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14.05.2018Stopping the SNOOPERS CHARTER might be in sight26.04.2018Artificial Intelligence: is impetus lacking in the UK for the digital infrastructure required?03.04.2018Keeping Facebook in a "Container" and keep your data safe23.03.2018Cambridge Analytics and Facebook, the value of your data28.10.2017"We know where you've been, we can more or less know what you're thinking about" Privacy of your data11.09.2017TFL admits it may use WiFi to track passenger movements in 'real-time'10.09.2017WiFi or Data and how about security?22.04.2017Millennials adept at hacking are also those who know least about the legal spying powers the UK government has on your data.16.04.2017Are GP's unwittingly sharing your data?08.03.2017If women stopped working for a day in the UK, as they did in Iceland in 1975, how would women of colour fare?02.03.2017The Daniel Morgan Murder: Media and Police corruption at its worst.16.02.2017Surveillance, privacy, data & the protection of Journalists' sources; Lauri Love opens the discussion at Byline Festival07.02.2017The reality of Women's rights today and the Women's March; Discussion at the Byline Festival28.01.2017The Woman's March and the next 100 days13.01.2017 The issue of WhatsApp and security29.11.2016Transport for London & collecting your MAC data. Reasons to disable your WiFi on the tube..15.11.2016Home Office approves Lauri Love to be extradited to the US 24.10.2016105 MPs ask Obama to withdraw extradition calls for Lauri Love 16.09.2016 British Judge rules Lauri Love can be extradited to the US21.07.2016In Tech not all women are equal at least not at JP Morgan #WomeninTech events09.07.2016Privacy and Data: should you care who can see it?12.05.2016RIPA request for encryption keys rejected by Judge13.04.2016The demands for encryption keys, passwords vs Privacy & Human rights 11.02.2016Your data is 'safe' for now: The state of the draft Intelligence Powers Bill.