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In Search of the Teachers Group

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An investigation into a secretive international body. Global business corporation, 'humanitarian charity'... and its leaders are wanted by Interpol.

THE TVIND TEACHERS GROUP (TG) is a secretive international corporate body based in Mexico, Switzerland, Zimbabwe and Denmark, widely regarded as a political and non-religious cult.

Through subsidiaries in over 40 countries, it organises and controls numerous charities, educational institutions, recycling, environmental and volunteering organisations, and, via offshore tax havens, owns and runs important landholdings and businesses.

Among the self-described humanitarian charities it controls are Humana People-to-People, Planet Aid, the Gaia Movement Trust, UFF and DAPP and ADPP in sub-Saharan Africa. It owns the US used-clothes recycling company USAgain, food and furniture businesses, and is a wealthy landholder in the developing world.

Its charismatic founder, Amdi Petersen (that's him above, in 2003), and several other leaders are subject to prosecution for fraud and are wanted internationally by Interpol.

From the charity clothes drop-in box at the end of my London street, through exotic Caribbean tax havens to an extravagant and megalomaniac 'cult headquarters' in the Mexican desert, I will continue my long-running search for the truth about the ideology and finances of the Teachers Group 'empire'.

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Michael Durham

4 years ago

To all my present and previous Byline supporters,

Dear all,

Good news (and perhaps a bit of bad news!)

The Good News is that, after 15 years, the mainstream media has finally cottoned on to the Tvind Teachers Group scandal - it seems pretty certain that the multi-million dollar outrage I have been trying to alert the world to will now be properly exposed.

A major US broadcaster (NBC) and a team of top investigative journalists (Reveal News) has today published serious, detailed and hard-hitting stories exposing the Teachers Group's financial dealings and the activities of its top leadership in the USA. (All the links here:

The Bad News (for me at least) is that neither media outlet has chosen to give me any kind of credit, interview me or link to my work. In fact, it looks as if my Byline stories have simply supplied the mainstream media with free, uncredited source material.

Therefore I have decided to close down the Byline investigation. I was in the middle of a story based on the Panama Papers and offshore accounts, but that now looks pointless and redundant. I am going to ask Byline to close the account (though my articles will hopefully stay online).

If anyone would like a refund, I will happily return your contribution, since not all of it has so far been spent (on Companies House records, commissioning searches and graphics, and assorted 'research' expenses). Please just say. Otherwise, I propose to put the outstanding crowdfunded money into a fund to allow for the continuation of the research and information website as a resource for the public - albeit I will probably no longer update this as often as in the past.

So, this is the end for me and journalism. Perhaps this will be a blessing after all. I am going to have a lot more free time - perhaps this is the moment to start writing that detective novel.

Once again, thanks.

Mike D

R Schunemann

4 years ago

How is it possible for an organisation like this to exist in the 21st century and not have the culprits hunted down and hauled into court?

Michael Durham

4 years ago

Indeed Mr Schunemann. Thanks for your kind support!

Angela Neustatter

4 years ago

This is very interesting and potentially disturbing and I very much want to know more.

Michael Durham

4 years ago

Dear Angela,

You'll be able to find out a lot more imminently. I'll be posting a new article shortly which should interest you - about a young man in Africa who 'signed up' with this group, and what happened to him. I've been very busy in the last few days getting the investigative web site ready to relaunch and that will be happening in the next day or two. I'll let you know when it happens!