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New NGO to document family courts and parental alienation worldwide

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New NGO to document family courts and parental alienation worldwide
Systematic abuse of families and children to be documented by Children & Families International - a new NGO launched to defend the family.

The closed door practice in family courts worldwide has given parents little recourse to justice.  Thousands of people across the globe are suffering from the loss of their children; ridiculous decisions by social workers who wield unlimited powers, and judges who often dismiss the truth.  It is clear that although one side will always get a favourable judgment, more important is the need for a fair hearing.  

CFI - an NGO with registration in the United Nations, has been established to research, report, provide legal assistance and be a platform for testimonies.  Collectively they aim to show a worldwide systematic approach to the dismantling of families. 

Groups on social media are fighting in multiple countries to garner support to campaign and petition against various regional decisions of judges who show little reasoning when separating parents from their children. 

Also in the spotlight are members of the legal profession - who often take enormous fees and drag processes on for years.  CFI have been informed of 'deals' done between opposing lawyers to keep files open, and continue the fight between parents in divorce cases. 

The child is the pawn, and over the past decade have become lucrative pawns for the child protection services.  Research has shown that children who are taken by social workers create a good income for the services and any private institutions they are removed to. 

The founder of the NGO, is  freelance journalist/author Marianne Azizi, who spent almost a decade exposing corruption in family courts in the State of Israel. 

"The key is understanding of the legal process and procedures.  Many cases are lost due to a lawyer not challenging the legal aspects; rather challenging decisions.  A judge must be forced to judge, not rubber stamp files just because an expert has spoken.  Often in the case of social workers, they have met a family for a few hours.  They don't take the time to look into the parenting skills; rather listen to a biased view, jump quickly to order expensive parental fitness tests, or psychiatric assessments, leaving the child bereft of one parent.  There is always a right for a defendant to cross examine 'experts' and always ensure they have the correct training according to law to interfere.  According to the UNCRC, the charter for the rights of the Child, the child has a huge say in the direction of their life.  The system has become arrogant and lazy, now leaving over 5 million children worldwide in institutions, and this constitutes an international crime of human rights violation of the liberty of children"

"Parents are often afraid to go public, for fear of reprisals.  Initially they could be right, with threats of punishment from public officials.  Especially as most cases are done behind closed doors.  Parents are paralysed.  In any other circumstances, such as saving a child from drowning in a lake, or if they are in danger - a parent doesn't think twice.  They don't need any court order to save the life of their children.  Yet, strangers in the public sector will criminalise a parent for something as insignificant as posting a picture of their child on social media.   In normal circumstances, parents share pictures of birthdays, or picnics etc with no repercussions.  Suddenly their child is no longer theirs to be proud of.   This is why CFI came into existence.  To provide testimonies, articles and reporting for individuals to the UN; setting up civil societies in various countries and making these abuses a world issue.  The next generation will not know what a real family is at this rate of removals from home."

Parental alienation is a profitable phenonemum, with more and more crimes being exposed as children are exploited through family courts.  

If you wish to contact CFI to discuss publishing your story; obtaining legal consultancy, or other issues,  send an email to [email protected]

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Marek Jakubis

8 months ago

Recently seen a quite frightening programme about the Ninth circle of the satan on Allatra TV that reveals how the members of the world elite kill children. The discussion features real testimonies of victims that managed to escape as well as of family members who were invited into these "ritual killing parties" but refused to participate. In the programme there are particular names mentioned. This brings much light into this article.

Chad Engebretson

8 months ago

In Arizona we had our parental rights terminated. First off, new AZ laws state court order, sexual trauma, or IMMINENT danger are only legal reasons to remove a child, well they didn't have court order and the other two not any way those were the case. We closed a DCS case 1.5 year or less when accidental overdose (she is ok) but we did all services. Maternal grandmother filed a dependency petition after phoning in a anonymous tip of neglect which was also investigated and closed, guardian ad litem notarized his own signature on the petition filed which was a copy of the one filed by maternal grandmother which court dismissed. They broke many laws including constitutional rights. I am a US Army Veteran and fought for those rights and pledged to do so even to include death. We didn't cooperated but I am and was going thru treatment at the VA hospital which DCS wouldn't even acknowledge. Our appointed attorneys on trial date instructed us to leave we didn't need to be there it would be too emotional. Court record shows us as failure to appear automatically giving up our parental rights. Can't appeal. We need help please guide us who can file civil suit as well as how we get this made right and our daughter back.