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Daoud Kuttab Column

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Daoud Kuttab
Daoud Kuttab Column
Everything you wanted to know about the Arab world but were afraid to ask

My weekly columns will attempt to shed light on the latest news and events in the Arab region, with the aim of providing clarity and badly-needed original reporting and background information to all readers. The opinion/analysis will be mine but all facts that the opinions will be based on will be sourced so you can double check them.

I will provide you with the thinking of Arabs in the region. We will tackle the Palestinian cause from a mainstream point of view, and with an attempt to give you the background of the thinking and decisions of the moderate leadership while also shedding light on what more radical groups think and why. We will also discuss all other important developments in the Arab region, whether Syria, Yemen, Egypt or Libya.

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Mike Bell

4 years ago

New to Byline - but interested in the directness - thank you for the words so far.