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15.02.2018US-Jordan 'MOU' a Win Win Agreement08.02.2018Don't Forget Gaza?01.02.2018Wanted: Jordanian, Palestinian Strategy for Jerusalem25.01.2018U.S. Vice President Concludes Failed Visit18.01.2018Palestinians in Search for a New Liberation Strategy18.01.2018Jerusalem and Amman Unite Against Trump04.01.2018ًWhy Trump's foreign policy blackmails will fail28.12.2017New Palestinian Strategy is Needed20.12.2017Arrogant US hypocrisy displayed at the UN14.12.2017Trump's move has helped Palestinians07.12.2017Stop blaming Victims16.11.2017Jordanian and Palestinian Evangelicals Unite in Amman09.11.2017Orthodox Church in Jerusalem in trouble for land deals02.11.2017FIFA Rewards Illegal Jewish Settlements27.10.2017Jordan's economic decisions will hurt Syria refugees19.10.2017Jordan is no where to be seen in the current Palestinian reconciliation effort19.10.2017Salvation for Arab civil society must come from within28.09.2017Has President Abbas legitimatized the one state option?21.09.2017Greenblatt oversimplifies Palestinian-Israeli conflict with baby steps14.09.2017What can we expect from the UN for Palestine?07.09.2017Will PNC allow Palestinians to renew their strategy?07.09.2017Will PNC allow Palestinians to renew their strategy?30.08.2017When is untruthful Netanyahu actually telling the truth?03.08.2017Successful Protests in Amman & Jerusalem require more work20.07.2017The popular revolt of Jerusalem's abandoned Palestinians12.07.2017Laila Hzaineh Responds to harrasment with her own video style06.07.2017Politically Overheated Mideast draws more questions than answers30.06.2017US administration more pro Israel than the US Congress22.06.2017Jerusalemites Want King Abdullah to strengthen their steadfastness14.06.2017Cancelling Mashrou' Leila Hurts fight against extremism08.06.2017Wanted: Strategy to ensure Israeli occupation is not around for another fifty years31.05.2017Nonviolence resistance starting to work in Palestine25.05.2017Begin with the End game is the way forward in resolving Palestinian-Israeli conflict17.05.2017Jordan needs to reform its higher education system11.05.2017Saltwater challenge in support of Palestinian prisoners03.05.2017Abbas maximizes negotiations strength in Washington27.04.2017Jordan's press freedom gets mixed marks20.04.2017Palestinians launch the freedom and dignity hunger strike13.04.2017Jordan football rivalry turns ugly06.04.2017Vibrant Civil Society Crucial for Arab Democracy30.03.2017Once a year Arab summits are not enough25.03.2017Church of Holy Seplechure restored after political/religious agreement08.03.2017Death Penalty Does little to Reduce Terror and Crime02.03.2017Palestinians celebrate second Arab Idol22.02.2017Instead of two state or one state need to end occupation15.02.2017'Radio is You' on World Radio Day09.02.2017Israel's Knesset legally kills the two state solution02.02.2017Will America be able to self correct?27.01.2017US might delay move of embassy in order to make a worse deal19.01.2017What should happen after the Paris conference?12.01.2017What form of Resistance is allowed to Palestinians?05.01.2017Bishop Capucci and the mix of religion and patriotism 29.12.2016Palestine needs unity and Arab support to progress22.12.2016Karak Incident proves the need for a stronger partnership with citizens14.12.2016French escalate efforts to revive Palestinian-Israeli peace01.12.2016Abbas's Gamble ensures Palestinian independence23.11.2016Government must ensure access to basic information17.11.2016Palestinian Homes demolished, settlers legalized10.11.2016Will Trump be fair to the world?02.11.2016Balfour Declaration One Century Later27.10.2016How to apply the rule of law in Jordan19.10.2016UNESCO resolution is about the Israeli occupation not Jewish History28.09.2016Peres from a Palestinian point of view19.09.2016Racism at the East Jerusalem Interior Ministry Office10.09.2016What would smart Palestinian politics look like?24.08.2016Calls in Jordan to separate politics from religion20.07.2016The false balance between the Israeli occupation and Palestinian 'incitement'11.07.2016Don't blame Palestinian media for the continuation of the Israeli occupation23.06.2016Revealed: cause of Jordanian anger with Palestinians16.06.2016Netanyahu's Warped Peace Logic10.06.2016Occupied East Jerusalem needs to be free02.06.2016Is confederation a solution to end the Israeli occupation?18.05.2016What form of resistance to the occupation is acceptable?11.05.2016Jordanian politicians and businespersons circumventing the law with offshore companies05.05.2016Palestinian journalists facing dual restrictions29.04.2016Jordanian Bridge Policy restricting travel for Gazans22.04.2016Newton's Theory and the Israeli occupation13.04.2016The 'absurd' Israeli map of Jerusalem07.04.2016Jordanian businessman's web of offshore companies31.03.2016The Jordanian Model for Dealing with the Terror Threat24.03.2016Is the Arab world losing its diversity?16.03.2016Palestinian families want closure for killed loved ones12.03.2016Some Arab spring gains in Jordan are being rolled back03.03.2016Can France help bring peace to Middle East?25.02.2016Israel, and The E1Test18.02.2016Jordanians denounce Israel gas deal03.02.2016Syrians Refugees' Rights in Jordan28.01.2016Abbas defends security cooperation with Israel 'for now'21.01.2016When tribal law supersedes civil law14.01.2016Knowledge helps create an enabling environment for change in Jordan07.01.2016Will 2016 be the year for new Palestinian leadership?31.12.2015Is banning Christmas greeting a hate speech24.12.2015Source of Palestinian Hopelessness16.12.2015Saudi-led coalition needs to adopt holistic approach10.12.2015Dangerous future as Palestinians lose hope in two state solution02.12.2015Save the Palestinian National Theatre18.11.2015Need to separate religion from state in Arab region12.11.2015Obama's Apathy pushing Palestinian Youth to One State Solution29.10.2015Jerusalem's Stateless Residents24.10.2015How to bring calm back to Jerusalem14.10.2015Palestinians feel terrorised in Jerusalem07.10.2015Palestinians looking for direction but needy of unity01.10.2015Fighting Violent extremism requires more than a communication strategy24.09.2015What Does Jordan need to do with its Syrian refugees17.09.2015Unity is best response to provocations to Al-Aqsa Mosque 03.09.2015Palestinian president playing musical chairs26.08.2015Jordan's not so independent parliament20.08.2015Jordan needs an administrative czar to solve bridge problems12.08.2015The Iran deal appears to have eased some of the conflicts in Middle east05.08.2015Jordan's Unarmed Mosque Guards30.07.2015Why is the Palestinian president depressed?22.07.2015The Small But Genuine Israeli Solidarity Movement16.07.2015Will Iran Deal Help Palestine In The Long Run?10.07.2015Post Abbas Palestinian Leadership Crisis02.07.2015Crisis Group Provides Formula for Easing Tensions in Al Aqsa25.06.2015With Political Horizon Blocked Palestinians Look for Economic Independence11.06.2015Palestinians Playing on a Less Uneven Field02.06.2015Nonviolent Strategy is Needed Before Palestinian Leaders Can Resist Pressure27.05.2015Why the World Shouldn't Support Netanyahu's Attempts to Legitimize Settlements21.05.2015Disunited Arab Eminence13.05.2015Remember the Suffering of Palestinians06.05.2015‘Public Service Broadcasting Should Not Be Run by the Government’30.04.2015Muslim Brotherhood: Resistance is Futile (and Counterproductive)23.04.2015There Can Be No Peace Without an End to Occupation17.04.2015Why Do People Go to War?14.04.2015The West and the Arab World: The Case of the Media