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Freedom of Speech in Israel - no criticism allowed

Freedom of Speech in Israel - no criticism allowed

In 2011 the Coalition for Children and Family in Israel (Ccf Israel) wrote to the UN Rapporteur to express concerns of freedom of speech and how in particular men were being prevented from criticising the systems.  The Rapporteur Frank Le Rue came in to Israel and did indeed express concerns about the extreme controls by the censorship board on freedom of the press.

Now, in 2016, the curtailing of freedom of expression has extended to social media and blogging.  Previous articles have highlighted the plight of Lory Shem Tov, the journalist who was imprisoned for speaking out against corrupt judges.  Last year a human rights activist was imprisoned twice for speaking against the Welfare Ministry.

These people and tens of thousands of others are fighting for a better Israel - a country which is fair, gives equal rights and supports the welfare of children.  They complain about the corruption across the country, not because they hate Israel, but because they love it.  Yet they are betrayed over and over again - arrests, investigations, harrassment and even prison.  They are fighting for the right to express a view without being criminalised.     Nothing has changed or improved.  It has declined even further.  When a journalist is imprisoned it cannot sink much lower, and should be a concern for all Israeli citizens.

It is due to this extensive censorship that so few people outside Israel know what is happening to the civil and human rights issues of the Jewish population.

Here is the report written 5 years ago.  Today, it would be even more tragic as so many men have taken their lives since then.



To the Honorable Frank La Rue,

The public in Israel has only recently been exposed to the Government of Israel’s

attempts to curtail freedom of speech and freedom of expression by proposing a

bill to Amend the Libel laws by increasing no damages statutory award from about

$19,000 to $86,000 without a showing of actual damages. This is gaining support

in the Knesset and will surely affect the public and media’s ability to express

opinions and expose corruption.

However, some sectors in Israel have been exposed to Government sponsored

silencing techniques, for example, men in divorce. Briefly stated, the law provides

that women get automatic interim custody (“tender years presumption”), and men

are sent to a government appointed social worker to examine their parental fitness

for visitation rights. The Ministry of Welfare’s most frequent response is to

recommend visitations in a supervised contact center. Already Israel’s rates of

supervised visitation are the highest in the world (20% to 25%) as opposed to 1-2%

in the United States.  Women are also exempt from paying child support. and are

immune from being prosecuted for false domestic violence complaints.

Currently parliamentary commissions are about to file reports on parental equality

(Schnit Commission) and fair adjustments of child support (Shifman commission). 

However father's rights and men's organisations are not represented in these

commissions.  They are not invited to regular sessions which affect their situation.

Fathers’ rights activists may be affected in any one of these ways:

1. Special Commissions established to make legislative recommendations that

affect the relationship between men and women, are populated with radical

feminists who disseminate anti-male speech, while no member of the

men’s rights organization is appointed as sitting members of the panel.

This is not just a matter of participating in the democratic process; it is also

an issue of exclusion of the same people whose lives are affected.

2. Regular sessions of the Knesset Committees (Committee for the

Advancement of Women, Committee of Labor and Welfare and Committee

for the rights of the child), are conducted without invitations to men’s

rights NGOs, while highly paid representatives and lobbyists of the

women’s organizations, are regularly invited, allowed to express their

opinions, and participate in the democratic process.

3. Social workers scan the various internet blogs and facebook groups to “fish

out” fathers who express frustration with the “system”. They are called to

interviews and being asked point blank if they are active in men’s’ rights

groups. Whether they admit it or not, their visitations rights with the

children are suspended, and they are sent to a Contact Center, where they

get one hour a week with the children in prison like setting.

4. Family courts judges, where proceedings are in closed doors, and no

genuine transcript is maintained, also ask men, who are usually the

Defendants, if they are active in men’s rights organizations, particularly the

Movement for The Future of Our Children. Here the consequences are

severe, because the man can be enjoined from entering his home, his

visitations suspended, and his half of the marital property confiscated to

“compensate the wife”.

5. Two more silencing tools are used to suppress fathers’ freedom of

expression and opinion, and to express criticism against the family court,

the social workers, and to fight to change the discriminatory laws. The

first is the automatic gag orders on anything occurring within the family

court and under direction of the family court. The second is the use of

“invasion of privacy” tort action against the father. (Men have no chance

in launching parallel tort actions).

6. Here are some examples: A father who wrote about his pain in a blog

without identifying the woman was slapped with $15,000 in compensatory

award. He merely described his pain that the daughter is not allowed to

sleep overnight over the weekend. The wife argued that her identity may

be assumed because the writer’s name was public, and she may be

presented as an emotional extortionist. Judge Mira Dahan stated that by

suing under “invasion of privacy”, “truth” in the publication is no defense.

7. Another father who wrote a literary book, laden with sexual descriptions,

although the wife was not named, and the literary creation may or may not

be fiction, the wife managed to enjoin the printing of the book, and

obtained $60,000 in damages. She argued again that her privacy was

invaded, because “a reader may attribute the character to her”. Thus, even

the freedom to express oneself in literary creations has become a very risky

matter in the backdrop of divorce. (Civ. Index 3213/09, Judge Gila Kanfi

Shteinitz, District Court Jerusalem, November 21, 2011).

8. A father appeared last month on television (for the first time) without

pixelating his face, with full name, and described the horrible experiences

of separation from his two year old. The Judge, Esther Shtein in Rishon

LeZion, immediately retaliated (case of Shipperman v. Shipperman).

9. A new cause for alarm is the announcement by the Minister of Welfare that

a new law is being promoted to direct social workers to file police

complaints against fathers (who are essentially coerced clients of the

welfare authorities), whenever they feel threatened. This means that any

time father may argue with a social worker about the extent of visitations

she allows him; she can terminate the “services” by filing a police

complaint. This silencing technique has been used in the past (complaint

of Ronit Tzur v. Yaakov Ben Isaschar), but not as a system wide operative


10. The Ministry of welfare has launched libel cases against such “coerced

clients” fathers, who write guides for the public warning them of nefarious

activities of welfare agents, exposing corruption and brutality used at

outplacement facilities for children.

• In one case, the father called the social workers’ discrimination

practices between parents “Apartheid” and “Hitler modus operandi”.

He was ordered to pay compensation in the amount of 206,000 NIS


• The Ministry of Welfare also petitioned the Court to compel

psychiatric commitment to a facility solely on account of public

activities expressing disdain from the Ministry of Welfare antifather


11. Although not directly on the freedom of speech in the public arena, at

family Courts, judges limit litigant’s time for evidentiary trials, and place

armed guards next to the fathers so as to intimidate them/silence them

(Judge Rivka Mekayes, Kfar Saba family court).

• In the case of Dr. Eric Cohen-Addad, when his wife got extensive

time to express herself, and he lifted a finger for the right to address

the Judge, the Judge gave a nod to the guards to brutally beat up Dr.


• In the case of Joel Leyden, also a litigant in front of Judge Mekayes,

the father who was in the business of news aggregation and

reporting regarding all aspects of life in Israel, The Israel News

Agency, the first Internet news organization out of Israel, est. in

1995 with credentials by the Government Press Office, when this

father reported stories from the courtroom of Judge Mekayes, the

Judge ordered the server to take the site down abruptly, thousands

of news stories were lost and Mr. Leyden was fined $14,000. The

site has been partly restored and is now operating in the U.

12. The Ministry of Welfare also targets the press when unflattering reports are

published by launching grievances with the Israel Press Council, which

conducts a full a blown trial based on the press ethics code. In one case, the

major newspaper overstated the number of children removed from parental

care to outplacement facilities. This creates a chilling effect on reporters

not to “mess” with welfare office, or else their integrity will be tarnished.

• See, Ministry of Welfare v. Yedioth Achronot, January 18, 2009.

The newspaper was directed to issue an apology, and since then

systematically refrains from exposing any issues that place it in

conflict with this powerful organ of the state.

• Reporter Meirav Batito on August 8, 2008 brokered a story about the

abuse of orphans at Welfare facilities. The newspaper received a

barrage of intimidating legal demands, and refrained from follow

ups ever since.

13. The Ministry of welfare systematically refuses to include representatives of

the serviced population in its various councils and policymaking meetings.

For example, the statutory Council of Social Work is an advisory body to

the Minister, Moshe Kahlon. The law provides that three representatives

of the serviced sector be appointed to the Council by the Minister. The

Minister appointed only one representative for the gay and lesbian sector,

and left two slots deliberately empty. Efforts to populate the slots by

authentic representatives who are not pacifiers of the ministers, failed. The

Council meets behind closed doors.

In conclusion, on the one hand the Government unnecessarily and unreasonably

interferes with people’s lives and liberties, (for example by turning all men in

divorce clients of the ministry of welfare), and on the other hand the Government

uses a myriad of undemocratic tools to silence discontent via “invasion of privacy”

and libel tort cases, penalties of disengagement from children, and initiated police

complaints to suppress public opposition.

The overreaching gag orders at family courts prevent fathers and men from

expressing natural feelings such as joy, or happiness (for example posting pictures

with the children on the net without the woman’s consent), or feelings of anger,

disappointment or frustrations, because those can be interpreted by the woman,

again, as defamation or invasion of privacy. There is also a widespread witchhunt

of those fathers wishing to participate in the democratic process to change the laws,

and render them gender neutral. Fathers and men’s NGOs are excluded from

parliamentary committee sessions and from commissions to investigate their own


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Men's rights in Israel at an all time low

Men's rights in Israel at an all time low

False Claims by women is now an epidemic says Judge Assaf Zaguri

The subject of men’s rights or lack of them in Israel cannot be underestimated. The best interest of the child is being swept aside in the wave of feminist laws. Last week on 23rd June, 2016, a panel of the Israel Bar was held in Tel Aviv, headed by attorney Moran Samun.

Judge Assaf Zaguri in Israel says 99% of women claiming domestic violence are liars.

All panelists agreed the Israeli family judges are helpless to combat the epidemic of false complaints filed by women against their husbands. Decades of propaganda that women are ‘afraid’ to file police complaints for violence have resulted in a system which gives women immunity from prosecution for perjury and false complaints. The real fact is, that there has been no proof that women are afraid to file police complaints. On the contrary, it has become a routine in Israel that women file complaints in a row, sometimes on a weekly basis, and none of them are ‘afraid’

Judge Assaf Zaguri said the only way to flush out the falsity of complaints is to challenge the women to undergo polygraphs. He claims the mere challenge to such women whom he suspects of lying results in many cases of withdrawal of the complaints. Those who still insist and are willing to take the exam fail at a rate of 99%, which shows women have become habitual liars at the Israeli Courts. According to the Judge, he has sent 10% of his case loads of violence alleged by women to a polygraph, and his intuition did not fail him, as almost all of the women were found to be liars. In the rest of the cases, he claims he was able to convince the women to drop the complaints.

The panel included many other Judges including Yehoram Sheked and Erez Shani (Tel Aviv), and Nachshon Fischer (Rishon LeZion), who agreed that the system is overloaded with women simply lying through their teeth. Judge Nashon Fischer, who is one of the first Judges to impose severe financial penalties upon lying women, actually minimized the phenomenon and claimed that he will only impose sanctions if the complaint is malicious and causes damage to employment of separation of the father from his kids.

Judge Yehoram Sheked said that in his courtroom, there are very few false complaints, because he warns the sides that if he finds a false complaint, there will be severe repercussions. Judge Yehoram Sheked, when he was a practicing attorney represented several men seeking damages for false complaints, and in all cases he  failed.

In one particular case when he appeared before Judge Shifra Glick with a rare case when a woman was prosecuted for false complaint and accused of herself exerting violence against her husband, he was rejected by Judge Glick, who told him that despite all the evidence, the prevalent public policy is not to punish the woman with penalties, because it "will come out of the children's food".

That is, of course, a common false excuse because in many cases women receive more child support than the child actually needs, because of twisted interpretations of Jewish law. Women also receive hundreds of thousands of Shekels in Ketuba, under Jewish law, in compensation for agreeing to marry the man and become a wife. They also receive half of the man's properties and income discrepencies, so the claim that damages against a lying woman will cause the children to starve is an absolute hoax.

When Jewish men are ordered to pay often in excess of 100% of their salaries, and the wife’s income is exempt, it would be rare for the children to starve by means of the father. Those men who wish to be involved in their children’s lives find themselves at the mercy of an ex wife who can make a complaint at any juncture, and can cause a father to be imprisoned. There are many examples of fathers tortured by false complaints, one already reaching 150. Each time a claim is dropped, the record of not guilty for a man is NOT registered. Merely a lack of evidence. This can result in the destruction of man’s life, work, reputation, sanity and parenthood.

The life of a Jewish father in Israel in divorce can be fatal.  Following this committee panel, fathers were dealt another blow as the vote on the Tender Years Assumption - giving all children in divorce 6 and under to the mother was again rejected.  Israel are the only democratic country in the world to have this law, despite the UN recommending it being abolished 5 years ago.  The fight goes on for the sake of the children.

#Judge Assaf Zaguri, #Moran Samun, #false claims committee, #Israel Bar, #Women lie in divorce courts, #men imprisoned on false claims, #no rights for israeli fathers



Something is happening inside Israel.  In the past five years particularly I have noticed a major shift in attitudes.  Not from the whole population of course, but there is a growing discontent.  Having spent six months this year interviewing, videoing and meeting people who have been 'affected' by the system, I have seen despair, desperation and frustration unlike anything I've encountered in the 28 years of my connection to the country.

In the past month two major civil lawsuits have been filed from the USA by Israelis against various judges, children's organisations and even the Minister of Welfare.  So what is going on that has driven people to such drastic action and why isn't it filling the world newspapers?

Looking behind the published news.  The poverty rate is now 36.7%.  It is said the figures are mainly due to the religious community or Arabs having a lot of children.  As one lawyer said to me in Tel Aviv - 'look around you, this is not a city full of those people, yet poverty is all around'.  I see beggars everywhere, and during our coffee we were approached a dozen times in our first half hour.  According to OECD reports, Israel has one of the lowest incomes.  Many people I met are earning only 8,000 or less.  Rent in Tel Aviv barely leaves anything from this income for food.

Calls of a corrupt country ring out every Saturday with the gas protest.  The selling of the gas so cheaply has resulted in tens of thousands of citizens marching through Tel Aviv in protest with Bibi Netanyahu. 

The most famous whistleblower of the decade - Rafi Rotem - continues to seek justice for the major tax fraud which was exposed 13 years ago.  Despite 3 hit and run episodes; two broken arms at the hands of police brutality, and now the support of journalists in Israel, nothing has been done to bring indictments of a long list of public officials.

The conviction rate in criminal courts is now 99.8%, one of the highest rates in the democratic world, and I met and interviewed people who had served time in prison for crimes they didn't commit.  There is no jury in court, and police corruption is wide.  One leading police chief Malka was recently indicted, and there is more to come.

The most feared ministry in Israel is the Welfare.  In previous articles, I have published the requests of the Coalition of Children & Family Israel - a civil society who reports to the UNHRC in Geneva regularly.  They report on the horrors of the family and juvenile courts, yet nothing is done.  Closed doors in courts mean nothing is publicly available.  I interviewed Joseph Zernik - who is considered a world leader in IT fraud in court systems in USA and Israel - who explained how the judges actually lie in protocols.

The number of children who are taken from parents and placed into private institutions and foster care is mentioned on social media almost daily - 10,000 per annum.  I videoed a kenes (open meeting) with Esther Herzog and Yosi Silman (former chief of the Welfare), who openly talked of these numbers.  It is widely known the institutions receive $5000 per child per month in their care, and foster parents receive up to $1000 per month per child.

There are no remedies.  There is no independent ombudsman set up, despite calls for over 20 years under the treaty of the UNCRC - Children's rights Convention.  Children are taken from parents at an alarming rate.  In my time in Israel, I saw just one child taken, or half the children taken from a family.  In one case a mother lost 4 of her children but was left with her youngest.  Her children are split between foster care and institutions, and she is told regularly what a great mother she is.  She is allowed to have her kids to visit, sometimes for over a week at a time at the discretion of social workers.  She is a walking zombie - another term used in the social media and common language of those affected like her.

It is reported that 25% of children in a marriage breakdown visit a parent in a Contact Centre - known in Hebrew as the Merkaz Kesher.  I videoed some of them, and talked to parents who experience them.  Originally set up as a centre for children who are affected by alienation or violence of a parent, they are now used as the first resort, not the last.  Lawyers I videoed talked of the horror for both children and parents as they endure sterile rooms, or in some locations just a dirty unkempt garden.  The suicide rate of divorcing men (1 in 72) is widely known in the community of family lawyers.

When interviewing and filming the lawyer heading up the Committee for False Claims in Israel, she explained the current practice.  Women simply need to claim her husband is violent with absolutely NO proof, and the man is arrested, often treated brutally, imprisoned and broken.  One day he is a father, the next he is nothing.  Child support demands can exceed income, and judges order fathers to get more than one job.  Moran Simun, the lawyer trying to bring reform, explained how easy it is to turn ordinary men into criminals.  Her clients are wealthy to middle class men, so the concept of dead beat dads is a myth.  Women's organisations have a grip on the country, and men's rights are non existent.  She describes how it is a human rights violation and tens of thousands of children not only suffer but are at even more risk in private institutions.

Family lawyers are inundated with work, and as many told me - it's all preventable work.  Women are protected in a bizarre clause in the law - 2.5.  The original meaning was if they made a false claim and subsequently retracted it, there would be no punishment.  Now, the practice is that all claims are accepted, and all men are automatically guilty.  The pendulum has swung too far, from the days when women were chained (Agunah) in a marriage, it is now about 50/50.  Women, under Jewish Law, are not financially responsible for their children, just the man.  According to OECD figures, the child support demand is at least $600 per child.  All on the man.  So if the marriage generated a joint income from man and wife, in divorce all the payments are incumbent on the father.  If he has 3 children, he has to find at least $2000, plus 30% of the running costs of his previous home; plus all the extras such as medical, dental, kindergarten fees, trips etc.  If his salary doesn't allow for this, and his ex in some cases earning double or triple his wage, he becomes the criminal, by law.  In Israel, this financial demand does not happen to the Christians or Muslims, so religious discrimination is evident.

The No Exit Order - preventing travel abroad - is administered liberally by the Hatza Lapoal - (Bailiff).  It is recorded that over 3.5 million files are currently there.  It is also recorded unofficially (as it is almost impossible to get government figures despite many lawyers putting in requests) that over 1 million Israelis are not allowed to travel outside Israel, unless placing enormous financial bonds and providing guarantors.  Lawyers on the videos talk about the prison of Israel, and how freedom of movement is a Basic right, yet denied.  It is mentioned that children of divorce are also automatically given the No Exit Order until the age of 21.  The opportunity for adults to go abroad and earn more money is curtailed.

Foreign nationals are also held arbitrarily.  If they have a connection to Israel, it is high risk for them to visit if involved in domestic disputes.  The US government travel page even issues a warning that their citizens can be held involuntarily for long periods of time.  I videoed a Stanford Professor who has been in Israel against his will for over 15 years!

Israelis were literally queuing up to tell stories and be videoed.  One horror story after another, all with the same theme.  Activists and bloggers who try to get stories out are regularly arrested by the police.  News stories about family laws and the Welfare are gagged resulting in the population not yet affected by the system only learning when they are themselves caught into it.  Parents who lose children haven't enough money to fight.  Those who do have battled courts for decades with no remedies.

So, finally in desperation, Israelis are turning outside.  It's breaking their hearts to have to expose the corruption of the State.  Most are loyal and love their country.  I never thought I would see a time when Israelis want to go the the UN for their own human rights. 

I have videoed and spoken to people who have broken.  People who are tormented by the decision to speak up.  People who say there is no other way.  People who have turned from love to hate of the State, yet love their land.  I have hundreds of testimonies, dozens of lawyers who want to verify these facts, and teams of legal professionals who are either preparing efforts in the Supreme Court, gathering people for class actions; helping clients who want to go to the UN or Hague Convention; sue from the USA and fight daily battles to return children to good parents.

Social media is packed in Israel.  If people complain about a public official, such as a judge or Social Worker, it is a criminal offence - 'insulting a public official'.  Men and women report of police brutality, and children have been videoed talking of their experiences in institutions.  In a recent report by the Jerusalem Post, it is said 70% of children in private hands are being abused.

The UNCRC expresses concern at the lack of independent ombudsman, the increase in foster care and the worry that institutions are nearly all privatised.  Nothing has been done.

Families in despair are turning against their country.  Last month a mother killed her own children, and a father killed his two children - 'in revenge to the mother'.  It takes a lot to systematically break a person to commit such acts, or commit suicide.

 Lawyers made the same statements - who will help the people of Israel?  Who will finally listen?  It has taken courage for the people to speak.  Will anyone listen and help?  Funding is desperately required to save lives. 

#Israel, #Children, #Divorce, #Suicide, #Law, #Family Law, #Human Rights, #Corruption, #Wizo, #Judges, #Closed Doors




When meeting an alleged cult leader, who lived with 6 women, the first question people wanted me to ask was about his sexual habits. I met with Daniel Ambash a few weeks ago – serving 26 years in an Israeli prison. He told me I could ask anything, so I did.

“How did you manage all your women, and satisfy them? People are obsessed with your sexual practices.”

“If a single man sleeps with several women a week, or a married man has a mistress or two – do people ask such questions?” he replied. “Yet I am serving a life sentence for such honesty?”

There is no hard evidence to convict him, most articles written at the time of his sentencing in 2011 there was a society led lynching. There is currently a gag order in Israel to prevent the evidence which condemned him to be released to the public. A plethora of information is available on http://www.דניאלאמבש.com/

Is it appropriate to ask any person their personal sexual habits? It is no more appropriate than believing it is acceptable to touch a pregnant woman's stomach. There is an automatic presumption that a family of 6 women and one man, with a group of children must therefore be sexually deviant.

In less than a month on December 3rd an appeal will be held to free Daniel Ambash.

Morality cannot be used to sentence a man and his women to prison. Only the law. I spent 4 days with the Ambash women, and also interviewed Jessica Vaturi – the french film maker who spent over 2 years making a film of the family.  Rumours and comments about the family's 'obvious guilt' will grow.

The main defining elements of a cult are the control of the members; not allowing them to mix outside with family and friends; no independence; control of their lives and possible extortion of money from families. No such evidence was ever provided.

The women are strong, independent and very different in their thinking. They continue to have support of their family and friends.

What must be understood is the justice system in Israel. With a 99.8% conviction rate and an absence of a jury, over 30% of people convicted are innocent. When it is a matter of a sexual crime – no evidence is required, just the claim or hearsay given. Claims can be made years after a so called event and no forensic evidence is provided. The real unpunished crimes continue of the welfare services who deprived the children of their parents and a happy life, and the brutal behaviour of the police in trying to extract confessions. (another article will follow with a retired police commander confessing to leading torture for admissions).

The women in the life of Daniel Ambash have suffered four long years. Initially incarcerated in a shelter for abused women for their own good, and latterly held in prison awaiting trial for a crime which was eventually dismissed. The question must be asked as to how a man can be sentenced to what amounts to life imprisonment for mind control and telepathy if the women themselves did not carry out such instructions.

The following is an introduction to an upcoming book telling the remarkable story of the Ambash family. The introduction is made by their lawyer who on December 3rd will be representing them in an appeal to release Daniel Ambash from prison. Please note the contents are of an adult nature and may be offensive to some.

“Let us unravel some mysteries in the criminal prosecution in Israel of Daniel Ambash, a man with 6 wives. His conviction is part of a crackdown in Israel against cults. It is said that his own family is a sadistic cult, and he is a guru possessing magic powers to overtake minds. What happened in this unique criminal case that sent a heterosexual man to prison for 26 years, a gay man for 6 years, and 4 of his women ending up in jail for one year? The Israeli media calls them the “Sadistic Cult of Jerusalem”. The Judges of Jerusalem say that he turned his women into robots; mindless women who cannot exercise independent judgment, and nothing they say can be believed, because they are robots trapped in mental slavery.

The Judges decided that the women are sex slaves, and that until they admit that they were sex slaves, and thank the police for putting them in jail for one year, plus half a year in a shelter for battered women (where they were placed against their will), they are to be treated as brainwashed sheep. Four years after the police raid on the Ambash home, these women continue to say that they were never brainwashed buy their husband, and in particular that they were never raped. The Israeli Prosecution continues to claim that they are rape victims, and that they deny it only because the are brainwashing was so strong, they are still under influence even when Daniel is 4 years behind bars. Quite an astonishing position, considering that when the police raided the house, they expected the women to thank them for the “rescue operation”, and instead the women insisted that the police had simply made a big mistake.

Their story raises questions which were never before raised in criminal cases in Israel, or perhaps elsewhere. Can a man commit crimes by transmitting telepathic messages to his family members who are in mental captivity? Can a man rape his own wives who say loudly that they were never raped? How credible is the story of the rape, when it is alleged that Daniel raped them by giving an order to a gay man to insert fingers to their vagina, and everybody does what they are told in the situations because they are all in mental captivity? Can a man be charged with rape even if the women say he never raped them? Can these women be considered victims of slavery, and then be charged with raping a boy under the influence of mental captivity? How this man manage to mentally influence 6 women and 17 children (some over 18 years old) into mental slavery? Was this a sadistic cult?

A man was sentenced in Israel to 26 years in prison. The verdict described horrendous crimes such as raping children with a broomstick in the anus, inserting cucumbers and zucchini into a child’s anus, electrocuting girls with an electric shocker, starvation of children, forcing children to sleep on sharp thorns, rubbing a child with honey and calling bees to sting him, ordering a gay man to insert his fingers into women’s vaginas to inspect secretions, ordering a women to perform fellatio on a horse in front of women and children, inserting snakes and mice into women’s vaginas, ordering women to rub human feces of a gay man on their cheeks, and the jewel of it all, holding his six wives as sex slaves, based on the argument that when one of them touched her clitoris, he told her that he gets aroused.

The list of shocking acts described in the verdict goes on and on. In essence, that man, Daniel Ambash, a French ballet dancer who moved to Israel and lived polyamourously with six women and 17 children, was charged with conducting his family as a nefarious cult, with him being a guru, who demanded obedience from his women and children by performing pagan confession nights, where everybody had to confess about immoral thoughts and receive adequate punishment for it from everyone else.

Just to illustrate how wild the accusations are, the Israeli Prosecutors filed another indictment against four of Daniel’s wives claiming that in one of these pagan ceremonies, a 10 year old child confessed to stealing a cookie from the kitchen, and that Daniel “sentenced” him to the most bizarre punishment: to receive an oral blow job, from one of the women “to deter him from stealing cookies. The women sat in detention for one year waiting for that child to testify against them, and when he did, the three Judges threw out the case against the women. But the Judges in Daniel’s case still convicted Daniel for allegedly giving the order to do so, even though the women who are the alleged perpetrators were acquitted from it.

The Israeli public is convinced that all these sadistic acts did actually happen. That it because of a massive media lynch at the time of the raid on the Ambash home in 2011. The Israeli Judges placed a gag order on the case, except the indictment itself which was released for dissemination and was drafted more like a sensational tabloid than a professional indictment.

Anybody reading the verdict might tends to believe that all these things did really happen, because the Judges convicted Daniel all these crimes: enslavement, rape, sodomy, abuse of children as if he actually did it himself. Only a trained eye can decipher the underlying hidden truth there. In all 18 counts of indictment, Daniel is not charged with actually committing the crimes, but for ordering others to do it, by the power of telepathic persuasion and mental conquest.

In fact, this is probably the first case in modern world, that a person is convicted for crimes he did not commit, simply by attributing to him mental powers to bewitch and induce his family members to perform sexual and other crimes against each other.

The legal theory of taking control over people’s minds which the Jerusalem Judges articulated was very similar to “witchcraft”, except that the entire process of one mind overpowering another mind happens entirely in the mental sphere, and therefore leaves no hard evidence. One would expect that psychiatrists would examine each person involved and testify how is it possible that family members would obey such incredible orders and inflict incredible punishments against their own family members, and also willingly surrender themselves to recive the same kind of incredible punishments, when they themselves confess to immoral thoughts.

But incredibly, the prosecution never performed psychiatric examinations on the alleged perpetrators and the alleged victims, who also doubled as perpetrators, let alone explain from a psychiatric point of view how Daniel himself could possibly induce his wives and children into such “mental captivity” (inability to resist or escape).

The three Judges who convicted Daniel Ambash also avoided completely the need to establish the allegations of mental captivity and mental enslavement via psychiatric testimonies. They simply took it for granted, that human beings can be mentally enslaved, and simply disbelieved anything that Daniel’s wives testified to, because they saw the women as mental slaves. This explains why the Judges convicted Daniel for raping his own wives, by ordering a gay friend to insert fingers into their vaginas, despite the clear testimony of the wives that it never happened. The Judges said that mental slaves are in a state of mind of denial of reality, therefore they are unable to describe accurately details of their own lives, and even if the finger insertion was simply foreplay to consensual sex, they are unable to give consent to consensual sex, their personal will was diminished, because of mental incapacity.

In other words, the Judges saw Daniel’s women as crazy and lunatics, and even called them robots, marionettes, puppets on a string and sheep following the sheepherder. There is no doubt that the Judges super-imposed their own morality on the situation, that any woman sharing her man with other woman must be crazy and out of her mind. What is worst, the Judges entire verdict reeks of their puritan views on human sexuality, expressing their extreme revulsion of anything other conventional missionary sex, such as Sado-Maso, bondage, fetish fulfilment, and role enactments.

There is no doubt that the Judiciary must not interfere with what people do consensually in their own bed, and that the three Judges involved had let their own puritan views of sex dominate their professional judgment.

About a year later, in a case coming from Tel Aviv, another man was prosecuted for operating a sadistic cult and dominating his wives by way of mental captivity and mental enslavement. It is the case of Goel Ratzon. There, the Tel Aviv prosecution did bring two psychiatrist to court, Dr. David Green and Dr. Nethanel Laor, in order to explain how such mental domination is possible. They are the same two psychiatrists who were appointed by the Jerusalem prosecution as experts accompanying the police investigation of the so called Ambash cult.

The Tel Aviv District Court acquitted Ratzon of the charges of holding 30 women in slavery, mainly because the testimony of the psychiatrists was found to be self invented, concocted purely for self interest, derives from personal opinions about morality, is unsupported by any scientific research, lacks any consensus in the scientific community, and is not accepted in any known country in the world. The Supreme Court of Israel denied an application to compel the Tel Aviv District Attorney to appeal the Ratzon verdict.

Nevertheless, the Jerusalem District Attorney refuses to digest this legal defeat and is now appealing the Supreme Court to triple the sentence for Daniel Ambash from 26 years to more than 80 years.

Now how was it possible that some family members appeared in Court and testified that under mental enslavement, they performed horrific acts without the ability to resist “commands” that they allegedly received? Some of these commands were even telepathic. For example, Simcha, the only women out of the 6 women who testified against Daniel Ambash, testified that she licked the vagina of a 19 year old daughter of Esther, the second wife, because “Daniel signaled to her to do so with his eyes”. That is certainly a telepathic command that surely needs an explanation that was never given, how did she understand that the command is to lick a vagina, and why did she not refuse to do so. On another occasion, according to her testimony, she grabbed the pubic hair of a child “as punishment”, because Daniel told her to do so by phone from a distance of 200 kilometers. According to her, because of the mental enslavement, she could not exercise independent judgment and simply refuse to do it?

Why did Simcha and 3 children tell such stories to the Court? To understand this we have to go back to the advice, which the Jerusalem police received, from Green and Laor. Both are psychiatrists who belong to the “Israeli Center for Victims of Cults”, a noisy non-profit group of no more than 5 people, who proclaim themselves as experts on cults and deceive the public that their mission is to fight against missionaries and other “gurus” who try to convert Jews into Christianity, faiths of the east (Hare Krishna, Hinduism), new faiths (scientology), self empowerment groups, (yoga, philosophy) and what they see as derelict faiths out of Judaism, such as Kabala, and messiah worshippers.

The concept that these two psychiatrist developed was that in order to “break the cult”, they first attack the “cult” via the media by way of disseminating “cut and paste” rumors about sexual promiscuity with children and with animals, slavery, cruelty, bizarre worshipping practices etc. The next step is to offer financial incentives to induce “desertion”.

If that doesn’t work, then the police is involved by way of blaming the police for not doing anything to rescue abused women and children. The final step is the sudden arrests of everybody in the “cult”, and charging everyone with sexual molestation of the others. The psychiatrists of the Center for Cult Victims are then appointed experts, and the police adopts the theory that no matter what the say in the interrogation room, they are brainwashed, in self denial, and the only way to effectively interrogate them is to brutally treat them, and to insult them violently. According to the “cult theory” only police brutality can induce cult members to open up. Green and Laor tell the police that separation of all members of the cult from one another and infliction of police brutality is the only way to shock them into confessions, and break the mental bonds with the cult leader and will yield confessions.

This is indeed what happened to Daniel Ambash and his women. The police raided their house, arrested everybody without probable cause, insulted them and used brutal force, as if they belong to the Pablo Escobar drug ring. Each family member arrested was blamed for raping somebody else. The women were threatened with losing their children to foster homes. Children were threatened with spending 20 years in jail for rapes the police knew never happened. As a result wild stories were invented. The police showed to those who were most susceptible to these threats prepared scripts of stories. In the end, one woman, Simcha, and three children were ready to testify against the rest.

There was a trial. The police relied on these 4 witnesses that they recruited. At the trial, not even one piece of evidence was presented. The police and the Judges relied on the scripts which the police asked these witnesses to tell. All of them were considered unreliable, but the Judges said that the aggregation of unreliable witnesses creates one coherent and reliable story of a sadistic cult.

The fiasco that followed is described in this book.


The Day of Atonement in Israel

The Day of Atonement in Israel

Today Israel stood still.  Not a car could be heard in the city of Tel Aviv.  All the arguing and wrangling stopped for 25 hours as the Holy Day of Yom Kippur occurred.

I received many messages today - from disenchanted people who couldn't keep the holiday.  The mothers who have lost their children to the Welfare; fathers trying to find solutions to their problems and wait to see their children for one or two precious hours in the coming week.

I read the messages everyone posted on social media - wishing each other a good 'fast' and a good signature.  Signing off the new year so start afresh.

Innocent prisoners languished in their cells yearning to see their families.  The conviction rate in Israel is 99.8% resulting in many thousands of innocent people locked away.  It is days like this when the injustice is enlarged and the unfairness of life is magnified.

Forgiveness and apologies flew around this week, as people said sorry to each other for all the hurts.  But the deeper need to forgive?  I'm not sure that a 25 hour period is enough for the pain and suffering inflicted on each other through the brutal legal system.

Lawyers I know found the day peaceful, able to get on with write yet more defenses; more pleas and undisturbed by the constant ringing of the cellphones.

Children in institutions and emergency centres will have looked out of the windows and cried for their parents, wondering if they will ever go home - 10,000 children a year are taken by the Welfare (Revaha) in Israel.

The people were at one in their fast, but will they be as one tomorrow as the battles begin again?

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