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05.09.2019ACRI Israel fails citizens human rights in favour of left wing politics06.06.2019WIZO in Israel claim 800,000 women suffer from financial violence11.05.2019Israeli lawyer beats the system to win family rights07.05.2019UN Committee act on Human rights concerns of Israelis30.04.2019Israeli Judge disqualifies himself from father's rights case26.03.2019UN expresses concern for persecuted human rights lawyer in Israel10.03.2019Israeli journalist takes his own life, as civil and human rights violations escalate.02.03.2019Orr Shalom Foster homes - a haven for pedophilia?30.01.201920,000 Israeli children taken from home says Knesset and we don't know what happened to them28.01.2019Israeli woman enters battered women's shelter for not being able to eat lamb at home26.01.2019How social workers in Israel lie to keep the myth of Violence against women.16.01.2019Israel Bar Association Offices raided in Sex Scandal - arrest of Effi Naveh21.07.2018Israelis arrested as part of Government team blueprint to quash free speech30.05.2018Israeli father wins unprecedented case against radical feminist court29.05.2018Cult Leader Daniel Ambash loses appeal to reduce 26 year prison sentence28.05.2018Israel defy UN Conventions to extend persecution of human rights lawyer 03.05.2018The experience of being a target of Israeli surveillance23.03.2018Israeli Journalist still imprisoned 13 months without trial for insulting public officials17.03.2018Israel Government targets broken fathers17.03.2018Israel sets up team to silence activists and British Journalist17.01.2018Israeli Juvenile lawyer goes public to appeal for rescue of child trapped in Institution25.12.2017Israeli anti corruption Protests bring 100,000 to the streeet28.11.2017The deep rabbit hole of Israel Judicial Corruption20.11.2017Elitism rules as public officials protected from criticism28.10.2017The Ideology of Evil24.10.2017Radical Feminism out of control in Israel?08.10.2017Judicial and cyber terrorism in Israel05.10.2017Protecting the elites from insult, how big a crime is it to insult a public official?23.09.2017Kafka style court hearings in Israel08.09.2017Will witnesses avoid the bloggers cyber trial in Israel?28.08.2017Trial of Israeli bloggers to be held behind Closed Doors15.08.2017Shame, Shame on Israel as Police Assault Disabled protestors12.08.2017Judicial corruption exposure resurfaces - in time to save Netanyahu?18.07.2017Murder attempt on gay human rights lawyer in Israel prison13.07.2017Radical Feminism receives a blow as Israeli Knesset discuss libel claims against men27.06.2017Israeli Fathers Rights still plummeting as first step is criminalisation19.06.2017Judicial corruption and the Modern methods of torture in Israel18.06.2017What is Antisemitism?18.06.2017Israeli Social Workers tell mother to consult with children before suprising them with a pet24.05.2017Jewish Israel imprisons man for Holding Torah Prayer in public22.05.2017Israeli Judge Avraham Haiman says "send everybody to jail"21.05.2017Is Israel heading for a civil revolution?06.05.2017Israelis face police violence in protest against Netanyahu corruption 23.04.2017Barak Lezer - Counsel for Israel Court Administration leaks confidential scoops on corruption in Judiciary 06.04.2017Shockwaves in legal community as 3 Israeli Human rights activists indicted28.03.2017The reasons why Israelis don't speak out against corruption (Part 1)15.03.2017Israel Democracy imploding as free speech crackdown lands human rights lawyers in prison10.03.2017Israeli Criminal Lawyer steps in to criticise ruthless takedown of activists09.03.2017Israeli father taken at gunpoint by swat team in his own home01.03.2017Israeli lawyer threatens father in closed courtroom28.02.2017Israel imprisons 6 human rights defenders27.02.2017Wave of arrests in crackdown on Free Speech in Israel18.02.2017New campaign starts to prosecute Israeli Judges16.01.2017Is Israel becoming Anti semitic?04.01.2017The death of freedom of speech in Israel?29.12.2016Israeli Father wins unprecedented custody of his child08.12.2016Barbara Streisand's Cousin living in Aliya hell in Israel14.11.2016Israeli Judge Elia Nuss becomes the persecutor23.10.2016CLAIMS OF SELF HATING JEWS PREVENT INTERNATIONAL HELP FOR ISRAELI CHILDREN18.10.2016JUDGE DEMANDS TO KNOW HOW DEFENDANT LEARNED LEGAL COMPETENCE13.10.2016Woman admits NO violence yet takes advantage of battered women's shelter benefits22.09.2016FATHER WINS UNPRECEDENTED RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL IN ISRAEL FAMILY COURT21.09.2016Julie Pearson - British Girl murdered in Eilat, Israel. Family fight on for justice and to bring suspect to trial05.09.2016INJUSTICE OF FAMILY COURTS IN ISRAEL01.09.2016Israeli Father files Habeas Corpus Claim against Women's Shelter01.09.2016US Court claims State of Israel is the father of my children01.08.2016BASIC LAWS OF ISRAEL IGNORED TO ABUSE JEWS23.07.2016Israeli Father and British Journalist Arrested14.07.2016THE DEATH OF FATHERHOOD13.07.2016New Democratic Party for Israel?11.07.2016ISRAELIS FIGHTING FOR FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY29.06.2016Israeli women lie in divorce, 99% commit perjury12.06.2016Judicial Brutality in Israel: Lessons from Judge Keren Miller’s arrest hearing of News Reporter Lory Shem Tov11.06.2016Israeli Judge Ronit Poznanski ordered arrest of woman who stole a soda can and 3 shekels 02.06.2016Israeli blogger's home ransacked02.06.2016Israeli Journalist thrown into jail24.05.2016No discrimination in Police Brutality in Israel23.05.2016Brutal beating of Arab Man by 8 police in Tel Aviv19.05.2016Avigdor Liberman returns to coalition with Netanyahu10.05.2016ISRAELI COURTS DENY JUSTICE FOR RAPE VICTIMS OF AUSTRALIAN TEACHER24.04.2016WIZO AND WELFARE MINISTER SERVED WITH LAWSUIT FOR CHILD TRAFFICKING IN ISRAEL13.04.2016 CROSSING ISRAELI CHECKPOINT17.03.2016AMBASH APPEAL - CULT OR PSYCHOSIS?27.02.2016ISRAELI CHILDREN ARE A BUSINESS - TV REPORT SHOWS WELFARE ABUSE 01.02.2016A LOVE LETTER FROM THE GRAVE FROM A MOTHER31.01.2016OECD REPORT - ISRAELIS GETTING POORER AND WHAT THE REPORT WILL NOT TELL YOU14.12.2015BETHLEHEM BABY STILL AT RISK, HANUKKAH OR CHRISTMAS MIRACLE?08.12.2015ANOTHER CIVIL LAWSUIT RAISED AGAINST ISRAELI CHILDRENS ORGANISATION03.12.2015CHILD TRAFFICKING LAWSUIT AGAINST ISRAEL REVEALED20.11.2015WORLD EXCLUSIVE - CIVIL LAWSUIT FILED AGAINST ISRAELI WELFARE MINISTER31.10.2015Israeli children suffer as world keeps silent27.09.2015Lawyers fighting for law changes in Israel to improve human rights23.09.2015Israel strangles freedom of speech23.09.2015Israel Welfare Ministry wins media ban on story of mother fighting for her child