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02.10.2018Junior journalist, censor yourself!12.01.2018Writer and activist Nurcan Baysal, working in Diyarbakir: ‘Until they detain me, I will write’10.01.2018Journalist Nedim Türfent, imprisoned in Turkey: ‘To touch truths is a dangerous game’08.01.2018Journalist Faruk Encü, refugee in Switzerland: ‘I cannot be bought’07.12.2017Turkey's most important ally11.08.2017Portrait of a PKK fighter - comrade Hesen staggers but never falls 22.05.2017Erdogan should wake up to the reality that only the Kurds' ideology is future proof12.04.2017Why the Yezidis of Iraq are still not safe06.04.2017The wounded of the Raqqa front: ‘I’ll soon be ready to fight again’05.04.2017The philosophy of the Raqqa front: ‘He who only fights, forgets the ideology’05.01.2017How many Turkish soldiers and PKK fighters really die? ‘We never make propaganda’07.12.2016Language course with the PKK: 'I am a guerrilla, you are a guerrilla, we are guerrilla's'02.12.2016Kurdish PKK celebrates 38th anniversary: 'Our morales are like a bomb'04.11.2016EU's cowardice shows lack of support for press freedom in Turkey27.10.2016Survivors of the city wars26.10.2016Who is Turkey really fighting?20.10.2016The Kurds - or: what identity lies underneath?15.10.2016Free women - as far as the front door13.10.2016Three Kurdish women murdered in Paris: a crystal clear mystery12.10.2016The war in southeast Turkey: ‘This country hates the Kurds’03.10.2016PKK co-leader Cemil Bayik: ‘What are we supposed to do? Surrender? Never.’