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Politics Means Politics

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Politics Means Politics
Brexit, Trump, the spread of populism... Politics has become a rather chaotic thing to follow. This column is about understanding what is going on.

Britain's decision to leave the European Union, America's fascination for the Donald Trump phenomenon, the growing nationalist sentiments across Europe, the populist politicians surfing on the waves of failing mainstream politicians and governments... So many reasons why politics has probably never been as interesting and fascinating as today.

It is a permanent delight for the media, the social media, the journalists, the experts, the political writers. They can all thrive in this new world of lies and seduction. They may comment on the latest Trump's claims on Twitter, pretend to know what Brexit really means or even draw attention to the new alternative facts and fake news invented by populist and nationalist preachers.

But what the common man seeks to understand is what is going on, without the use of a translator, behind the big words, the big claims and the big promises.

This column is all about debunking all the usual untruth about politics and bring on facts instead, to fight fake stories out there with real ones.

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