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Whittingdale- the Criminal Connections: A Dominatrix, a Gangster, a crack addict TV Star, a Gun mad bouncer and Prince

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Nick MutchLondon, UK
Whittingdale- the Criminal Connections: A Dominatrix, a Gangster, a crack addict TV Star, a Gun mad bouncer and Prince
Culture Secretary's former lover was more than just a dominatrix- she had criminal connections that raise serious questions about Whittingdale's judgement.

Byline can now reveal how the criminal links of John Whittingdale's former girlfriend allowed sensitive information about Whittingdale's parliamentary business to be passed to a London gangster. While involved with the now Culture Secretary, Ms. King was also in an on and off relationship with Ahmed Djoughdem, a self described gangster who goes by the name 'Gerrard' in underworld circles.

Byline was the first publication to reveal the story of Whittingdale's relationship with Ms. King.

Djoughdem claims extensive criminal connections, as well as to drug supplying and possession of firearms. There is no suggestion Mr Whittingdale had any knowledge of this.

These revelations that information was passing from Whittingdale to criminal sources will also lend extra weight to former porn star Stephanie Hudson’s allegations that Mr Whittingdale has poor judgement with sensitive material. While Mr Whittingdale was not a Minister at the time of this relationship, he was a select committee chair with access to privileged information.

Several newspapers who claimed that this story was not in the public interest because Mr Whittingdale was a ‘single man dating single women’ also knew about Mr Djoughdem being the original source of the story.

We can reveal:

-Djoughdem knew Olivia King through her ex-husband Jefferson King, star of the 90's hit TV show Gladiators.

-Mr Whittingdale was unknowingly passing information about his relationship, parliamentary business meetings and movements to Mr Djoughdem via Ms King, who was attempting to sell this information to tabloid newspapers.

-Mr Djoughdem spoke about his former association with infamous London gangsters Kray twins and about being one of the 'biggest cocaine dealers in London.'

-Mr Djoughdem used to run infamous high end nightclub Wall St. which was known for being a centre of cocaine dealing, and frequented by celebrities including Prince and Dodi Al-Fayed, lover of Princess Diana.

-Darius, Koslowski, one of Djoughdem's former bouncers, a former bodyguard of Prince, boasts reguarly about drugs and guns online.

These revelations will raise fresh questions about the Cabinet Minister's judgement and suitability for office, particularly in regards to whether Parliamentary security was jeapordized by information passing from him to criminal elements.


John Whittingdale has already admitted to being in a long relationship with dominatrix Olivia King between August 2013 and February 2014, and taking her to the 2013 MTV awards in Amsterdam, which he did not declare. He has claimed that this is a 'private matter' and that he broke the relationship off as soon as he found that 'someone was trying to sell a story about me.'

Unbeknownest to them, King's on and off boyfriend was at the same time touting the story of the 'MP and his prostitute lover' around Fleet Street. Ms. King reguarly informed Mr Djoughdem of their movements, including occasions where she accompanied Whittingdale on his Parliamentary business.


Unknown to them, Ms King’s on and off  boyfriend Ahmed Djoughdem was touting the story of ‘the MP and the prostitute’ around Fleet Street in November 2013. A North African drug dealer by trade, Ahmed Djoughdem he is known in London criminal circles as ‘Gerrard’. His Facebook page describes his education as ‘borstal’, and is believed to have been arrested in the 1980s for having a machine gun in his car.

At a meeting with a senior journalist, Gerrard described himself as ‘one of the biggest cocaine dealers in London’ and boasted of having been an associate of the Kray twins.

The information King passed to Djoughdem was then passed to tabloid photographers This information was then passed to tabloid journalists, which is how photographs of the couple at the SportsBall shown below were obtained. They are also believed to have been photographed at other locations including the MTV Awards in Amsterdam and the House of Commons New Years Eve party. One senior tabloid journalist confirmed that they knew Djoughdem was the source of the story, and say they never informed Mr Whittingdale of his connection to criminal elements.


Gerrard’s Facebook profile photo shows him with Jefferson King, former star of the TV show Gladiators, who is Olivia King’s ex-husband and was a bouncer at the former nightclub Wall St. This nightclub was notorious in the 1990s for being a venue that allowed cocaine to be freely circulated and it was frequently attended by celebrities such as Prince and Dodi Al-Fayed.

King was axed from Gladiators after allegations of his cocaine usage in this nightclub surfaced. He denied using cocaine during the period of his TV appearance although admitted to long periods of steroid abuse.

When Whittingdale travelled to the MTV Awards with Ms. King, he checked her into hotels under her maiden name ‘Olivia Sullivan.’  In an interview with the Sunday People last year Jefferson confirms that Olivia was his wife.

In this interview Jefferson King described the period after this as one of consistent drug use.
“Soon work took a backseat altogether as Jeff began to ramp up the amount of crack-cocaine and heroin he was smoking.

“I had become a full-time crackhead… the withdrawals were terrible. I’d be hot and cold, shaking.” To fund his addiction Jeff turned to crime and loans from his family. He said: “I was a great manipulator of people. I would make up all sorts of excuses to borrow cash from relatives.

“I would steal anything from ­toothpaste to meat. If I stole five packs of beef fillets at £9 a pack I could make more bucks to pay for the drugs. I ended up in prison for shoplifting and drugs possession every year for eight years. The first time was after a raid at a friend’s flat when I was caught in possession cocaine."

He added that:

“I’ve rebuilt my relationship with Olivia and have been very proud to see my twins grow up.”


Also pictured with King and Djoughdem in the photo is Dariusz Koslowski, a former bouncer at Wall St. who also worked for Prince during this period.

Koslowski, who posted a tribute to his former boss after his death on Thursday has posted frequently about his use of weapons on Facebook. Djoughdem said that this reminded him of Wall St.

He has also joked about the ‘irony’ of being photographed outside a US drug enforcement agency.

Mr Djoughdem and Mrs King could not be reached for comment, while Jefferson King did not reply when approached through associates.

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Editorial NY Times

4 years ago

ARTICLE SUMMARY: A totally inaccurate and badly written piece with no factual corroboration. No claims backed up and inconsistencies throughout. Clearly problematic for legal department.
STATUS: List ‘Nick Mutch’ as UNUSABLE D2 across all publications.

alan jones

4 years ago

Awful article that makes no sense at all on any level.

Looks totally made up - and strange that no one mentioned in the article has commented or if they really are gangsters/dealers/gunmen has done anything about it. The so-called facts seem to change in each paragraph.
1. If this Gerard guy was a top level associate with the Krays he must be ancient. They went to jail (and never came out) in 1968 which means that even if he was only 40 at the time he must be at least 85 now or possibly older!
2. No mention of Darius in any Prince biography (official or not).
3. So this Gerald guy owns a club full of A list stars - if he's so shady then why has no story ever appeared about any of the stars - there must have been hundreds of 'witnesses' every night. If he was trying to sell a story about a senior MP and his girlfriend then surely it would have been snapped up. Seems the story was sold by someone else and only promoted by bloggers like this who seem to make it all up.
4. Writer says they couldn't be reached for comment - seems strange as he clearly has access to them on Facebook and pictures of Prince from the nightclub which he must have permission or paid to use.
5. So the summary is -
a. one guy was a bouncer who stood near to Prince when he came into a club 30 years ago,
b. one divorced lady used her real maiden name (gasp!) when she openly checked into a hotel with her boyfriend who was a single MP when they went to the high profile journalist filled MTV Awards.
c. one guy ran a top licensed nightclub, was vetted by and dealt with the council and police on a regular basis as part of his duties or was an 87 year old machine gun wielding associate of the Krays who is the biggest gangster in London. (And by the way Wall St was famous for its weekly charity fundraiser events).
d. One guy was a fallen TV star who had a drug addiction, cleaned himself up and is now back in touch with his family. At the time he desperately needed money and was shoplifting packets of meat he also didn't sell his celebrity stories.
e. None of the above have been contacted, have commented or have profited from this story.

I agree with the comments below - needs to be rewritten and researched. Probably just bin it and focus on a new subject - plenty of good political stories waiting to be uncovered.

Otherwise it just slanders people who will never know about this article.

Farah Damji

4 years ago

Needs serious subbing. Para 2 under "Gerard's" facebook page repeats and regurgitates. Shame, spoils a good article otherwise. Too many words too.


4 years ago

This is astonishing stuff, and I feel I must apologise for previous comments left here suggesting that the Whittingbore 'scandal' was mutch ado about nothing; it clearly is nothing of the sort!

Why are the cowed mainstream media not pasting this across their front-pages to be mooed at by the masses? Surely the Great British Public have an urgent need to be informed that drugs were taken by human people in London nightclubs in the 1990s - who knows, perhaps this wicked behaviour continues to the present day?

And what can be said about the terrifyingly monikered 'Gerard'? It's a name which resonates with such pure harmonic evil that the writer of this blog had to cover his ears to its devilish frequencies by misspelling it four times - no doubt deliberretaly.

There is, however, one oddity: why in God's name would Gerry - one of the 'biggest cocaine dealers in London' and therefore undoubtedly a very wealthy man - wish to draw attention to himself (and his clandestine activities) by trying to pimp a self-incriminating story to the gutter-press for a measly few grand? On the face of it this makes no sense whatsoever - but I'm confident that further well-researched instalments will unravel this mysterious mystery.