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Marianne Azizi . 23 Sept. 2015
Men's rights in Israel at an all time low
Men's rights in Israel at an all time low

False Claims by women is now an epidemic says Judge Assaf Zaguri

The subject of men’s rights or lack of them in Israel cannot be underestimated. The best interest of the child is being swept aside in the wave of feminist laws. Last week on 23rd June, 2016, a panel of the Israel Bar was held in Tel Aviv, headed by attorney Moran Samun.

Judge Assaf Zaguri in Israel says 99% of women claiming domestic violence are liars.

All panelists agreed the Israeli family judges are helpless to combat the epidemic of false complaints filed by women against their husbands. Decades of propaganda that women are ‘afraid’ to file police complaints for violence have resulted in a system which gives women immunity from prosecution for perjury and false complaints. The real fact is, that there has been no proof that women are afraid to file police complaints. On the contrary, it has become a routine in Israel that women file complaints in a row, sometimes on a weekly basis, and none of them are ‘afraid’

Judge Assaf Zaguri said the only way to flush out the falsity of complaints is to challenge the women to undergo polygraphs. He claims the mere challenge to such women whom he suspects of lying results in many cases of withdrawal of the complaints. Those who still insist and are willing to take the exam fail at a rate of 99%, which shows women have become habitual liars at the Israeli Courts. According to the Judge, he has sent 10% of his case loads of violence alleged by women to a polygraph, and his intuition did not fail him, as almost all of the women were found to be liars. In the rest of the cases, he claims he was able to convince the women to drop the complaints.

The panel included many other Judges including Yehoram Sheked and Erez Shani (Tel Aviv), and Nachshon Fischer (Rishon LeZion), who agreed that the system is overloaded with women simply lying through their teeth. Judge Nashon Fischer, who is one of the first Judges to impose severe financial penalties upon lying women, actually minimized the phenomenon and claimed that he will only impose sanctions if the complaint is malicious and causes damage to employment of separation of the father from his kids.

Judge Yehoram Sheked said that in his courtroom, there are very few false complaints, because he warns the sides that if he finds a false complaint, there will be severe repercussions. Judge Yehoram Sheked, when he was a practicing attorney represented several men seeking damages for false complaints, and in all cases he  failed.

In one particular case when he appeared before Judge Shifra Glick with a rare case when a woman was prosecuted for false complaint and accused of herself exerting violence against her husband, he was rejected by Judge Glick, who told him that despite all the evidence, the prevalent public policy is not to punish the woman with penalties, because it "will come out of the children's food".

That is, of course, a common false excuse because in many cases women receive more child support than the child actually needs, because of twisted interpretations of Jewish law. Women also receive hundreds of thousands of Shekels in Ketuba, under Jewish law, in compensation for agreeing to marry the man and become a wife. They also receive half of the man's properties and income discrepencies, so the claim that damages against a lying woman will cause the children to starve is an absolute hoax.

When Jewish men are ordered to pay often in excess of 100% of their salaries, and the wife’s income is exempt, it would be rare for the children to starve by means of the father. Those men who wish to be involved in their children’s lives find themselves at the mercy of an ex wife who can make a complaint at any juncture, and can cause a father to be imprisoned. There are many examples of fathers tortured by false complaints, one already reaching 150. Each time a claim is dropped, the record of not guilty for a man is NOT registered. Merely a lack of evidence. This can result in the destruction of man’s life, work, reputation, sanity and parenthood.

The life of a Jewish father in Israel in divorce can be fatal.  Following this committee panel, fathers were dealt another blow as the vote on the Tender Years Assumption - giving all children in divorce 6 and under to the mother was again rejected.  Israel are the only democratic country in the world to have this law, despite the UN recommending it being abolished 5 years ago.  The fight goes on for the sake of the children.

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