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Marianne Azizi . 23 Sept. 2015
The Day of Atonement in Israel
The Day of Atonement in Israel

Today Israel stood still.  Not a car could be heard in the city of Tel Aviv.  All the arguing and wrangling stopped for 25 hours as the Holy Day of Yom Kippur occurred.

I received many messages today - from disenchanted people who couldn't keep the holiday.  The mothers who have lost their children to the Welfare; fathers trying to find solutions to their problems and wait to see their children for one or two precious hours in the coming week.

I read the messages everyone posted on social media - wishing each other a good 'fast' and a good signature.  Signing off the new year so start afresh.

Innocent prisoners languished in their cells yearning to see their families.  The conviction rate in Israel is 99.8% resulting in many thousands of innocent people locked away.  It is days like this when the injustice is enlarged and the unfairness of life is magnified.

Forgiveness and apologies flew around this week, as people said sorry to each other for all the hurts.  But the deeper need to forgive?  I'm not sure that a 25 hour period is enough for the pain and suffering inflicted on each other through the brutal legal system.

Lawyers I know found the day peaceful, able to get on with write yet more defenses; more pleas and undisturbed by the constant ringing of the cellphones.

Children in institutions and emergency centres will have looked out of the windows and cried for their parents, wondering if they will ever go home - 10,000 children a year are taken by the Welfare (Revaha) in Israel.

The people were at one in their fast, but will they be as one tomorrow as the battles begin again?

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