......

Various people who read the original article were stunned to see that on a pilot scheme a small number of women were able to borrow up to 250,000 NIS on a loan with deferred payments for 5 years.  The updated article has this revelation removed.   Sources inform the writer that this is known to various lawyers who represent men against shelters, or even the women who are applying for this sweetener.

The radical feminist agenda is spiralling out of control. 

Slut Walk 2019 Israel

The annual slut walk took place this month, as feminists spilled into the streets, topless, and waving banners against men.  Real domestic violence is now diminished,  as any complaint of violence is a police matter.  In one such case, a man was called by police as his wife had complained he had not painted the bathroom when asked to.  Another man faced interrogation as his spouse had demanded sex, and he had not obliged her.

Such a waste of public money adds more fuel to the fire, when it is told that tens of millions of shekels will be put into combating domestic violence.  The unanswered questions are - why has there been little if no increase in domestic shelters?  The current number stands at 14.  Why are the numbers of 200,000 battered women unchanged for 25 years?  Why has the number only jumped now by 4 times, to include the spurious conditions allowed for a woman to become a special needs case?

If the numbers are correct, the reverse is also correct.  There are almost a million men in Israel who are allegedly violent in all areas.  Yet, the prisons are not full of rapists, nor the 20,000 men a year who face false claims of violence.

The bubble of women's rights, means they can say one word, call the police, who will jump immediately to order a man to an interrogation, just in case this is one of the few women who might genuinely be at risk.  The death toll of women murdered, to the death toll of male suicides is clear.  The indignity suffered by men facing endless violence claims is akin to a murder of their souls.  

More from the article: -   .....this happens to women in every socio-economic class and in every level of education - lawyers, doctoral students, high-tech women and even social workers. ....They come to us when they are not sure that they are a classic case of violence, because they were not beaten......

If this high level of educated women are unaware of being 'beaten' by economic violence, another question is why do social workers jump so quickly to remove women from their home with their children and take them to shelters?

As men are in the majority regarding child contact centres, of which there are 64 in Israel, filled to the rafters with hourly visits of fathers; men face assessments of dangerousness, have to now face the prospect of their bank accounts being emptied without their knowledge.  Given over 88% of claims by women are false, it will not help innocent men deal with ongoing child support, if the estranged wife can claim financial abuse, and benefit from State help at every turn.

Life for divorced men is wretched in Israel, as the feminist agenda grows from strength to strength.  

Conferences held on parental alienation are fiercely opposed by radical feminists, many of whom see men as redundant, other than for money.

The full article can be found here

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