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The changing world we live in

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Hina Pandya
The changing world we live in
This column looks at the myriad of issues with tech, data, the changing times we live in and the world of modern journalism.

Times are changing and it's important we have a say and are aware of it and not only because of Brexit.

I have been a writer and journalist for over 8 years, I explore new models of journalism and how it can thrive and grow in today's move from print and free content online.

As a writer of colour, though born and bred British, I have a  unique perspective view, article ideas and style that many mainstream media usually pick up my ideas later and give them to a staffer. Please help me to stay in work by sponsoring my column.

On another note, as a proficient trainer and leader in Social Media, analytics for business and for tools to assist in journalism, I actively seek the new and emerging developments in this area. Expect articles of this nature in this column too.

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Thank you in advance for your kindness and warm generosity, and not just of spirit!

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